DevoManc, DevoMancHealth and the perils of techno-fixes.



This week’s big news in Manchester is that the devolution of direct responsibility for significant areas public spending to the city-region will now be augmented by the devolution of the entire NHS budget for the city region with a view to integrating this with social care.

You can now see more of the detail about the deal (interesting term that) on the AGMA website.
I have already written, separately, in the last weeks on both the DevoManc model and on the integration of health and social care. The first piece, for Steady State Manchester argued that the model is flawed on two counts: it continues the city-region’s headlong pursuit of economic growth within the con text of competition within the globalised economy, which we see as incompatible with ecological safety and with economic and social justice with its fetishisation of skills as supply-side ‘solution’ to economic stagnation, and its…

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