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Dispelling the Myth of Rio’s Favelas: Chapéu Mangueira

Originally posted on Lost Tribe:
Rio de Janeiro’s favelas are continuously given a hard time in the media. If we play a game of word association, for many the word ‘favela’ is synonymous with ‘violence’, ‘gangs’, and the most prevalent…

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More Than Pedestrian: The Magic of Walking

Originally posted on Geography Directions:
By Morag Rose, University of Sheffield Abandoned Buildings Project 2: Image (c) Jane Samuels, used with permission Public Health England has launched a new campaign “Active 10” to encourage adults to go for a brisk…

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Origins of Carnival

Originally posted on Prit~TaeTouchnBlush:
What’s Up Swatch Queens, With Labor Day  approaching us quickly, I thought it was befitting to post about Carnival. As an Island Gal growing up I was use to attending parades, dances, festivals lit with an…

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St. George and the Dragons

Originally posted on The Myth Maze :
St. George , patron saint of England is celebrated on 23rd April. He seems a strange choice for English folk being of Syrian origin and born of a Greek father and a Syrian mother.…

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Originally posted on no bullshit: advertising manchester:
? New apartments and homes are being built.. but this doesn’t benefit everyone. Homelessness is a serious issue in Manchester, is something that people choose to ignore or they end up vilifying the…

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The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester

Originally posted on ejpollard:
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Why do children believe in magic while adults don’t?

Originally posted on Lyn's blog:
Wayland does magic with the boys Yesterday Wayland and I did our Mabinogion workshop again, at a rural primary school near Hay in Wales.  We tell the children we have been sent by the…

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Review | Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria

Originally posted on Food For Thought:
Word of an unknown, small pizzeria cooking up some of the best pizzas the city has to offer is spreading like wildfire at the moment. With reputed quality and the most modest of prices, Rudy’s Neapolitan pizzeria…

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Sea Glass!

Originally posted on Chris Joyce:
I was a bottle of beer! My glass; Stained green with envy, For the sparkling bodies of others. My long neck, Marred by the fingerprints, Of half-forgotten lovers. I was sipped, But never finished. Nursed,…

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How the Word We Choose to Describe Something Affects Not Only How We See Things, but also, How Things are Made?

Originally posted on Elementary, my dear Architect.:
So, today I was scrolling down through my feed, then something caught my eye, it was a post from a magazine written in portuguese that I’ll freely translate, starts saying – Compact House…

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