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A classic coffee and walnut loaf cake now with a coffee buttercream filling

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Originally posted on Promenade Plantings:
I’m off to the French Alps for my annual snow fix which as many of you will know means a whole heap of snow and a healthy dollop of cooking – nothing better than a…

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Hand Talk: revolutionary app for the deaf community

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Originally posted on INKLINE:
Ronaldo Tenório is building a bridge between hearers and the deaf community in Brazil through his app Hand Talk. by Julia Migné Ronaldo Tenório, CEO of Hand Talk. © Hand Talk Recently nominated as one of…

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Las Fallas de Valencia

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Originally posted on Adventures of a Sassy Señorita:
Imagine spending ages making an incredible papier-mache sculpture, only to then set it on fire! A few weeks ago (yes, I know, this post should have been up ages ago), I…

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Travel: Easter/Summer UK Travel Inspiration Series – Manchester Coffee Shop Hopping? Secret Hideouts?

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Originally posted on The Confessions of an Online Shopaholic:
So, Spring is now in full swing and the flowers are finally blooming after a long time waiting for longer days and more sunshine (which is a special occasion celebrated in…

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Originally posted on Reuters Prakdip 2017:
Friday, April 7th, 2017 Brazil and United Kingdom have come to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in cyber security through strengthening the relations between two states on Friday, April 7th, 2017 in front…

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Moments in the Arara tribe

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Originally posted on Emelie Perdomo:
We came to the tribe on a late afternoon. The sun beat down and we were met by the countryside’s familiar smell of hay and cattle. Cows, pigs & hens were all strolling freely around…

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Brazilian Cuisine ¦ The sweets and desserts you must try in Brazil

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The traditional foods of a country can say a lot about their culture, and it’s not different in Brazil. Each region of this big country has different dishes, but it’s not difficult to find everything almost everywhere. The Brazilian desserts…

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Toilets Of Manchester Tour.

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Originally posted on sunshine and celandines:
The bridge next to The Lass O Gowrie was the site of the Oldest ‘Pissotiere’ Can you think of a more unusual way to spend a few pennies ( Tee Hee ) ?than booking…

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graffiti art or not part 1

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Originally posted on world thru my eyes :
Brief history of graffiti? Both “graffiti” and its occasional singular form “graffito” are from the Italian word graffiato (“scratched”). “Graffiti” is applied in art history to works of art produced by scratching a…

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It’s Carnival Time!!

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Originally posted on Foundarte – Home for Tradition:
Torres Vedras carnival Torres Vedras carnival maintains a strong traditional component, constituted by 13 large-scale allegorical floats, groups of masked revellers, typical figures wearing large carved heads, giant figures, and Zés Pereiras…

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