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This Dog Takes the Bus by Herself to Walk Around at the Park

What a good girl. Every morning, a very independent pooch named Eclipse leaves her house alone. She’s on a mission: get to the dog park located in the heart of Downtown Seattle. Over the years, Eclipse has become a favorite … Continue reading

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Artbeat of the City: No Wolf Can Blow My House Down

Meet Abby the Spoon Lady. She is one of only a handful of spoon players in the world. She is working on keeping the art of spoon playing alive. When I first met Abby, she was sitting on the corner … Continue reading

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A short documentary for The Face profiling a UK musical collective of six young female DJ’s. — When six UK DJs and producers drunkenly manifested their desire to earn six figures on a night out, little did they know that … Continue reading

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Paris Transforms the River Seine Into a Floating Cinema

As some cities get back to life after the coronavirus lockdown, they’re having to come up with innovative ways to bring a sense of normalcy while also staying safe. In Paris, that means using a vital resource—the Seine—to keep outdoor … Continue reading

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Freedom House Ambulance Service – 99% Invisible

Back in the 1960s and 70s, in the city of Pittsburgh, there was a nickname for guys like John Moon –The Unemployables. This nickname meant that you simply could not get hired, no matter where you went for a job. … Continue reading

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These revolutionary cities are forcing cars to take a back seat | Living

Now could be the perfect time for a sustainable transport revolution. By Rosie Frost We’ve become used to the quieter roads, fewer cars and open public spaces. It feels like there is more space to breathe. The ability to cycle … Continue reading

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How French Baguettes Are Made In Paris | Regional Eats

In this episode, baker Mahmoud M’seddi welcomes us into his bakery in Paris’ 14th district where his award-winning baguettes come to life. Making a baguette is complex and time-consuming process that requires a lot of dedication, skill, expertise, but most … Continue reading

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At This Harlem Apartment, Live Jazz Every Sunday

Every Sunday, for the past 24 years, Marjorie Eliot and Rudel Drears open the doors of their Harlem apartment to anyone in the mood for jazz. Initially beginning the apartment sessions as a way to honor her son’s passing, Marjorie’s … Continue reading

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History of Manchester – 1. Mamucium

The first in a series about the history of one of the world’s most historically important cities. I’ll be looking into the very origins of Manchester – from an insignificant nowhere in an obscure corner of Europe to a valuable … Continue reading

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Urban Heat

Photographer Michael Mcilvaney is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this street photography.  From the project ‘COLLISION’.     The city encounters record temperatures. The glass and steel of the latest structures reflect the light and magnify the heat … Continue reading

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