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A New Book Explores the Wide Range of Charming Homemade Cat Ladders in Switzerland

Switzerland-based graphic designer and writer  Brigitte Schuster chronicles the unique phenomenon of outdoor cat ladders in her forthcoming book, Swiss Cat Ladders. Focusing on examples in the city of Bern, Switzerland, Schuster shows how humans facilitate the comings and goings of their feline … Continue reading

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The Abandoned Grandeur of Crumbling Palaces Showcased in Large Format Photographs by Thomas Jorion

Whereas many photographers seek to capture beautiful ephemeral moments with their camera lens, French photographer Thomas Jorion is drawn to a more eternal timeline. Using an analog 4×5 camera, Jorion focuses on abandoned places: spaces and structures lost to the nature and … Continue reading

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50 Photos That Show Just How Insanely Cold It Is In America Right Now

Extreme weather events are becoming more and more common, with records shattered down under during Australia’s recent heatwave, and now, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the ‘polar vortex’ bearing down on Midwestern U.S. […] Source: 50 Photos That … Continue reading

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Ducks and the City: how birds thrive in urban spaces – City Metric

New York may be well known one of the most diverse, cosmopolitan places on Earth, but the arrival of one East Asian migrant in October 2018 still managed to surprise and delight the city. One lonely male mandarin duck – … Continue reading

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Sunlight Casts Shadows of Phrases Exploring Theories of Time in a Street Art Installation by DAKU

Pseudonymous Indian street artist DAKU recently installed an immersive text-based work in Panjim, Goa. Placed along 31st January Road, a fishnet structure suspends letters above pedestrians. The region’s abundant sunlight pours through to cast shadows on the street, spelling out tropes about … Continue reading

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Why 50 Million Chinese Homes are Empty

China’s housing bubble has left 50 million homes empty and put its government between a rock and a hard place. This includes a paid sponsored promotion which had no part in the writing, editing, or production of the rest of … Continue reading

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Stacked: Photos by Peter Stewart – Faith is Torment

An expansive series by self-taught photographer Peter Stewart that explores the dense urban environments and architecture of Hong Kong’s high rise public housing. Similar to Michael Wolf’s Architecture of Density series, the images capture the urban fabric of one of … Continue reading

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an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

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Jersey City Experiments with its first Protected Bike Lane

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Exploring Worlds Deep Beneath the Earth

Great Big Story Published on 2 Oct 2017 In this reel, we’re venturing deep, deep underground. We begin in Stockholm at the world’s longest art gallery, explore the mysteries of shell grotto, and visit the hidden metropolis 150 feet beneath … Continue reading

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