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The River Tyburn in The Basement – Mayfair, London

A beautiful water feature, found in the Basement Of Grays Antiques, 58 Davies St, Mayfair, London. I visited while walking the supposed course of the Lost River Tyburn, now esconsed under the tarmac of central London, one of many rivers … Continue reading

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Mailman Takes Selfies w/ Every Dog and Cat Who Live Along His Route

This is one mailman the dogs chase for kisses. Dogs aren’t usually fans of mailmen, but the canines of São Paulo are making an exception for friendly neighborhood postal worker, Angelo Cristiano Da Silva Antunes. He goes by the name … Continue reading

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Lively Interventions by 100 Architects Transform Urban Spaces into Vibrant Playgrounds

GRACE EBERT “Paint Drop” in Daning Road, Jin’An District, Shanghai, China Walk around Shanghai or Dubai, and you might stumble upon a bright, geometric playground amongst the concrete. The design studio 100 Architects installs bold interventions that transform typical urban … Continue reading

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Tokyo Public Parks are Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster | Spoon & Tamago

Given Japan’s susceptibility to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes, landscape architects and urban engineers have been quietly re-designing public parks to function as evacuation areas. And many of these design tweaks are so subtle you wouldn’t even notice them, … Continue reading

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El Artesano (The Artisan)

After being pushed out of his house by a caring neighbor on the anniversary of his wife’s death, Daniel, a local artisan, meanders through the tight-knit community of Gibara, Cuba, encountering many locals who collectively help him confront his loss. … Continue reading

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Eat When You’re Hungry

A mostly true portrait of Malcolm, a modern American young-person raised on TV & McDonalds, and his grandma, Lola, a strong and loud lady who immigrated to the U.S. in the 1970’s after surviving off eating newspaper in the Philippines … Continue reading

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We Have No Garbage Day in Amsterdam!

With the underground containers found in most neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, “garbage day” is a thing of the past. And good riddance! This video talks about some of the benefits of these containers, and how I don’t miss garbage day … … Continue reading

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Urban Patterns

Photographer Pepijn Thijsse  is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From the ‘City & Urban’ series. More images: Urban Patterns

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Amayadori: Tadao Ando’s Circular Public Restroom Incorporates an Engawa

walking North from Shibuya Station brings you to Jingu-dori Park and the south entrance of the toilet The Tokyo Toilet project continues to make progress with the latest designer public restroom by Tadao Ando (previously) opening last week. Ando’s design features … Continue reading

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This Dog Takes the Bus by Herself to Walk Around at the Park

What a good girl. Every morning, a very independent pooch named Eclipse leaves her house alone. She’s on a mission: get to the dog park located in the heart of Downtown Seattle. Over the years, Eclipse has become a favorite … Continue reading

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