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Daniel Libeskind On the Poetics of Memory and Time in Architecture | ArchDaily

In PLANE-SITE’s latest video from their Time-Space-Existence series, Daniel Libeskind describes his work in relation to Shakespeare’s quote that “time is out of joint.” Weaving in his philosophy regarding time, memory and architecture, Libeskind discusses his seminal works such as … Continue reading

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A film about home. “In this hyperkinetic short drama, a young couple in need of shelter breaks into a rundown South London carpentry studio only to find themselves in an escalating faceoff with the building’s owner… Told from the perspective … Continue reading

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Zaha Hadid Architects Design a New Science + Technology Museum | My Modern Met

By Samantha Pires on January 1, 2021 Shenzhen Science and Technology Museum embraces the city’s identity as a cultural center for innovation. Yet another incredible cultural center is in the works for Shenzhen. Zaha Hadid Architect’s Shenzhen Science and Technology … Continue reading

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Barbara Windsor: you’re more likely to hear a cockney accent in Essex than east London now

Jo Adetunji Managing Editor Barbara Windsor was the Cockney queen of EastEnders but you’re more likely to hear her famous accent in Essex now rather than London. The word “cockney” conjures up a plethora of London-based cultural expectations. Maybe you … Continue reading

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Are We Reaching Further To Connect While Missing Out On Life Around Us? Your Mobile Phone: Friend Or Foe?

On Their Own Travel and Documentary Photographer Bharat Patel is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the project ‘Mobile Dependence’. Busy Busy These series of images of people were taken at bus stops as they … Continue reading

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Instagram Website – wesleybarnes_ | ello

🌿🌿🌿 InstagramWebsite Source: Instagram Website – wesleybarnes_ | ello

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The River Tyburn in The Basement – Mayfair, London

A beautiful water feature, found in the Basement Of Grays Antiques, 58 Davies St, Mayfair, London. I visited while walking the supposed course of the Lost River Tyburn, now esconsed under the tarmac of central London, one of many rivers … Continue reading

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Mailman Takes Selfies w/ Every Dog and Cat Who Live Along His Route

This is one mailman the dogs chase for kisses. Dogs aren’t usually fans of mailmen, but the canines of São Paulo are making an exception for friendly neighborhood postal worker, Angelo Cristiano Da Silva Antunes. He goes by the name … Continue reading

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Lively Interventions by 100 Architects Transform Urban Spaces into Vibrant Playgrounds

GRACE EBERT “Paint Drop” in Daning Road, Jin’An District, Shanghai, China Walk around Shanghai or Dubai, and you might stumble upon a bright, geometric playground amongst the concrete. The design studio 100 Architects installs bold interventions that transform typical urban … Continue reading

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