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UK festivals, as told by a Brit — Life in Two Backpacks

The United Kingdom (UK), made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island, is a country in north western Europe. I often argue with Josh that the UK is not the country, as England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Island are … Continue reading

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Photo Essay of Gloucester Carnival 2019 —

The theme of the carnival was Myths & Legends via Photo Essay of Gloucester Carnival 2019 —

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Andrea Levy reads Small Island

Andrea Levy (1956-2019) reads from her novel, Small Island.

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A Specially Adapted Underwater Wheelchair Brings Artist Sue Austin Beneath the Earth’s Surface

British artist Sue Austin creates multimedia, performance, and installation art, using her wheelchair as a means to explore new patterns of movement. In 2012, Austin was commissioned to create a series of multimedia events as part of that year’s Cultural Olympiad, … Continue reading

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Eccentric British Houseboats Built from Decommissioned Ambulances, City Buses, and Airplane Parts

Tucked into the estuary of the River Adur in the coastal town of Shoreham-on-Sea in Sussex, England is a row of houseboats in dazzlingly slapdash designs and bustling with the creative energy of its residents. One such person is Hamish … Continue reading

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British Goblins: Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions (1880)

Wirt Sikes, US consul to Cardiff from 1876 to 1883, describes the mythology and traditions of Wales, a land steeped in folklore. (Considering its geographic focus, why the book is not simply called Welsh Goblins remains a mystery.) The first … Continue reading

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Structures: Photos by Antonio Gouveia – Faith is Torment

Black and white photos of structures with an ethereal feel by fine art landscape and seascape photographer Antonio Gouveia based in the UK. He listens to music while processing his images as it is the best way to express that part of … Continue reading

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Manchester School of Samba at Manchester Day 2018 – Phil Green

Scarlette Blades in Lauren Moore’s Flower backpack, Sabina Blades, Dona, Nicole & the other two child “human flowers” leading our section. Beardy & Jonny with David Mason’s Hummingbird (with Danny Henry and the dancers behind) Danny and the dancers! Gail … Continue reading

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Promising universal cure for the common cold targets human cell protein – New Atlas

A team of researchers at Imperial College London has developed a novel molecule that can block the development of multiple strains of the common cold. Early in vitro tests with human cells are showing exciting results and the team hopes … Continue reading

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Macro Infrared Photographs Unlock the Depth of Green in a Stunning Array of Canary Island Plants- Colossal

Marcus Wendt, creative director at the London-based studio Field, recently traveled to the island of Lanzarote to shoot a series of macro images of the region’s native plants. His project, Suprachromacy transforms cacti and other light-absorbing species into vibrant, multi-hued beings through infrared … Continue reading

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