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A Love to the Moon and Back

All his life, Gene Shoemaker dreamed of stepping foot on the moon. A geologist known for his work with craters, Gene was set to be one of the first astronauts aboard Apollo 11. But, a failed medical test cut his … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Noble Mission to Document Madrid’s No-Frills Bars

Welcome to the greatest (and first) ever collection of no-frills bars. Picture an ‘old-man’ bar but frequented by elderly ladies and young things too. Now, add a sturdy base of uniformed waiters, a layer of mid-century modernist furnishings, and an … Continue reading

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My time – Timelapse / Hyperlapse 4K

[Direstor’s Statement]: “Mijn tijd” (“My time”) is a visualisation of my journey as a timelapse/hyperlapse photographer. I shot my first timelapse in 2012. Since then, I’ve shot a lot of timelapses – mostly for personal use but occasionally on assignment … Continue reading

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Jersey City Experiments with its first Protected Bike Lane

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New Sprawling Ink Drawings by Olivia Kemp Explore the Landscapes of Malta and Bavaria

British artist Olivia Kemp (previously) creates sprawling, large-scale ink drawings of real world landscapes that are built from photography, observational sketches, and her own memories of the visited destinations. Her two most recent works took a combined nine months to complete, and … Continue reading

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Go sightseeing in Japan, right on YouTube · Global Voices

Have you always wanted to visit Japan, but just haven’t had the chance? Perhaps you don’t have the time, or a plane ticket (and everything else about taking a vacation) is just too expensive. Not to worry — YouTube channel … Continue reading

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An Eight Foot Micro Vehicle Will Soon Make its Way onto European Streets

The Microlino, a front-loading super compact vehicle from Swiss mobility company Micro, has just been approved for European streets. The mini electric vehicle is smaller than a Smart Car, and comes with a rechargeable battery that works with any standard European … Continue reading

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The World’s 10 Safest Countries to Visit Right Now

The Institute for Economics and Peace has released its Global Peace Index for 2018, an annual ranking of the world’s safest countries. Overall, the study found, the world is 0.27 percent less peaceful today than it was at this time … Continue reading

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From Oscar Boyson, who says, “This is a conversation starter first, a video second. I’d love to hear your thoughts on cities, the future, and this project. I shared some words, a reading list and featured interviewees here: medium.com/@oscarboyson/the-future-of-cities-ba4e26c807fe#.lrpyoofi4 * … Continue reading

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