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Why South America’s Geography is Way Weirder Than You Think


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Why Does Europe Have Zero Euro Banknotes?

Why Does Europe Have Zero Euro Banknotes? We travel Europe through its banknotes, exploring the landmarks of France, Monaco, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria. … Continue reading

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Accidentally Wes Anderson, the Book| Kottke

Inspired by the symmetry and color palettes of Wes Anderson’s movies, the Instagram account Accidentally Wes Anderson has been collecting and featuring photos from folks all over the world that would look out of place in The Royal Tenenbaums or The … Continue reading

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Don’t go to Brazil – Travel film by Tolt #17

Tolt around the world One [piece of] advice: never set foot on Brazilian soil. Please watch this video until the end to be sure to understand. Some of the footage used in this clip can be licensed here (send an … Continue reading

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Accounts Of A Syrian Teenager | From Fighter To Refugee | Part #2

Written by Lay Sion Ng @ Issues Under Tissues Chinese Malaysian, American Literature at Osaka University, Japan.   Accounts Of A Teenager Inside Syria’s Battleground Part #1 “I was sleeping in a place where rats were running everywhere. The living … Continue reading

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Documenting the Lives of Siberia’s Nomadic Reindeer Herders – My Modern Met

Lena and her daughter Christina are standing at the entrance of their chum. Lena’s large belly is obvious under her dress, and there is no doubt that she is nine months pregnant. Since the 1960s, Nenets women have been instructed … Continue reading

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Shinkansen vs TGV – Is One Better Than the Other?

The Japanese shinkansen or bullet train and the TGV from France are the original high-speed rail trains and although they provide a similar service they are quite distinct in their own right and yet they have a common starting point … Continue reading

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Coffee pot and mug at Davidson on Highway 11, Saskatchewan (pinned by redwoodclassics.net) in 2020 

Jan 15, 2020 – Coffee pot and mug at Davidson on Highway 11, Saskatchewan (pinned by redwoodclassics.net) Source: Coffee pot and mug at Davidson on Highway 11, Saskatchewan (pinned by redwoodclassics.net) in 2020

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Stamps, Scientific Charts, and Hand-Drawn Maps Occupy Every Inch of Travel Notebooks by José Naranja

Author and artist José Naranja ensures he won’t forget any detail of his year-round travels across the globe through a meticulous and unique documentation process. Formerly an aeronautic engineer, Naranja now archives his thoughts while visiting foreign countries by hand-crafting journals … Continue reading

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Many different carnivals in Brazil: 7 destinations to listen to the sound of nature —

The most famous and celebrated popular festival in Brazil, Carnival has become, over the centuries, one of the major cultural events, annually drawing thousands of revelers to different cities. The whole country transforms itself in the carnival season, with endless … Continue reading

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