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From Rotterdam to Amsterdam by boat, a time-lapse video | The Kid Should See This

Travel the Netherlands‘ famous waterways by boat with the help of this 11-minute time-lapse video set to the second movement of Antonín Dvořák‘s Symphony no. 9 (From the New World): Sailing Holland. The Timewriters short, filmed from Rotterdam to Amsterdamin … Continue reading

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Why do some Mexicans look Asian?

I’m Mexican and I was living in Vietnam. When I was there, I was asked a hundred of times if I’m Asian. Why do they keep asking this question if there are loads of Mexican with similar features like me? … Continue reading

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VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA or why I want to escape the Far East (VLOG)

Vladivostok is a city in the Far East of Russia, on the shore of Sea of Japan. This city is famous for its unique vibe, hills, the sea and traffic jams. In the video I will show you a little … Continue reading

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Sleepers’ Beat

‘It pulls you in’: the staff seduced by the rhythms of the Trans-Siberian railway. Directed by Anastasia Kirillova More on this film: psyche.co/films/it-pulls-you-in-the-staff-seduced-by-the-rhythms-of-the-trans-siberian-railway Watch more on Psyche: psyche.co/films

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A Playful Ghibli-esque Ad for Travel Oregon | Kottke

I cannot improve upon the succinct description of this video from Natalie Smillie: “A new Ghibli film?! No — this is an advert for the state of Oregon.” It’s a great ad and certainly takes both content and stylistic cues … Continue reading

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What’s Happening (And Not Happening) With Hyperloop | Answers With Joe

People have been talking about Hyperloop for years now, but what’s actually happening with this proposed 5th form of transportation? Turns out there’s a lot. And… not much. I’ll explain.

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Why South America’s Geography is Way Weirder Than You Think


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Why Does Europe Have Zero Euro Banknotes?

Why Does Europe Have Zero Euro Banknotes? We travel Europe through its banknotes, exploring the landmarks of France, Monaco, Andorra, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria. … Continue reading

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Accidentally Wes Anderson, the Book| Kottke

Inspired by the symmetry and color palettes of Wes Anderson’s movies, the Instagram account Accidentally Wes Anderson has been collecting and featuring photos from folks all over the world that would look out of place in The Royal Tenenbaums or The … Continue reading

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Don’t go to Brazil – Travel film by Tolt #17

Tolt around the world One [piece of] advice: never set foot on Brazilian soil. Please watch this video until the end to be sure to understand. Some of the footage used in this clip can be licensed here (send an … Continue reading

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