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Methylation Aging Clock: An Update – Science Blog

Methylation of DNA is the best-known mode of epigenetic regulation (turning genes on and off).  Methylation patterns are stable unless they are actively changed, and can persist over decades, even across generations.   Four years ago, biostatistician Steve Horvath of UCLA … Continue reading

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Digital illustrations done on an iPad and a Wacom tablet by Warsaw-based artist Michal Sawtyruk. The illustrations gives us an inside look of his home, or maybe a friend’s home, and drawn in a manner that resembles a painting rather than … Continue reading

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Adam Savage Learns About Aardman Animations’ Stop-Motion Puppets Used In Their Film ‘Early Man’

Adam Savage  of Tested visited Tested visited Aardman Animations‘ workshop in Bristol, UK and got a good look at the gorgeous stop-motion animation puppets and sculpting material used in their upcoming film, Early Man.  Savage chatted with senior model maker Jimmy Young about their ‘model making processes for the puppets’ sculpts, … Continue reading

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Apple celebrates Brazilian Carnival with lively ‘Selfies on iPhone X’ ad and more – 9to5Mac

Apple has today shared a new video celebrating Carnival in Brazil that showcases the iPhone X’s Portrait Lighting camera feature. The new promotion for Carnival has taken over the company’s Brazilian homepage with the tagline “The biggest party in Brazil is even more … Continue reading

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Stage Forest META-Project Read – thetreemag | ello

Stage of Forest BY META-Project Read more on: The tree mag @ello @elloblog @ellodesign @elloarchitecture @ellohome @ellominimal @minimalist @ellophotography @ellomakers #ellominimal5000 #minimal #minimalist #minimalism #design #architecture #contemporary #Contemporary architecture Source: Stage Forest META-Project Read – thetreemag | ello

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We Are Nature Vol. 5: Photos by Christoffer Relander – Faith is Torment

A selection of multiple exposure photos shot between 2013-2017 by Finland-based photographer Christoffer Relander. All the images were blended/exposed in a Nikon D800E, without the use of manipulation or layering in an external software such as Photoshop. More…

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Why chili pepper feels hot while Mint feels cold?

Have you ever wondered why eating a chili pepper burns your mouth and makes you feel hot while sucking up a mint brings cool sensation in your mouth??   This can simply be explained owing to “… Source: Why chili … Continue reading

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Walk, Walk, Walk: Digital Installation by teamLab – Faith is Torment

Currently on view at National Gallery Singapore, this large-scale interactive digital installation entitled Walk, Walk, Walk: Search, Deviate, Reunite by Japanese art collective teamLab is made of a group of anonymous and diverse figures that keep walking and as they move, … Continue reading

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A Kinetic Block & Marble Track Perfectly Synchronized with Tchaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers”

Kinetic artist Mark Robbins of DoodleChaos made waves across the internet a few months ago when he perfectly synced a custom course from the Line Rider game to Edvard Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King. As astounding as it was to watch the … Continue reading

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Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

Located in downtown Hiroshima, this house by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP has an optical facade consisting of 6,000 pure-glass blocks. As the house is located on a street with many passing cars and trams, the blocks effectively shuts out the noise enabling … Continue reading

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