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The Future of Water

The world’s supply of cheap and clean fresh water will likely plummet as the climate warms and populations boom. Can we find ways to conserve, cut waste, and find new sources before it’s too late? The latest installment of our … Continue reading

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Kid Thinkers Partnered With Grown-Up Experts to Bring Their Inventions to Life

London-based designer, artist, and all-around professional brainstormer Dominic Wilcox is the person behind Little Inventors, a global project that connects kid inventors with grown-up experts to bring children’s ideas to life. Little Inventors took root in 2015, when Wilcox began establishing inventing workshops … Continue reading

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Sociogenomics is opening a new door to eugenics

New ways of using your genetic data could bolster scientific racism and encourage discrimination. Want to predict aggression? Neuroticism? Risk aversion? Authoritarianism? Academic achievement? This is the latest promise from the burgeoning field of sociogenomics. There have been many “DNA … Continue reading

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When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy?

Tech that can decode your brain activity and reveal what you’re thinking and feeling is on the horizon, says legal scholar and ethicist Nita Farahany. What will it mean for our already violated sense of privacy? In a cautionary talk, … Continue reading

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New Ghibli Museum Exhibition Depicts the Color of Time

Does time have a color? It certainly does. And for director Hayao Miyazaki, the color of time has been an important element of animation throughout his career. For nighttime scenes in particular, the Studio Ghibli animator and his staff have … Continue reading

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Operation Jane Walk

OPERATION JANE WALK Robin Klengel & Leonhard Müllner Winner of the Vimeo Staff Pick Award at the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA). leonhardmuellner.at/operation-janewalk/ A city tour through the architecture of an Online Shooter Operation Jane Walk is based on … Continue reading

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Node 2018: Explore, Connect, Create

Stills / GIFs / Process and more: behance.net/gallery/72782775/NODE-2018-Titles-Explore-Connect-Create The titles for Nodefest 2018 take these core ideas of Exploration, Connection, and Creation, and weave them together with the narrative of the Explorer, where each stage of the journey is only … Continue reading

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Video Editing Tools Digitally Alter Everyday Urban Infrastructure – Colossal

Russian motion designer Vladimir Tomin (previously) manipulates the world around him by overlaying video editing tools onto streets, construction sites, and even his apartment building windows. A pixelated cursor peels back a white strip of paint from the road, while another “pastes” … Continue reading

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Making the Thinnest Sheet of Paper in the World

Great Big Story Published on 14 Nov 2018 In Japan, one company is taking paper thinner than it’s ever been before. Hidaka Washi Ltd. creates paper as thin as human skin, using methods that date back a thousand years. The … Continue reading

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Crash Course History of Science Preview

[from the description] “CrashCourse Published on 19 Mar 2018 For as long as Hank has hosted Crash Course, he’s wanted to host a series about the history of science. We’ve been asking big questions for a really long time and … Continue reading

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