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Powerful antibiotic discovered using machine learning for first time – Guardian

The culture plate on the right has bacteria that is resistant to all of the antibiotics tested. Photograph: Science History Images/Alamy   A powerful antibiotic that kills some of the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria in the world has been discovered … Continue reading

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How one filmmaker uses 360 video for social justice

Shannon Carroll is determined to use visual storytelling to aid social justice causes and nonprofits. As the creative director at Vivid Story, a production agency, she focuses on finding new ways to tell personal stories: through videos, she inspires feelings … Continue reading

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A DIY Construction Kit Lets Users Create an Intricate Obstacle Course on Any Magnetic Surface

A new kit asks​ users to test their design abilities by constructing complex obstacle courses with a goal of having a marble fall seamlessly into its final destination.​ ​Created by MakeWay, the buildable set features eight different tracks, twelve tricks (which … Continue reading

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New parts New workbench New start – Marble Machine X #113

Happy to be back in the workshop! Take care and good luck with everything you are doing / Martin Video edited by Chris Check out Maureen Krauth’s animation of the Kinetic Fingers: Meticulae Design ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBEk… Support the Marble Machine … Continue reading

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Artist Tomás Saraceno Launches a Fuel-Free Solar Air Balloon, Breaking World Records

Saraceno’s balloon flew over the Salinas Grandes salt flat, making it the first time a human has flown without the use of any fossil fuels, only air and sun.   “Fly with Aerocene Pacha,” Tomás Saraceno for Aerocene, 21-28 January … Continue reading

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A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere | Jennifer Wilcox

26 Jul 2018   Our planet has a carbon problem — if we don’t start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we’ll grow hotter, faster. Chemical engineer Jennifer Wilcox previews some amazing technology to scrub carbon from the air, using … Continue reading

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Saving the World’s Oldest Languages

While there are more than 7,000 languages spoken around the world, many are in danger of dying out. In this reel, we’re learning new tongues and meeting people trying to save languages ranging from Osing to Quechua.

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Panasonic Made a Viewfinder That Lets Colorblind Photographers See Color – Peta Pixel

Panasonic recently partnered up with India’s Dentsu Aegis Network to create something really cool. Following in the footsteps of those glasses that “reverse” certain types of colorblindness, the company created a special Panasonic G90 with an EVF that lets colorblind … Continue reading

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These Farmers Grow Everything From White Strawberries to Furniture

We planted seeds, and these stories about farming and gardening sprouted right before our very eyes. We’re cultivating unusual strawberries in Japan, rescuing plants in South Carolina and so much more. Come grow with us.

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Brown; color is weird

This video discusses the color brown. Seriously. That Aging Wheels playlist: And, of course, the Weird World in RGB for those of you who I couldn’t manage to summon a card for: How about some other, more different links? Technology … Continue reading

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