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How we need to remake the internet

In the early days of digital culture, Jaron Lanier helped craft a vision for the internet as public commons where humanity could share its knowledge — but even then, this vision was haunted by the dark side of how it … Continue reading

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plastic pipes used to distribute water transformed into hand blown vases – designboom

Kodai Iwamoto transforms mass-produced plastic pipes into ‘Ex-portation’, a series of flower vases on show during Milan Design Week. exploring the potential of combining an old manufacturing process with a cheap, easily-available material, the Japanese product designer applied the technique of glass … Continue reading

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Meditation’s lasting power – ScienceBlog.com

Gains in the ability to sustain attention developed through intensive meditation training are maintained up to seven years later, according to a new study published in the Journal of Cognitive Enhancement. The study is based on the Shamatha Project, a major investigation of … Continue reading

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How Facebook can survive without the West’s advertising money — Quartz

In the ever-deepening wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where nearly 90 million Facebook users had their data unknowingly harvested by the data company hired by the Trump campaign, the social network has been under increasing scrutiny. There are calls … Continue reading

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Apple engineer killed in Tesla car operating in driverless mode

Electric car company Tesla has confirmed that a recent fatal crash involving one of its vehicles occurred while the car was in autopilot mode. Source: Apple engineer killed in Tesla car operating in driverless mode

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Artificial Island is the First of Nine Proposed Floating Cultural Destinations in Copenhagen Harbor – Colossal

A tiny, man-made island floats near the center of Copenhagen Harbor. Rooted inside of the wooden platform is a single linden tree, which gives the 215-square-foot pentagon the appearance of a park rather than a stray dock. Australian architect Marshall … Continue reading

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What are Smart Cities? | Larissa Suzuki | TEDxUCLWomen

Larissa Suzuki, PhD researcher in Software Systems Engineering with a special interest in ‘Smart Cities’, explains how such a concept is built around an emphasis on ‘connections’. Suzuki draws on examples such as Uber and Airbnb to demonstrate its potential … Continue reading

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Archaeologists Discover What May Be the World’s Oldest Crayon – Colossal

Archaeologists working on a site near an ancient lake in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK say they may have discovered one of the earliest examples of a crayon. The reddish-brown piece of ochre is thought to have been used 10,000 years … Continue reading

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How Grandfather Clocks Got Their Name

On an interesting episode of Today I Found Out, host Simon Whistler explains how grandfather clocks originally got their name.Grandfather clocks- with their long cases, pendulums, echoing chimes, and Roman numerals- seem to belong to the world of courting parlors, … Continue reading

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Highlights from the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist [20 Photos]- Colossal

Culled from nearly 320,000 entries from more than 200 countries, the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards (previously) have announced their shortlist of winners. We’ve selected highlights from several categories, ranging from architecture and travel to contemporary issues and portraiture. Winners will … Continue reading

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