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Spinning Flax (1940-1949)

British Instructional Films presentation.   Man holds a bunch of flax out towards the camera. Two men work with large bundles of flax, separating it into smaller bunches. Man lifts large bundles onto a barrow. The fibres are combed by … Continue reading

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LINEN – Making Linen Fabric from Flax Seed – Demonstration Of How Linen Is Made

How to make linen from flax. A step by step demonstration of how linen is made using traditional Scotch Irish cottage industry methods. Flax and linen farming was one of County Donegal’s biggest home industries for centuries. Here we show … Continue reading

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There aren’t enough trees in the world to offset society’s carbon emissions – and there never will be

Bonnie Waring Senior Lecturer, Grantham Institute – Climate Change and Environment, Imperial College London Even if they can’t save us from climate change, society still depends on forests.   One morning in 2009, I sat on a creaky bus winding … Continue reading

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Three Gorges Dam: The Largest Dam in the World

It’s a big one. And pretty controversial too.

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South-to-North Water Transfer Project: China’s Redistribution of Natural Resources

What should you do when all of your country’s water is in the south, but all of your country’s people are in the north? Isn’t it obvious? Move the rivers up to the north! […]

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BBC World Service – The Compass, Water: Too Much And Not Enough, Solutions

Water is at the heart of many of the most serious ecological crises we face, including the biggest one of all: the climate emergency. Alok Jha shows how water itself may offer solutions to give us hope. Alok witnesses nuclear … Continue reading

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They Did It! NASA’s Helicopter Actually Flew on Mars!

Hello and welcome! My name is Anton and in this video, we will talk about the uncredible success of NASA’s Perseverance mission – the helicopter actually flew! NASA stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1Kol…​ Mission: https://mars.nasa.gov/technology/heli…​ Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2102.04181​ Images: Sean McGrath from Saint John, … Continue reading

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Data Processing

Self-initiated visual research by Media.Work studio, in which we look for new ways to show computing processes. Instead of traditional high-tech images that treat digital technologies as something abstract and intangibly futuristic, we referenced bold shapes from industrial and graphic … Continue reading

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The world is poorly designed. But copying nature helps.

[…] Japan’s Shinkansen doesn’t look like your typical train. With its long and pointed nose, it can reach top speeds up to 150–200 miles per hour. It didn’t always look like this. Earlier models were rounder and louder, often suffering … Continue reading

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HOBBY – an Adobe Pocket Film

A short film about the new hobbies we started while locked down over the past year, in a search for fulfillment…and their failures. Commissioned by Adobe for their Pocket Film Series. Shot on iPhone & DJI OM 4, all transitions … Continue reading

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