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This Peruvian Farmer Grows Over 400 Varieties of Potatoes

Consider the humble potato. Many of us take the starchy tuber for granted. But not Julio Hancco Mamani. That’s because deep in the Andes mountains, in the Cusco region of Peru, this “Potato King” is continuing a family legacy by … Continue reading

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Living Afloat On Man-Made Islands

Lake Titicaca in Peru is a lagoon made up of approximately 70 man-made islands. The central island serves as a hub, home to over 500 residents. Living afloat isn’t for everyone, but the Uros, a small South American tribe, have … Continue reading

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The magical, mathematical fictions of Jorge Luis Borges – Ilan Stavans


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Endocannibals of Yanomami tribe

Yanomami is an endocannibalistic tribe living in the rainforests of Brazil and Venezuela – they eat the flesh of their dead relative to preserve the tribe’s unity. Not being eaten after your death means that your soul will be trapped … Continue reading

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Rodrigo Lorio – Ijexá [ Clipe Oficial ]

Ijexá. Além de uma nação que vem do continente africano, Ijexá é também um RITMO. Um pouco de história… ” Assim como ocorreu com muitas outras expressões musicais praticadas nos grupos negros, o ijexá, presente nos cultos afro-religiosos, principalmente no … Continue reading

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Street Art by Mantra in Bogota Colombia – @GoogleStreetArt

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SOUTH AMERICA – A Time-Lapse Adventure

In this short film, you will be taken on a journey through the incredibly varied landscapes of this imposing continent, South America. One year of travel, nine countries, countless hours on busses, motorbikes, and cars. Hundreds of thousands of images … Continue reading

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Things you should know about…Samba Dancing

It is widely thought that the Samba dance originated in Bahia, where enslaved Africans would gather after long days of labour to perform their religious rituals of Candomblé, Capoeira and Samba dancing in a circle (Samba de Roda). With the … Continue reading

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The world record holding Street Artist (Eduardo Kobra)

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Paraguayans: The World’s Weirdest Latinos

What exactly makes Paraguay different? And why are they known throughout Latin America and some places beyond that as the weirdest Latinos? Today let’s look at the history of one of the smallest, but certainly not weakest, Hispanic countries; a … Continue reading

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