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Street Art by Mantra in Bogota Colombia – @GoogleStreetArt


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SOUTH AMERICA – A Time-Lapse Adventure

In this short film, you will be taken on a journey through the incredibly varied landscapes of this imposing continent, South America. One year of travel, nine countries, countless hours on busses, motorbikes, and cars. Hundreds of thousands of images … Continue reading

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Things you should know about…Samba Dancing

It is widely thought that the Samba dance originated in Bahia, where enslaved Africans would gather after long days of labour to perform their religious rituals of Candomblé, Capoeira and Samba dancing in a circle (Samba de Roda). With the … Continue reading

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The world record holding Street Artist (Eduardo Kobra)

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Paraguayans: The World’s Weirdest Latinos

What exactly makes Paraguay different? And why are they known throughout Latin America and some places beyond that as the weirdest Latinos? Today let’s look at the history of one of the smallest, but certainly not weakest, Hispanic countries; a … Continue reading

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Native Argentinean Landscapes Explored in New Hand-Tufted Rugs by Alexandra Kehayoglou

Textile artist Alexandra Kehayoglou (previously) creates functional works of art that explore the natural landscapes of her native Argentina. Her selected locations are often ones tied to political controversy, such as the Santa Cruz River, or areas dramatically altered by human activity, such … Continue reading

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Nuanced Portraits of Women Merged With Abstract Environments by Sofia Bonati

Self-taught artist Sofia Bonati captures nuanced expressions and personalities of a variety of female characters while also integrating them into abstracted environments and patterns. Her illustrations most often feature solo subjects melded with thunderclouds, dizzying mazes, and floral patterns. Bonita renders … Continue reading

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Engineering secrets of carnival floats

[From the description] Rio de Janeiro – January 29th 2013 1. Wide shot City of Samba where carnival factories operate. 2. Wide two large grasshoppers on a float car. 3. One of the grasshoppers moves. 4. Man soldering in the … Continue reading

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The world’s most ambitious parenting program

Criança Feliz (Happy Child) is an ambitious new parent coaching program in Brazil. It teaches parents the importance of early childhood learning and development with the goal of fighting inequality. If it works, it might lift millions in Latin America’s … Continue reading

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We are all connected with nature: Nixiwaka Yawanawa at TEDxHackney

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