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Rare and Endangered Butterfly Species Recreated in Glass by Laura Hart

Glass artist Laura Hart (previously) uses a range of techniques to translate her love of plants and animals into meticulously crafted sculptures. For her “Butterflies” series, the artist has recreated rare species and subspecies from around the world with bright … Continue reading

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New Three Dimensional Narratives Composed from Discarded Books

UK-based book sculptor Emma Taylor sources old books from charity and antique shops and gives them a second story. Taylor uses simple materials—just glue, paper, and scissors—to sculpt architectural facades, lively animals, and leafy trees from otherwise unused titles. Each … Continue reading

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Intricate Tessellations Expand and Contract in New Folded Paper Works by Ekaterina Lukasheva

San Francisco-based paper artist Ekaterina Lukasheva (previously) makes dazzling tessellations seem like child’s play, effortlessly folding complex designs from matte and iridescent paper. The beautiful works have a double presentation, as they each work as expanded and contracted forms. […] … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional Household Objects and Fabricated Flowers Cleverly Created by PUTPUT

Copenhagen-based studio  PUTPUT (previously) creates visual puns and quirky tools in their juxtaposition-filled photographs. From salami sunglasses to a chair made of flaming birthday candles, PUTPUT has a “shared and deeply rooted fascination with metaphysical relationships connected to everyday objects”,[…] Source: … Continue reading

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Handcut Paper Models by Seba Naranjo Welcome Dinosaurs Back From Extinction

Inspired and informed by the work that paleontologists have done over the past few decades, Chile-based artist Seba Naranjo designs and builds 3D paper models of dinosaurs for a project called Khartosauria. Through careful planning, cutting, and folding, he forms … Continue reading

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shauna richardson’s crochetdermy animals exhibit at design days dubai

among this year’s exhibitors at design days dubai 2015 is crafts council, which presents a piece from the handmade sculptural series of artist shauna richardson. designboom is attending design days dubai 2015, the leading fair in the middle east and south … Continue reading

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A Cherry Blossom-Inspired Torch Will Kick Off the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Yesterday, on the first day of spring, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics torch was revealed to the public at a press conference in the hosting city. The floral design is inspired by Japan’s cherry blossom, a flower celebrated in festivals across … Continue reading

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Miniature Figures Top Coin Purses, Makeup Compacts, and Teapots in Lush Narrative Scenes by Kendal Murray

Kendal Murray works in miniature, crafting assemblages that present familial scenes built into and on top of common items found in the home such as glass tea pots or coin purses. The objects are often covered in fake grass, and … Continue reading

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The Zundert Van Gogh flower parade – crossconnectmag

Dating from 1936, the annual Zundert Flower Parade(Bloemencorso Zundert) sees dozens of imaginative floats created by hundreds of volunteers parade through the streets of ‘Dutch Master’ Vincent Willem van Gogh’s hometown. Bloemencorso Zundert is the largest flower parade in the world. The parade takes … Continue reading

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