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Colossal Curates ‘Inflatable: Expanding Works of Art’ at San Francisco’s Exploratorium Museum

Colossal is thrilled to announce the summer show, Inflatable: Inflatable: Expanding Works of Art at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, a museum dedicated to science, art and human perception. Led by our founder and editor-in-chief Christopher Jobson, Colossal has worked closely with the Exploratorium team to … Continue reading

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Discarded Objects are Beautified with Colorful Coral-Like Growths by Stephanie Kilgast

Stephanie Kilgast takes discarded objects like tin cans, jam jars, and old cameras and embellishes them with vibrant amalgamations of coral-like growths. The artist honed her detail-oriented skills by making hyperrealistic miniature food, and she continues to use polymer clay and … Continue reading

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VHILS chisels endangered orangutan mural to raise awareness before it’s too late

as the indonesian government approves the decimation of orangutans and distributes building permits for a hydropower dam, activist and artist VHILS approves and distributes a barrage of chiseled lines in the likeness of globalization’s impending victim — the handsome tapanuli orangutan. VHILS is … Continue reading

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Amazing Giant Sculpture Made by Plastic Bottles 奇妙的循環再用膠樽創作 – Angela Rainbow

Giant Fish Sculpture in Brazil Rio Beach 在巴西里約海灘的巨型魚雕塑 Here are some of the greatest upcycled plastic bottle creations. 想同大家分享幾個偉大的循環再用膠樽創作 A million plastic bottles are sold every minute around the world, but less than half were being recycled, and all the … Continue reading

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365 Days of Miniature Art by Nayan and Vaishali – Faith is Torment

Illustrator Vaishali Chudasama and furniture/interior designer Nayan Shrimali have undertaken this project to create a papercut bird sculpture for a whole year. Each bird is hand-assembled by cutting it in different layers of paper and then painting with watercolors. The artwork takes about 4–6 hours to … Continue reading

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A Project Aims to Create the World’s Largest Hanging Garden Since Babylon Within the Branches of a 114-Foot Tree

The French masterminds of mechanical delight,, Les Machines de L’ile,  have an ambitious new project underway. L’Arbre aux Hérons (The Heron’s Tree) is set to be the largest hanging garden built since ancient Babylon, spanning over 160 feet in diameter and reaching … Continue reading

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The Quirky Wooden Automata of Kazuaki Harada

With the push of a button or the crank of a handle, these whimsical wooden automata by Japanese woodworker Kazuaki Harada spring to life, with figures that bounce and dance across a miniature stage like puppets. Harada is a prolific designer of … Continue reading

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Big Black House Design Company

Here’s Maxine from the Big Black House Design Co. She’s a blacksmith, and makes bespoke garden furniture and accessories.

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See a NASA Physicist’s Incredible Origami – Great Big Story

Twenty five years ago, physicist Robert Lang worked at NASA, where he researched lasers. He has also garnered 46 patents on optoelectronics and even wrote a Ph.D. thesis called “Semiconductor Lasers: New Geometries and Spectral Properties.” But in 2001, Lang … Continue reading

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New Miniature Post-Apocalyptic Environments by Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber

Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber (previously) collaboratively produce detailed dioramas caught in the throes of natural or manmade chaos. From 2005 to 2015 the pair created a series titled The City, which imagined the post-apocalyptic interiors of abandoned violin shops, malls, and natural history … Continue reading

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