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Air Sea Land: Okuda’s Largest Public Art Project Brings Colorful Sculptures to the Streets of Boston

Seven towering sculptures comprised of brightly colored facets have recently landed on the streets of Boston, courtesy of Okuda San Miguel. The multi-disciplinary Spanish artist, best known for his colorful interventions in and on buildings around the world, installed the … Continue reading

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Surreal Installations And Unexpected Viewpoint Of Myeongbeom Kim – Design You Trust

Myeongbeom Kim builds unique works by combining everyday objects whose purposes are often in stark contrast. The sculptures are created from recognisable pieces such as birthday cake candles, canes, and pencils. These objects are reworked to drastically limit their inherent … Continue reading

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Delicate Flowers and Interlocking Tessellations Carved into Fruits and Vegetables by Takehiro Kishimoto

Japanese chef and skilled food carver Takehiro Kishimoto (previously) explores the traditional art of produce design on his captivating Instagram account. Here he posts cucumbers, radishes, and avocados that have been transformed into detailed patterns and skillfully rendered motifs, in … Continue reading

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A Gargantuan Purple Sea Monster Lurks Inside a Two-Story Warehouse at Philadelphia’s Navy Yard

Twenty inflatable tentacles extend from the roof and several windows of a two-story warehouse in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, making it appear as if sea monsters have attacked the former naval storehouse in an installation titled Sea Monsters HERE. The massive work … Continue reading

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Crouched and Posed Figures Formed From Hundreds of Welded Bike Chains

Young-Deok Seo (previously here and here) produces life-size figures welded from hundreds of folded bike chains. To create these works he first begins with a sketch, which he then digitizes to create a 3D model. Next he creates a full-scale rendition from clay, which serves … Continue reading

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Mirrored Figures Reflect the Natural Landscape and Cultural Heritage of Morecambe Bay

Rob Mulholland (previously)  was recently commissioned by the Morecambe Bay Partnership to create a site-specific installation that would connect with the history of the northwest England site. The British sculptor and environmental artist created a series of six mirrored figures and two dwellings that … Continue reading

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Sculptural Assemblages by Thomas Deininger Are Three-Dimensional Tricks of the Eye

Thomas Deininger creates mind-bending optical illusions in his found object sculptural assemblages. The Rhode Island-based artist shares with Colossal that he began creating work from found objects in 1994, when he was “experimenting with the physical qualities of paint and abstraction … Continue reading

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Domestic Sculptures Formed With Wood Grown at the United States and Mexico Border by Hugh Hayden-Colossal

Texas-born sculptor Hugh Hayden (previously) combines different varieties of wood to create furniture and other domestic objects with protruding spikes and branches. For his latest exhibition Border States at Lisson Gallery in New York City Hayden addresses notions of citizenship and boundaries with sculptures … Continue reading

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Glass Insects Small Enough to Balance on the Tip of Your Finger by Wesley Fleming

Glass sculptorWesley Fleming creates life-size and anatomically correct sculptures of a variety of bizarre and well-known insects. Thecolorful creatures are small enough to balance gently on the tip of his finger, like a neon orange spider barely larger than his nail. … Continue reading

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Why the Autumnal Equinox Doesn’t Fall on the Same Day Every Year-space.com

Autumn is right around the corner for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, while those in the Southern Hemisphere are gearing up for warmer spring weather. On Sept. 22 at 9:54 p.m. EDT (0154 GMT on Sept. 23), the sun will … Continue reading

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