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Supermassive black holes: most powerful objects in the universe | Martin Gaskell | TEDxMeritAcademy

Have you ever wondered whether black holes exist? And if so, how do astronomers study them? What would it be like to be close to a black hole? UCSC astrophysicist Dr. Martin Gaskell has spent his career studying what happens … Continue reading

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The Future of Water

The world’s supply of cheap and clean fresh water will likely plummet as the climate warms and populations boom. Can we find ways to conserve, cut waste, and find new sources before it’s too late? The latest installment of our … Continue reading

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How a fleet of wind-powered drones is changing our understanding of the ocean | Sebastien de Halleux

Our oceans are unexplored and undersampled — today, we still know more about other planets than our own. How can we get to a better understanding of this vast, important ecosystem? Explorer Sebastien de Halleux shares how a new fleet … Continue reading

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The science of cells that never get old | Elizabeth Blackburn

What makes our bodies age … our skin wrinkle, our hair turn white, our immune systems weaken? Biologist Elizabeth Blackburn shares a Nobel Prize for her work finding out the answer, with the discovery of telomerase: an enzyme that replenishes … Continue reading

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Did This Scientist Just Solve The Mystery of Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

[from the description] You can buy Universe Sandbox 2 game here: http://amzn.to/2yJqwU6 Dr Jamie Farnes’ channel with cool simulations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8lt… And the paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1712.07962.pdf And also the site: http://jamiefarnes.co.uk/ Hello and welcome to What Da Math! In this video, we … Continue reading

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The Ingenious Botanist in the Mountains of Tajikistan – The Atlantic

Maxime Lacoste-Lebuis and Maude Plante-Husaruk, both filmmakers, were researching their upcoming trip to Central Asia when they first heard a man named Raïmberdi talk about plants. “We stumbled upon a French TV program about [Tajikistan] where Raïmberdi had briefly appeared, … Continue reading

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Why is the universe flat?

Cosmic inflation is a theory that was proposed in the 1980s by cosmologist Alan Guth to answer some of the most fundamental questions of the origins of our universe. It also solved the Horizon Problem and the Flatness Problem.

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The Big Bang wasn’t an explosion. Visualize it like this. | Michelle Thaller

Alyssa, you have asked one of the best questions in all of astronomy, the Big Bang was the start of our universe so where was the locale? Where did the Big Bang actually happen? And the reason I like this … Continue reading

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What Women With Autism Want You to Know | Iris

Here’s what women with autism want you to know. About Iris At Iris, our message to women is simple: You are enough. We produce relatable, engaging video that makes our audience laugh, cry, and say, “Yep, that’s me.”

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History through the eyes of a chicken – Chris A. Kniesly

The Ancient Egyptian king Thutmose III described the chicken as a marvelous foreign bird that “gives birth daily.” Romans brought them on their military campaigns to foretell the success of future battles. Today, this bird occupies a much less honorable … Continue reading

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