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Discovery of new T-cell raises prospect of ‘universal’ cancer therapy – ScienceBlog.com

Researchers at Cardiff University have discovered a new type of killer T-cell that offers hope of a “one-size-fits-all” cancer therapy. T-cell therapies for cancer – where immune cells are removed, modified and returned to the patient’s blood to seek and destroy … Continue reading

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Study uses physics to explain democratic elections – ScienceBlog.com

It may seem surprising, but theories formulas derived from physics turn out to be useful tools for understanding the ways democratic elections work, including how these systems break down and how they could be improved. A new physics-based study finds that … Continue reading

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Study traces evolution of acoustic communication – ScienceBlog.com

Imagine taking a hike through a forest or a stroll through a zoo and not a sound fills the air, other than the occasional chirp from a cricket. No birds singing, no tigers roaring, no monkeys chattering, and no human … Continue reading

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Seeing Heat

This film shows everyday heat phenomena captured by a high-resolution thermal imaging camera.

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12 Cognitive Biases Explained – How to Think Better and More Logically Removing Bias

We are going to be explaining 12 cognitive biases in this video and presenting them in a format that you can easily understand to help you make better decision in your life. Cognitive biases are flaws in logical thinking that … Continue reading

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Physics and caffeine

See the website of the movie hebergement.u-psud.fr/supraconductivite/stopmotion2_en.html French version : vimeo.com/144595829 A movie by Charlotte Arene in collaboration with “Physics Reimagined” and “Interface Liquides” teams of LPS (Université Paris Sud et CNRS). vulgarisation.fr Other Charlotte’s movies : vimeo.com/charlottearene

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This is the story of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics, which was awarded for research that started in 1980 and involved electrons, coffee cups, donuts… and a hairy ball. Or how a small, curious experiment eventually led to a … Continue reading

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4 Plants That Are Great for Humans

A quarter of all prescription drugs in the U.S. come from substances that are found only in plants. In this episode of SciShow, we take a look at four of these talented plants who make our lives better.  

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Everyday weather is linked to human-caused climate change in new study

The findings upend the idea that daily weather is distinct from long-term climate change.   By Andrew Freedman  Jan. 2, 2020 at 11:27 p.m. GMT For the first time, scientists have detected the “fingerprint” of human-induced climate change on daily … Continue reading

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How you attach to people may explain a lot about your inner life

Attachment theory suggests that early interactions with caregivers can dramatically affect your beliefs about yourself, your expectations of others, and how you cope with stress and regulate your emotions as an adult   In 2006, a team of Norwegian researchers … Continue reading

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