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Three ideas. Three contradictions. Or not.

Hannah Gadsby’s groundbreaking special “Nanette” broke comedy. In a talk about truth and purpose, she shares three ideas and three contradictions. Or not.

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On the Origins of Art I and II

“It doesn’t take a big a big brain to be an artist” states Maria Fernanda Cardoso, former Queen of the Fleas, now working with the most talented, charming — and tiny — Australian jumping spiders of the Maratus family, popularly … Continue reading

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Melodious stone instruments called lithophones | The Kid Should See This

An idiophone, the lithophone is a set of rocks — granite, fossilized coral, petrified wood, and other melodious stones — that are played by striking them. They’ve been made in a variety of forms all around the globe, some from … Continue reading

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Mohamed Gungu plays the cas cas percussion instrument | The Kid Should See This

Comments in Dust to Digital’s Instagram post and other YouTube videos over the last decade, suggest that shopkeeper Mohamed Gungu is a musical ambassador of sorts. He’s well-known for demonstrating how to play the cas cas for visitors at the … Continue reading

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The Utopia Trial (A Sci-Fi Short Film) [4K]

Watch in 4K for best quality! In an apocalyptic future, the world is a barren wasteland. Survivors strive to gain access to the City of Utopia. However, to enter this safe haven, one must first amass credits in order to … Continue reading

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Freeze Frame: A Meditative Stop-Motion Short Explores Preservation and Decay Through a Tedious Ice Harvest | Colossal

Brussels-based director Soetkin Verstegen bills her methodical and nostalgic animation “Freeze Frame” as a “miniature cinema inside an ice cube.” Produced in a grainy, vintage style, the black-and-white short loosely follows workers as they harvest and attempt to preserve the frozen … Continue reading

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How to speak English like Einstein

A not quite serious clip about how to speak English with a German accent. The Einstein recording is part of an essay called “The Common Language of Science”. You can listen to the entire recording here: The full ad with … Continue reading

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Yan, Tyan, Tethera and other sheep related historical facts…and a cross stitch sampler

Traditionally shepherds counted their sheep in scores – or lots of twenty – twice a day, morning and evening, just to check that they hadn’t lost any in the night.    When the shepherd got to twenty he or she would place … Continue reading

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NOWNESS Experiments: The Four Temperaments

Inspired by ancient Greek philosopher Galen, video installation artist Marco Brambilla explores the human condition in his latest film, The Four Temperaments. Starring Academy-Award winner Cate Blanchett, Brambilla uses color to evoke the Four Humors. In this beguiling quadriptych, the … Continue reading

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Max Richter – Beethoven – Opus 2020

Stream on all platforms: https://DG.lnk.to/opus2020 Max Richter pays homage to Beethoven by releasing world premiere recording of Beethoven – Opus 2020 on 250th anniversary of iconic composer’s birthday. His new orchestral work was commissioned by the Beethoven-Haus Bonn, which will … Continue reading

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