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New Origami Street Art by Mademoiselle Maurice | Bored Panda

As a part of the 2013 Artaq Festival, french artist Mademoiselle Maurice presented three new pieces of paper street art in the city of Angers, France. The colorful wall murals were made of 30,000 pieces of origami with the help … Continue reading

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Drummer Girl Nyre

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Herons of Amsterdam: A Photo Series Reveals the Unusually Large Population Living in the Dutch Capital

JULY 13, 2021 GRACE EBERT Spending timing in any major city is likely to bring run-ins with urban wildlife like rodents and pigeons, but in Amsterdam, there’s one long-legged species stalking the streets in unusually large numbers. In her ongoing series … Continue reading

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‘Je ferais semblant de vouloir être seule’ – La Compagnie De Dos


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Sound Waves from Contemporary Music Become Traditional Chinese Landscapes in Du Kun’s Scroll Paintings

Detail of “登楼 / Going Upstairs” (2021), scroll, ink and color on silk, 50 × 600 centimeters (painting), 51 × 836 centimeters (scroll), 62 × 11 × 12 centimeters (camphor wood box) “Playing music is my only hobby,” says artist Du … Continue reading

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Incredible Cameraman Swiftly Outruns Sprinters in a 100m Race

By Claudicet Pena on June 28, 2021 The cameraman has his eye on the athletes but the audience can’t take their eyes off this athletic cameraman! During a sporting event, all eyes are usually glued on the athletes; meanwhile, sports … Continue reading

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The Nannies

“The Nannies” is the 2021 Staff Pick Award Winner at Palm Spring ShortFest. “The Nannies” is a performative documentary with plenty of creative energy driving a deeply personal project. When filmmaker Signe Barvild Stæhr was just five years old, her … Continue reading

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Using Long Continuous Strokes, Thomas Yang’s New Print is a Zen Meditation on Cycling

In his new print “Journey to Zen,” artist Thomas Yang (previously) focuses on the mental benefits of his favorite pastime. The Singapore-based artist is behind 100 Copies, an ongoing print project in which he releases limited-edition works centered around his love … Continue reading

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Sauve qui pneu – ESMA 2020

Suite à son braquage, un homme se retrouve forcé d’embarquer dans la voiture d’une petite mamie pour échapper à la police à travers les rues colorées de Cuba. Following his robbery, a man is forced to get into a little … Continue reading

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100 3D Artists Interpret the Same Scene of a Walking Person | Kottke

Clinton Jones challenged his community of 3D artists to interpret a simple animation of a person walking with a heavy load. 2400 people participated and Jones collected the 100 renders for this video. What a fantastic illustration of the power … Continue reading

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