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At the heart of Japanese philosophy and wisdom lies a concept called ‘wabi-sabi’; a term which denotes a commitment to the everyday, the melancholic, the somewhat broken and the imperfect. It’s a term we need a lot more of in … Continue reading

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The Square Wave Kinetic Sculpture Forms Complex Geometric Patterns as it Spins

A recently launched Kickstarter campaign introduces a five-dimensional sculpture said to be inspired by mathematics and the Fibonacci sequence. Square Wave, the first in a collection from artist Ivan Black (previously) and Atellani, is an object constructed out of 21 precisely bent and connected metal … Continue reading

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Javier Riera CGAC

Javier Riera Published on 2 Oct 2018 Intervención en los jardines de Bonaval (Installation at Bonaval Gardens)/ CGAC (Galician Centre for the Contemporary Arts)/ septiembre-octubre 2018. vídeo: josue.juarez.ruiz

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The Rhysonic Wheel Bridges Programmed Percussion with Acoustic Guitar for a Captivating One-Man Ensemble

Wellington, New Zealand-based musician Pete O’Connell has previously used his Rhysonic Wheel, a self-made instrument that combines power tools with a self-spinning wheel, to create steady, melodic strumming on his acoustic guitar. Recently he has built another iteration of the device that … Continue reading

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Ultraviolet Light Transforms Large-Scale String Art Into Intergalactic Installations

Krakow-based duo Przemek Podolski and Marta Basandowska create immersive environments from hundreds of yards of string illuminated by black lights. The deftly woven temporary structures range from simplified cubes to intricate systems that commingle geometry, ultraviolet light, and multi-colored string. … Continue reading

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A Field Recording by Phil Torres Documents the Waterfall-like Sound of Millions of Migrating Monarch Butterflies

Entomologist and TV host Phil Torres (previously) dives deep into the natural world to document sights and sounds that many of us will never have a chance to experience firsthand. In his most recent video, Torres showcases the sound created … Continue reading

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How To Trick Your Brain Into Falling Asleep | Jim Donovan | TEDxYoungstown

Jim Donovan M.Ed. is a professional musician, Assistant Professor at Saint Francis University and TEDx speaker. His mission is to share the healing power of music through education and performance. He specializes in placing music and wellness programs in organizations … Continue reading

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A Geological Landmark’s Phosphorescent Glow Inspires the National Museum of Qatar’s Cavernous Gift Shop

Patches of natural and artificial light highlight the curved layers of the National Museum of Qatar’s recently completed gift shop. The massive undulating walls were constructed from over 40,000 pieces of timber that tower high above visitors’ heads and imitate the … Continue reading

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Watch a Downhill Cheese-Chasing Competition in Britain | National Geographic

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling, in Gloucestershire, UK, is an unusual—and surprisingly dangerous—annual athletic challenge.

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Van Gogh’s Ugliest Masterpiece

A video essay from Evan Puschak (The Nerdwriter) on Van Gogh’s use of colour in “The Night Café” (1888).

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