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Quand le soleil se couche, l’activité terrestre ralentit et s’endort. Les étoiles apparaissent dans le ciel noir, profond et immuable, et les cycles courts et vivaces de la vie terrestre laissent place aux éternités cosmiques. C’est le moment que choisit … Continue reading

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Who Knew You Could Play Music with a Boxing Speed Bag?! | Kottke

Alan Kahn, aka the Speed Bag King and author of The Speed Bag Bible, can seemingly do anything with a boxing speed bag…like make music. Just watch this 45-second video of him getting warmed up on the bag[…] More: Who Knew … Continue reading

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The Yoruba DUNDUN Talking drum ensemble, as seen on Lagbaja’s site lagbaja.com. The smaller drum at the end of the line is the Gudugudu.

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Steve Reich VERMONT COUNTERPOINT For 12 flute

Steve Reich VERMONT COUNTERPOINT For 12 flutes Maria Fedotova, Nikolai Mokhov, ensemble Flute Masters, conductor Kai Johannes Polzhofer Flute Territory 30.06.2016

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Stomp Live – Part 4 – Little Brooms & Hosepipes

Fourth part of Stomp Live

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A Cuica tem Voz nas mãos de OSWALDINHO [The Cuica takes voice in the hands of Oswaldinho]

Um panorama feito por um dos Mestres da Cuica; conta um pouco de sua história e de seu instrumento e a jornada termina em uma Fábrica de CUICA. Osvaldo Barros, Oswaldinho da Cuíca para todo o mundo do samba e … Continue reading

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TOWELS | Animation Short Film

Territory can be claimed in many different ways, be it borders or walls. In summer, however, it’s towels. —————————————————– “Designed and written during the tense political climate of 2017, with the beginning of Brexit and Trump’s inauguration, this short was … Continue reading

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Dave Grohl Is in an Epic Online Drum Battle With a 10-Year-Old

“This is UNREAL! I can’t believe Dave Grohl actually accepted my drum battle.” At just 10 years old, Zulu-British musician Nandi Bushell can play pretty much any instrument; but, when it comes to the drums, she’s a master. The incredibly … Continue reading

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Welded Stainless Steel Creatures by Georgie Seccull Twist and Unfurl in Eternal Motion

Zenith & Nadir, 2020. All images by Andrew J Bourke, © Georgie Seccull. Australian sculptor and installation artist Georgie Seccull creates large-scale stainless steel sculptures of animals and other creatures seemingly locked in motion. Comprised of numerous pieces cut from … Continue reading

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Sunlight Filters Through a Shell-Like Pavilion Covered with Wicker Baskets in Annecy, France

“The Wicker Pavilion” (2020), 50 square meters. All images © DJA, by Eriks Bozis A new, woven structure in the Jardins de l’Europe in Annecy, France, offers respite from direct sunlight without completely blocking out the light source. The Wicker … Continue reading

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