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We go way beyond just “passing the golden butter” in this video to explore the musical aspects of these rhythms and how we can apply them in real world scenarios, with a significant stress on how a polyrhythm can be … Continue reading

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Short film: Lost Property

  Written & Directed by: Åsa Lucander http://www.lostpropertyfilm.com http://www.asalucander.com Producer: Tom Mortimer – Executive producer: Dave Anderson Art by: Åsa Lucander – Assistant Artist: Marc Moynihan Animation: Marc Moynihan, Ana García Sebastiá, Anna Fyda, Simon Testro, Michael Towers, Nathan Brenville, … Continue reading

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Lavishly Adorned Chairs by Annie Evelyn Reimagine the Functional Role of Furniture

Artist Annie Evelyn’s primary medium: wood. Her primary vessel: the chair. One work, “Cathedral Train Chair”, sports an ocean-blue silk train that fans out from a tufted armchair, emulating the fashion symbol of high social status or a special occasion. … Continue reading

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A woman is overcome by her carnivorous desires

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Language Both Enraptures and Deceives Us – Nautilus

The purpose of language is to reveal the contents of our minds, says Julie Sedivy. It’s a simple and profound insight. We are social animals and language is what springs us from our isolated selves and connects us with others. … Continue reading

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Jason Singh at Music Tech Fest 2013 …Part 2

MusicTechFest Another killer vocal workout from Jason Singh at MTF 2013. http://thesinghthing.com

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In an abandoned castle in the south of France, a dancer get lost in the colors of a giant painting — We built a 4x6m wood frame for painter Inès Longevial to make a monumental piece of art, in which … Continue reading

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Improvisation in music: Jason Rebello at TEDxBradffordonAvon

A description of the process and background of improvisation in music. Jason Rebello – Jazz musician, session musician, teacher, worked with Wayne Shorter, Sting, Jeff Beck, Peter Gabriel.

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“Stumbling towards intimacy”: An improvised TED Talk

Marina J TED Subscriber “Imagine yourself on the stage where you have to talk for at least 10 minutes on a subject that was announced to you seconds before you go on the stage while supporting your speech by the … Continue reading

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For first time, astronomers catch asteroid in the act of changing color – ScienceBlog.com

Last December, scientists discovered an “active” asteroid within the asteroid belt, sandwiched between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The space rock, designated by astronomers as 6478 Gault, appeared to be leaving two trails of dust in its wake — … Continue reading

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