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Macro photos of South African seeds by photographer Dillon Marsh based in Cape Town. The seeds look completely alien with bare hooks and barbs designed to latch onto the fur or fleece of passing animals, while others grow sharp spikes intended to … Continue reading

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Soft Shells: A Portrait Series That Presents Subjects in Every Piece of Their Wardrobe by Libby Oliver

Photographer Libby Oliver is fascinated by clothing’s power to both reveal and obscure our identity and desires. Her portrait series Soft Shells explores this tendency to visually represent our personality through garments and accessories, while also using these tools to mask our insecurities from … Continue reading

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Highlights from the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist [20 Photos]- Colossal

Culled from nearly 320,000 entries from more than 200 countries, the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards (previously) have announced their shortlist of winners. We’ve selected highlights from several categories, ranging from architecture and travel to contemporary issues and portraiture. Winners will … Continue reading

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Young Children Accompanied by Wildlife Take a Stance Among Urban Decay in Paintings by Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson (previously)  continues to paint detailed tableaux of young children and animals juxtaposed against dystopian urban environments. Solo kids, accompanied only by wild allies of polar bears, lions, and raccoons, are at the center of each painting surrounded by abandoned, decaying … Continue reading

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Chance Encounters Captured on the Streets of Oslo by Photographer Pau Buscató

Photographer Pau Buscató has captured coincidental moments throughout Oslo for the last eight years, and has specifically focused on street photography for the last four. His candid images reveal an acute talent for predictive timing, often lining up shots that … Continue reading

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New Textural Sculptures Made With Swirls of Seashells by Rowan Mersh – Colossal

Rowan Mersh (previously) creates textural artworks that toe the line between two and three dimensions, using carefully placed swirls of seashells. Each artwork is made up one only one kind of shell, which the artist uses in multiples as he explores … Continue reading

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Photo of a Single Atom Wins Top Prize in Science Photography Contest

You might need your glasses for this one. Quantum physicistDavid Nadlinger from the University of Oxford managed to capture an image that would have been impossible only a few years ago: a single atom suspended in an electric field viewable by … Continue reading

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New Sparkling Blooms Photographed with Ultraviolet-Induced Visible Fluorescence by Craig Burrows

Photographer Craig Burrows (previously) continues to explore a unique photography method called ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence that uses high-intensity UV lights to excite fluorescence found in some plants, animals, and various objects. Burrows chooses to focus on flowers, creatingcolorfully vivid interpretations of jade blooms, daisies, … Continue reading

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Photographer Jonathan Higbee Discovers a World of Coincidence on the Streets of New York

For over a decade, photographer Jonathan Higbee  has walked the streets of New York with a camera in-hand, spotting extraordinary juxtapositions and unusual moments when the world aligns for a split second in front of his lens. At times he manages … Continue reading

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On the Island of the Colorblind, Genetic History Affects How Residents See Color

An island in the Pacific has a unique genetic history that affects how it understands color. Pingelap Atoll, the Micronesian island in the South Pacific, sometimes goes by its other name, The Island of the Colorblind. That’s the moniker Oliver Sacks … Continue reading

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