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Look At This: Rain Forest Was Here – NPR

NPR spent 2 weeks in the Amazon to find out. Take 10 mins to look at our photos and learn about why it’s so hard for us to stop deforestation — and what could happen if we don’t. Source: Look … Continue reading

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Nightland: Photos by Michael Streckbein

Photos of a train yard at night by Cologned-based photographer Michael Streckbein. Source: Nightland: Photos by Michael Streckbein

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Frank’s Photo Challenge – History (Manchester) — Nature Knows Best

This week’s Photo Challenge set by Frank (author of fab blog “Dutch Goes The Photo”) has set HISTORY. See https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2017/07/04/tuesday-photo-challenge-history/ I’ve just spent a couple of weeks in my beloved Manchester (UK) which is brimming with history – even a … Continue reading

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Aerial Images of Vibrant Landscapes by Photographer Niaz Uddin | Colossal

Niaz Uddin is a photographer, director, and filmmaker that explores a variety of natural landscapes from high above. His color-saturated photographs explore crowded beaches and remote tide pools, capturing each of the scenic environments from a bird’s eye view. One … Continue reading

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Surreal Photos by Achraf Baznani

Surreal photos that plays with scale and proportion by Morocco-based self-taught photographer Achraf Baznani. Source: Surreal Photos by Achraf Baznani

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New Unexpected Miniature Scenes Staged Inside Jewelry Boxes by Curtis Talwst Santiago | Colossal

Canadian-Trinidadian artist Curtis Talwst Santiago (previously) imbues vintage jewelry boxes with both bucolic moments and scenes of societal disaster in a collection of work titled Infinity Series. For many, the lid of the box serves as a backdrop for the particular … Continue reading

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The Hummingbird Whisperer: A UCLA Researcher Cultivates a Community of 200 Hummingbirds Outside Her Window | Colossal

Photographer Melanie Barboni is an assistant researcher at UCLA’s Earth, Planetary and Space Science Program where she installed a hummingbird feeder outside her office window in hopes of seeing the elusive birds and maybe snapping a photo. Two years and … Continue reading

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WoodSwimmer: A New Stop-Motion Short Made Entirely by Tediously Cutting Through Wood | Colossal

WoodSwimmer is a new short film by engineer and stop-motion animator Brett Foxwell, who has built armatures for films such as Boxtrolls and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Created in collaboration with musician and animator bedtimes, the work follows a … Continue reading

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Surreal Photos by Erik Johansson

Multiple award-winning surreal photographer and retouch artist Erik Johansson from Sweden takes an engineering approach to his images. Source: Surreal Photos by Erik Johansson

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Footage of Over 30 Hummingbirds Splashing in a Birdbath | Colossal

Youtuber WildWingsLA has a special birdbath setup specifically for hummingbirds outside their Beverly Hills home. Known for being territorial, it’s rare to see so many birds at once, but at times the frame fills with dozens of them. Fun fact: … Continue reading

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