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Macro Photography Reveals the Dazzling Scales and Multi-Colored Hairs That Cover Butterfly Wings

Chris Perani uses macro photography to capture the microscopic details found on butterflies’ wings, such as multi-colored hairs and iridescent scales. To photograph with such precision, the photographer uses a 10x microscope objective attached to a 200mm lens, which presents an … Continue reading

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Suspended Groups of Umbrellas, Lollipops, and Plates Swarm the Isle of Man in New Photographs by Thomas Jackson

Thomas Jackson (previously) uses man-made objects to imitate the self-organizing behavior of large groups of birds, fish, or insects in his ongoing series “Emergent Behavior.” For this project, the San Fransisco-based artist clusters brightly colored umbrellas, plates, or streamers together … Continue reading

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Satisfying Looped Animations Inspired by Interior Design Elements

Motion graphics artist Andreas Wannerstedt designs short animated loops that present invented machines performing mesmerizing tasks. His videos are often inspired by real-world interior design, and incorporate elements such as rose gold, dark wood grains, and tropical Monstera leaves. The works … Continue reading

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Eerie Photos of an Empty Tokyo After Typhoon Warnings

Shinjuku Station in Tokyo gets used by an astounding 3.8 million people per day. That’s almost the entire population of Los Angeles! So stumbling upon an empty Shinjuku Station or Shibuya Station, even in the middle of the night, is … Continue reading

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Adventurous Photographer Shares His Most Memorable Images

This photographer has done everything from “documenting the I’daan people collecting edible bird’s nests from the roof of a 500ft cave in Borneo” to “visiting the largest coal mine in India that has been burning underground for about 100 years.” … Continue reading

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A New Three-Dimensional Installation by Chris Engman Invites the Viewer to Step Inside a Photograph

ArtistChris Engman  transports natural landscapes such as waterfalls, caves, and vast deserts to domestic interiors by securing large-scale photographs to the room’s walls, ceilings, and floors. “I believe photography derives its power precisely from the fact it can’t be entered, … Continue reading

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Sebastião Salgado Interview: Photographing the Pristine — Dezign Ark (Beta)

Meet the acclaimed Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado in this interview about his latest project ‘Genesis’ – a photographic homage to our planet in its natural state, dedicated to capturing the beauty of our planet and preserving it for the future. … Continue reading

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An Interactive Digital Installation Inside a Shopping Mall in Singapore – Faith is Torment

 Jason Jose I was in Singapore last week and while checking out the sights, I walked into this shopping mall to escape the heat and humidity. As I was headed to the food court section, I stumbled on this digital … Continue reading

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Digitally Altered Portraits Superimposed with Flowers, Antique Patterns, and Wildlife Illustrations by Tawny Chatmon

Maryland-based artist Tawny Chatmon combines traditional portraiture with digital collage, layering elements of antique patterns, vintage botanicals, and wildlife illustrations onto images of her children and other relatives. Once printed, Chatmon often revisits the digital textures she has superimposed, physically adding layers … Continue reading

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CHINA//LANE – Jon Obsworth

[from the description] chinalane performing in manchester this guy is good[…] Source:https://vimeo.com/290211151

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