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Intertwined and Contorted Figures Form Surreal New Portraits by Brooke DiDonato

Brooklyn-based photographer Brooke DiDonato (previously) poses bodies in twisting forms, skewing the viewer’s perception of where one body ends and the next begins. DiDonato also combines subjects and scenes in surreal ways that question the division between human and nature, presenting limbs … Continue reading

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Frozen Life: Photos by Michael Schlegel

Shot in the Black Forest region of Germany, Berlin-based photographer Michael Schlegel took these monochrome, long-exposure photos of trees in heavy snow.[…] More:http://www.faithistorment.com/2019/02/frozen-life-photos-by-michael-schlegel.html

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Extreme Temperatures Breed Glassy Hollow Forms Called ‘Ghost Apples’

You’ve seen the perfect arcs of boiling water solidified mid-throw, and perhaps this frozen speeding sign that duplicated itself over 2019’s Polar Vortex, but have you seen ghost apples? Thanks to a Facebook post by farm manager Andrew Sietsma, the phenomenon has captivated the internet, leaving … Continue reading

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The Abandoned Grandeur of Crumbling Palaces Showcased in Large Format Photographs by Thomas Jorion

Whereas many photographers seek to capture beautiful ephemeral moments with their camera lens, French photographer Thomas Jorion is drawn to a more eternal timeline. Using an analog 4×5 camera, Jorion focuses on abandoned places: spaces and structures lost to the nature and … Continue reading

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Mysterious Worlds Collide in Justin Peters’ Digital Collages Created with HP’s ZBook x2

German artist Justin Peters (previously) uses the wide world of photography to create unique composite images. Peters’ dreamy creations play with scale and proportion, mixing human-sized objects like jellyfish and surfboards with the monumental: moons take the place of beach-side … Continue reading

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600 Years of Mexican Architecture Captured in Large-Format Photos

Internationally renowned photographer Candida Höfer brings her signature large-format architectural photography to New York in a new exhibition. With In Mexico, Höfer tells the story of Mexican architecture through her meticulous interior photographs. As she focuses on the grandeur of spaces devoid of … Continue reading

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Bodies Flip, Dance, and Stack in Gravity-Defying Images by Rob Woodcox

Fine art and fashion photographer Rob Woodcox works with dancers to create striking images of human bodies pushed past their physical threshold with a bit of creative editing. Impossible feats of the body are achieved in his photography, such as an image … Continue reading

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Intimate Portraits of Centenarians Reveal the Beauty of Aging Bodies

Their creases are symbols of a long life lived, and these photos celebrate that. Source: Intimate Portraits of Centenarians Reveal the Beauty of Aging Bodies

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Mystical: Photos by Neil Burnell

Eerie and fairytale-like photos of Wistman’s Wood in Dartmoor, Devon, England captured by British photographer Neil Burnell. The wood has been the inspiration for numerous artists, poets, photographers, and writers often describing the location as haunted due to its tangled web of trees, … Continue reading

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One Woman’s Noble Mission to Document Madrid’s No-Frills Bars

Welcome to the greatest (and first) ever collection of no-frills bars. Picture an ‘old-man’ bar but frequented by elderly ladies and young things too. Now, add a sturdy base of uniformed waiters, a layer of mid-century modernist furnishings, and an … Continue reading

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