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Why Gongs Are So Expensive | So Expensive

The unmistakable sound of the gong has held spiritual significance in Southeast Asia for centuries. Hand-beaten from sheet materials, the labor-intensive shaping and delicate paintwork result in beautiful percussive instruments. Souvenir gongs can be bought for just a few dollars, … Continue reading

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original udu making in Nigeria – Eugene Skeef’s udu project

This short film by Eugene Skeef shows 4 Igbo women from Nigeria demonstrating the technique of making the udu, a clay pot drum. The udu was invented by the Igbo and it is traditionally a women’s ceremonial instrument. The word … Continue reading

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The Story of Salvador’s Banda Didá — Longreads

In a country with violent history and violent politics, Brazil’s first all-female, Afro-Brazilian percussion group drums and dances and changes lives. via The Story of Salvador’s Banda Didá — Longreads

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Wide-Mouthed Heads Consume and Absorb a Range of Mutable Forms in the Short Film “Distortion” – Colossal

Swedish animator and sculptor Alexander Unger (previously here and here) creates stop motion animations and tutorials on his Youtube channel titled Guldies. His most recent claymation, Distortion, follows the transformation of eight dice-sized blue cubes into a series of limbs, puddles, and wide-mouthed heads that consume and … Continue reading

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The Apprehension Engine: An Instrument Designed to Play the Music of Nightmares

Movie composer Mark Korven   wanted to craft the perfect sounds for horror movies, but the instruments he needed didn’t exist, and he was tired of using the same digital samples. To produce the original effects needed for evoking breathtaking moments of … Continue reading

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(3) 12 Bar Blues – Piano Duet with Peter the Elephant – Thailand – YouTube

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Manchester Day Parade

Manchester Day Parade

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