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Dawn Mander Reporting From Blackpool, England | LOCKDOWN 2 | Coronavirus’ Days

Photographer Dawn Mander is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography. Blackpool, a town full of color, noise and vibrant life has like every other coastal towns suffered irreparable economic loss and many small local businesses have … Continue reading

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The Swiss Cheese Covid-19 Defense | Kottke

The Swiss cheese model of accident causation  is a framework for thinking about how to layer security measures to minimize risk and prevent failure. The idea is that when several layers of interventions, despite their weaknesses, are properly stacked up … Continue reading

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Artists Explore Self-Expression Through Bizarre and Whimsical Masks at Denver’s Vicki Myhren Gallery | Colossal

Kate Marling, “Classical Sculpture Mask” (2020) There is perhaps no symbol more representative of contemporary life than the humble face mask. A simple health device crucial to saving millions of lives around the world from a deadly COVID-19 pandemic spread … Continue reading

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Five questions about the mutations in the coronavirus in Danish mink | tellerreport.com

Denmark has discovered a new mutant strain of the coronavirus derived from mink farms in the north of the country. The Danish authorities fear that this mutated virus could make a future corona vaccine less effective for humans. As a … Continue reading

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Everyone Gets a Cuddle Buddy in Belgium’s New Lockdown | Vice

Despite being one of the highest cumulative cases per 100,000 in Europe and a record number of hospital admissions, Belgium returned to a national lockdown late Sunday evening. The decision comes during a second wave of infections currently surging across the … Continue reading

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What Covid-19 therapies are there?

There is no approved drug against COVID19, but more than 600 interventional clinical trials are ongoing as of beginning of May 2020. Recently the malaria drug chloroquine received widespread attention after a briefing by the US-president Trump and some Lupus … Continue reading

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Aprotinin a new drug candidate for the treatment of COVID-19 – ScienceBlog.com

October 30, 2020 University of Kent Researchers from the University of Kent, the Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), and the Hannover Medical School (Germany) have identified a drug with the potential to provide a treatment for COVID-19.   The … Continue reading

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Taiwan marks 200 days without domestic Covid-19 infection | Guardian

Authorities thank public for helping to reach milestone as cases surge in many countries Read More: Taiwan marks 200 days without domestic Covid-19 infection

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Moschino Used Puppets for a Socially Distanced Fashion Show

By Sara Barnes on October 21, 2020 Micro fashion with massive creativity. The coronavirus has changed nearly everything about how we live. Group events, for instance, have been canceled, postponed, or (in many cases) completely reconsidered. So, what does that … Continue reading

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Charming Local Covid-19 Social Distancing Signs | Kottke

Public health safety measures don’t have to be bureaucratic, dour, and oppressive. They can even be fun. This is a sign from my local hardware store here in Vermont reminding shoppers to social distance: Journalist Rebecca Boyle recently asked her … Continue reading

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