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Hyper-realistic paintings by Robin Eley

Source: Pin on Art

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Multiple Perspectives Form Elaborately Detailed Cityscapes by Nathan Walsh

British artist Nathan Walsh (previously) creates oil painted cityscapes by combining reference images from a range of perspectives and angles. His latest work Catching Fire was created from a combination of photographs taken during three visits to New York City over a … Continue reading

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Out-of-Focus Paintings by Philip Barlow Capture the Twinkling Lights of Cityscapes at Night – Colossal

Cape Town-based artist Philip Barlow paints abstracted depictions of the cityscapes at night, blurring the focus of street lamps and headlights the way our eyes or a photographer’s lens might when adjusting to a city’s bright, multi-colored lights. In this way, Barlow … Continue reading

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Synesthetic Artist Melissa McCracken Paints Abstracted Depictions of Jazz, Funk and Pop Songs

“Wasn’t It Kind of Wonderful” (2017), oil on canvas, 48” x 48””Melissa McCracken paints what she hears, titling each of her abstract oil paintings after the songs that inspired the work’s expressive gestures and bright punches of color. The Kansas City-based … Continue reading

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Quirky Portraits by Bill Mayer Imagine Flora and Fauna as High Society Humans – Colossal

Fusing charming portraits of wildlife with the severe trappings of historical costume, Bill Mayer creates darkly fantastical worlds in his detailed gouache paintings. A frog poses in royal dress, a pearl-draped mouse looks ready for a ball amongst massive wedges of … Continue reading

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Figurative Diaspora | Gagosian Quarterly

Curated by Mark Tansey and Peter Drake of the New York Academy of Art, Figurative Diaspora presents works of “unofficial art”—subversive, non-state sanctioned art—created by five Soviet artists and five contemporary Chinese artists. PETER DRAKE “Figurative Diaspora at the New York … Continue reading

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Watch as a 17th Century Portrait Emerges From 200 Years of Discolored Varnish

Art historian, dealer, and BBC television host Philip Mould recently posted a video to his Twitter that reveals a gleaming 17th century painting hiding underneath two centuries of yellowed varnish. The protective finish is applied to protect paintings from wear, but … Continue reading

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Order and Division: Paintings by Gina Heyer

Photorealistic paintings of bathrooms and empty corridors by South African artist Gina Heyer. Source: Order and Division: Paintings by Gina Heyer

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:: Monday Murals: Mercado :2:

This painting substitutes the one seen here, though the name of the store may have changed. After 3 years, the side construction is finished and the palm tree is a little taller. Monday Murals are hosted by Oakland Daily Photo. … Continue reading

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