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9266. Street Art of East Vancouver, Washington — One Million Photographs

via 9266. Street Art of East Vancouver, Washington — One Million Photographs Advertisements

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The Curious Origins of Your Favorite Foods

Great Big Story Published on 12 Jun 2017 In this reel, we uncover the seriously surprising stories behind some of our favorite foods. We travel back to the Jazz Age to find chicken-and-waffle’s Harlem roots, try to get to the … Continue reading

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USDA Study Shows Significant Greenhouse Gas Benefits of Ethanol Compared with Gasoline – ScienceBlog.com

A new study released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) finds greenhouse gas emissions from corn-based ethanol are about 39 percent lower than gasoline. The study also states that when ethanol is refined at natural gas-powered refineries, the greenhouse gas … Continue reading

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A Multi-Level Pedestrian Vessel Designed by Heatherwick Studio Opens at Hudson Yards

Thomas Heatherwick’s new copper-colored structure at New York City’s Hudson Yards exists somewhere between a building and a pavilion, yet is classified by neither title. The open-air structure, which is temporarily nicknamed as “Vessel,” is a maze of 154 crossing … Continue reading

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Badass Geologist Gets Revenge On Drunk Neighbour Who Blocks Her Car With Boulder

Some people are taking the piss without worrying too much about the consequences of their actions. Well, sometimes, if your aim isn’t on point, the piss bounces back. Just saying. Melissa Scruggs is a California woman who recently woke up … Continue reading

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A Murder Over a Monsanto Chemical – The New Republic

How a new herbicide pitted farmer against farmer in Arkansas By BOYCE UPHOLT December 10, 2018 ILLUSTRATIONS BY DAVID DE LAS HERAS Mike Wallace sat in his pickup truck on a dusty back road near his farm outside Leachville, Arkansas, typing … Continue reading

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100 Days : 2018 Kilauea Eruption

Direstors Statement:   “Some 27,000 photos and video later, taking some time to reflect on documenting this year’s eruption has truly helped to process a lot of the intense range of emotions felt throughout 100 days of volcanic photojournalism. It … Continue reading

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Why We Dunk Cookies in Milk

Like Romeo & Juliet or Batman & Robin, milk & cookies is a pairing that’s just meant to be. But what makes dunking cookies in milk so satisfying? To find the answer, we turned to science. Scientist, chemistry professor and … Continue reading

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Domestic Sculptures Formed With Wood Grown at the United States and Mexico Border by Hugh Hayden-Colossal

Texas-born sculptor Hugh Hayden (previously) combines different varieties of wood to create furniture and other domestic objects with protruding spikes and branches. For his latest exhibition Border States at Lisson Gallery in New York City Hayden addresses notions of citizenship and boundaries with sculptures … Continue reading

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Lonely people stand farther from loved ones, study finds

A new study from the University of Chicago found that people who report feeling lonely also say they sit or stand physically farther away from close friends and family. Their “personal space” for intimate partners is larger than those who … Continue reading

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