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Photographer Captures Adorable Laughing Dormouse on a Flower | Colossal

This is the cutest image you’ll see all day. Spring is just around the corner. And if our excitement were to be summed-up in one image, it would be this one. The Laughing Dormouse by Andrea Zampatti was chosen as … Continue reading

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Cygnus X-1’s Stellar-Mass Black Hole is More Massive than Astronomers Thought | Sci News

A black hole in the Cygnus X-1 binary system is so massive that it challenges current stellar evolution models. Discovered in 1964, Cygnus X-1 is an X-ray binary system located in the constellation Cygnus. The primary star, HD 226868, is … Continue reading

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Thousands of “cold-stunned” sea turtles rescued from Texas storm

The deep freeze in Texas is terribly hard on people of course, but wildlife is suffering too. Volunteers in Texas have rescued some 4,700 sea turtles off the state’s southern coast, where a winter storm left the reptiles stunned by … Continue reading

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Gravitational Wave Background Discovered?

It was pretty impressive when LIGO detected gravitational waves from colliding black holes. Well we’ve just taken that to the next level with a galaxy-spanning gravitational wave detector that may have detected a foundational element of space itself – the … Continue reading

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Why Do Cows Like Music?

On the internet you can find plenty of videos of people playing their musical instruments to cows. And the cows seem fascinated. I wanted to take a closer look at Why cows like music? Or even if they like music … Continue reading

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Cow in love with accordion.

The power of love. Cow, forest and accordion.

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Olivia Moore – The Enchanting Woods

Violin – Olivia Moore Double Bass – Gavin Barras Guitar and Production – Glenn Sharp Filmed by Samsara Collective

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The Carnivorous Plants That Gave Up Meat for Poop

Seymour might have had better luck had he raised one of these Bornean plants instead of a giant Venus flytrap. Instead of evolving to eat animals, they’ve evolved to play nice in exchange for their nutrient rich feces.   Hosted … Continue reading

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The Brown Note: The Crappiest Sound In The World | Answers With Joe

You’ve heard the myth… A note exists that makes you evacuate your bowels. Obviously it’s not true… or is it? Acoustical weapons exist, could one make you ruin your pants? Let’s check it out.

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Life found beneath Antarctic ice sheet ‘shouldn’t be there’

Biologists say the inadvertent discovery of sea life on a boulder underneath an Antarctic ice shelf and hundreds of kilometres challenges our understanding of how far organisms can live from sunlight. A British Antarctic Survey team drilled through the 900-metre-thick … Continue reading

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