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Magazine Cutouts Form Nature Collages Shaped Like Birds and Butterflies by Jennifer Murphy

Toronto-based artist Jennifer Murphy combines cutouts of animals, plants, and other organic objects to create large-scale nature collages. Strung together using gossamer thread, the collages form the silhouettes of birds and surreal outdoor scenes from Murphy’s imagination. The artist sources images of … Continue reading

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Photographer’s Striking Landscape Photos Are Visual Love Letters

“Viewing the natural world through the lens of my camera offers me the opportunity to both see and to share visions of the world that some only dream of being able to witness.”[…] Read More: Photographer’s Striking Landscape Photos Are … Continue reading

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Cutting a Feathery Cascade of Paper

Japanese artist Sachiko Abe sits atop a building in a white gown, cutting countless sheets of A4 paper into thin, wispy strips.The performance piece known as Cut Paper is both calming and mystifying. Abe sits for hours on end meticulously … Continue reading

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The Japanese Museum of Rocks That Look Like Faces

In Chichibu, Japan, two hours northwest of Tokyo, there’s an odd museum; perhaps the only one of its kind. It’s called the Chinsekikan (which means hall of curious rocks) and it houses over 1700 rocks that resemble human faces. The museum … Continue reading

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Human Activities Are Drying Out the Amazon: NASA Study – ScienceBlog.com

A new NASA study shows that over the last 20 years, the atmosphere above the Amazon rainforest has been drying out, increasing the demand for water and leaving ecosystems vulnerable to fires and drought. It also shows that this increase in … Continue reading

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Hand-Built Paper Birds by Niharika Rajput Draw Attention to Endangered Avians

A detailed structural plan, hundreds of hand-fringed feathers, a custom-built wire armature: these are just some of the components artist Niharika Rajput uses to create her life-like paper birds. Rajput directly ties her art practice to conservation efforts by running campaigns to … Continue reading

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Why Japan Isn’t Cutting Down Enough of its Trees

Life Where I’m From Go to https://teamtrees.org and lets get some trees planted! #teamtrees I started off making this nice video about how Japan got its forests back through afforestation. Then I did too much researching on the Internet and … Continue reading

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Measles erases immune ‘memory’ for other diseases

Results from tests of unvaccinated children and monkeys come as measles cases spike around the world. Measles infections in children can wipe out the immune system’s memory of other illnesses such as influenza, according to a pair of studies1,2. This … Continue reading

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Showdown Between Fox and Marmot Wins Wildlife Photo Contest

‘The moment’ by Yongqing Bao (China). Overall winner. Joint Winner 2019, Behavior: Mammals. “It was early spring on the alpine meadowland of the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau, in China’s Qilian Mountains National Nature Reserve, and very cold. The marmot was hungry. It … Continue reading

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The Smartest Horse That Ever Lived – A True Story

David Hoffman To get the book go here –https://www.amazon.com/Beautiful-Jim-…. The story is true. I spent more than a month checking it out in Tennessee and elsewhere. The book is called Beautiful Jim Key by Miriam Rivas available on Amazon. I … Continue reading

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