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New Charming Mosaic and Tile Floors Captured by Photographer Sebastian Erras

Photographer Sebastian Erras (previously here and here) captures diverse and fanciful mosaic floors throughout Europe and Cuba, placing all of his downward-facing finds on his Instagram @parisianfloors. Erras began his project focused on tiled patterns throughout Paris, but began expanding outwardas he noticed equally breathtaking floors in … Continue reading

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9 Reasons Why Cats Have 9 Lives

Known is the saying that goes “a cat has nine lives”. In other latitudes they have similar sayings, for example in Europe a similar sentence attributes to this feline up to 7 lives (even though the Turkish version brings them down … Continue reading

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Breathe: A Stunning Black & White Timelapse of Thunderstorms Across the Central Plains

Phoenix-based filmmaker, photographer, and storm chaser  Mike Olbinski captures approaching storms around his desert home using high definition video, often posting his works to his Vimeo in 4K. Breathe, one of his latest short films, is the first ever work … Continue reading

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Two Biologists Explore the Remote Rainforests of the Ecuadorian Andes to Document Fungi

Biologists estimate that 3.2 million species of fungi may exist on Earth, and of that only around 120,000 are known to science which leaves potentially millions organisms of left to discover, photograph, and document before it’s too late. Source: Two … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Wooden Skyscraper – Anthropocene

New, mass-timber engineering could transform the twenty-first-century city from a carbon source into a carbon sink Source: The Rise of the Wooden Skyscraper

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Frenetic Animal Murals by Dzia Swirl to Life Across the World

Since we last checked in with Antwerp-based street artist Dzia (previously), the Belgian muralist has been busy adding fauna flair to walls in an increasingly widening swath across the globe. Recent projects have taken him to China, Norway, and Spain. Dzia, who … Continue reading

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A Burst of Deep Sea Fireworks: A Rare Jellyfish Filmed by the E/V Nautilus

Researchers aboard the E/V Nautilus (previously) celebrated the new year with an unlikely guest, a beautiful Halitrephes maasi jellyfish found at a depth of 4,000 feet underwater at the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California, Mexico. The vibrantly hued jellyfish looks … Continue reading

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Sleep-deprived brains may be asleep and awake at the same time

For something that can occupy such a significant chunk of time, sleep still remains a mysterious part of our lives. Although it is known to play a role in mental and physical health, such as metabolism and memory, there is … Continue reading

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Bees use invisible heat patterns to choose flowers – ScienceBlog.com

A new study, led by scientists from the University of Bristol, has found that a wide range of flowers produce not just signals that we can see and smell, but also ones that are invisible such as heat. In the … Continue reading

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Researchers induced a form of synesthesia with hypnosis – ScienceBlog.com

Hypnosis can alter the way certain individuals information process information in their brain. A new phenomenon was identified by researchers from the University of Skövde in Sweden and the University of Turku in Finland, who have successfully used hypnosis to … Continue reading

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