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The Most Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables You’ve Never Seen

Great Big Story Published on 14 May 2019 Even if you are a fruit and veggie lover, chances are you’ve never heard of most, if any, of the produce grown on Aaron Choi’s Girl & Dug Farms in San Marcos, … Continue reading

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This Musician Plays the Leaf

Great Big Story Published on 16 May 2019 Lou Wenjun is a musician whose instrument grows on trees. The self-proclaimed best leaf musician in China has been making beautiful music by blowing on leaves since he was a child. Keeping … Continue reading

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Javier Riera CGAC

Javier Riera Published on 2 Oct 2018 Intervención en los jardines de Bonaval (Installation at Bonaval Gardens)/ CGAC (Galician Centre for the Contemporary Arts)/ septiembre-octubre 2018. vídeo: josue.juarez.ruiz

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Javier Riera Published on 20 Jun 2014 Centro Niemeyer. Junio-septiembre de2014 El elemento central de esta exposición es una serie de siluetas lumínicas de ciervos que caminan por distintos lugares de la cúpula del Centro Niemeyer, integrándose de un modo … Continue reading

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The Vultureman of Spain

Manuel Aguilera wants you to know there’s no reason to fear vultures. The ornithological guide has gone as far as climbing into an animal carcass to get closer to the birds of prey. He’s spent 40 years studying the griffon … Continue reading

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These Four Farmers Are Plowing Ahead

We’ve seeded this reel with four remarkable stories about farmers, including one man in Wales who grows massive vegetables—we’re talking a 120-pound cabbage!—and a reverend in North Carolina who took up farming to give his community access to fresh, locally-grown … Continue reading

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An Endlessly Looping Path of Water Rushes Over Gallery Walls and Floors

In Lupanar, an installation by French artist  Nicolas Tourte, water flows on a never-ending path over the floor, walls, and ceiling of an art gallery. Displayed in a darkened room, the slithering 130-foot route shows a continuous video loop, which … Continue reading

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Stinging Scorpion vs. Pain-Defying Mouse | Deep Look

DEEP LOOK: a new ultra-HD (4K) short video series created by KQED San Francisco and presented by PBS Digital Studios. See the unseen at the very edge of our visible world. Get a new perspective on our place in the … Continue reading

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Imaginative Botanical Ceramics Invent New Fruits and Flowers

Ceramic artist Kaori Kurihara’s textured ceramics reference familiar botanicals like durian, cauliflower, and bananas, while maintaining an otherworldly element of surprise. The artist adds organic details like articulated fronds and streaked or dimpled skin by hand, while working in part from … Continue reading

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The Biggest Organism On Earth


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