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Stephon H.S. Alexander – Why is the Universe So Beautiful?

Free access to Closer to Truth’s library of 5,000 videos: http://bit.ly/2UufzC7 Why do scientists use the word beauty to describe the universe? Gaze at the universe with a knowing eye. There’s beauty on every level—simplicity and regularity, even a kind … Continue reading

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Calling From The Coral

Coral reefs have existed for 400 million years, but due to climate change, they’re currently on track to disappear within a few decades. As a deep-sea scientist studies coral reefs from a submarine in the Red Sea, he opens up … Continue reading

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The Link Between Personal Style and Identity | Molly Bingaman | TEDxUMKC

Molly Bingaman has a passion for helping people see their true beauty. She founded Ladybird Styling in 2010 with the bold intent of changing the way people see themselves, their style, and their world. Through merging the language of design … Continue reading

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Earwax, Butt Hair, and Other Weird Human Attributes

You can probably tell someone the purpose of most of your body parts. But what about earwax? Or your appendix? If you’re looking for those answers, or wondering why you have a butt, pop a squat to find out about … Continue reading

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DeepMind’s AI predicts structures for a vast trove of proteins

AlphaFold neural network produced a ‘totally transformative’ database of more than 350,000 structures from Homo sapiens and 20 model organisms. The human genome holds the instructions for more than 20,000 proteins. But only about one-third of those have had their … Continue reading

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Are Humans the Only Animals That Have Culture? | IN OUR NATURE

“In Our Nature” is a NEW special limited series on It’s Okay To Be Smart! We’re on PATREON! Join the community ►► https://www.patreon.com/itsokaytobesmart ↓↓↓ More info and sources below ↓↓↓ Seemingly distant ecosystems, even half a world apart, are connected … Continue reading

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Squirrel Concert | Heath Jones

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If Tomatoes Could Talk, Here’s What They’d Say | SciShow News

We’d pictured the plant-fruit relationship as one-way, but new research reports that sometimes the fruit can talk back! And while cow burps are a widely cited contributor to climate change, it turns out that wild pigs might also be contributing … Continue reading

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‘Beauty’ of island’s shipwrecks graveyard captured | BBC Wales

Photographer Peter Britton wants his project to stand as a legacy to those lost to Tusker Rock.   A photographer is paying tribute to the lives lost to a small island in the Bristol Channel known as a graveyard for … Continue reading

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Hubble is fixed! And is the crisis in cosmology over?! | Night Sky News July ’21

From how to spot the Perseids meteor shower, to fixing the Hubble Space Telescope, to billionaire space flights, free-floating planets, a new type of Supernova, and a solution to the crisis in cosmology. All in this month’s Night Sky News! … Continue reading

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