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‘Rip Van Winkle’ plants hide underground for up to 20 years – ScienceBlog.com

Scores of plant species are capable of living dormant under the soil for up to 20 years, enabling them to survive through difficult times, a new study has found. An international team of academics has found that at least 114 … Continue reading

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Artful Swirls of Plastic Marine Debris Documented in Images by Photographer Mandy Barker

EVERY… snowflake is different (detail) © Mandy Barker. Ingredients; white marine plastic debris objects collected in two single visits to a nature reserve on the East Coast of England.   PENALTY – Europe © Mandy Barker. 633 marine plastic debris … Continue reading

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Melting Memories: A Data-Driven Installation that Shows the Brain’s Inner Workings – Colossal

Media artist Refik Anadol’s work Melting Memories combines data paintings, light projections, and augmented data sculptures to visibly demonstrate how the brain recalls memories. The installation was created with a custom 16 x 20 foot LED media wall andCNC milled rigid foam, and was … Continue reading

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The Strange Anatomy of Hummingbirds

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Discovery Could Let Doctors Customize Brain’s Immune Response to Diseases – ScienceBlog.com

The University of Virginia neuroscience lab that discovered that the brain connects directly to the immune system now has found evidence that doctors could load up the brain with custom blends of immune cells to battle genetic disorders and neurodegenerative … Continue reading

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Artificial Island is the First of Nine Proposed Floating Cultural Destinations in Copenhagen Harbor – Colossal

A tiny, man-made island floats near the center of Copenhagen Harbor. Rooted inside of the wooden platform is a single linden tree, which gives the 215-square-foot pentagon the appearance of a park rather than a stray dock. Australian architect Marshall … Continue reading

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How to tame your wandering mind

Amishi Jha studies how we pay attention: the process by which our brain decides what’s important out of the constant stream of information it receives. Both external distractions (like stress) and internal ones (like mind-wandering) diminish our attention’s power, Jha … Continue reading

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Research shows why we struggle to get good night’s sleep as we get older – ScienceBlog.com

Researchers, led by a University neurophysiologist, found that aging results in a significant reduction in sensitivity to light in the part of the brain that controls circadian rhythms, known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). The breakthrough could help target treatments … Continue reading

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Seeing without eyes – the unexpected world of nonvisual photoreception

We’re used to thinking of our eyes detecting light as the foundation of our visual system. But what’s going on in other cells throughout the body that can detect light, too? Source: Seeing without eyes – the unexpected world of … Continue reading

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The Chef Cooking Up Giant Carp, 20-Pound Rats, and Other Invasive Species – Atlas Obscura

They’re a problem, but they’re also dinner. ASIAN CARP ARE BIG FISH: big in size, and big in numbers. Originally imported to the American south in the 1970s as cleaners of ponds and wastewater facilities, they escaped into the Mississippi … Continue reading

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