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Powerful antibiotic discovered using machine learning for first time – Guardian

The culture plate on the right has bacteria that is resistant to all of the antibiotics tested. Photograph: Science History Images/Alamy   A powerful antibiotic that kills some of the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria in the world has been discovered … Continue reading

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A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere | Jennifer Wilcox

26 Jul 2018   Our planet has a carbon problem — if we don’t start removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we’ll grow hotter, faster. Chemical engineer Jennifer Wilcox previews some amazing technology to scrub carbon from the air, using … Continue reading

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Blue Carbon. An invisible time bomb.

Just Have a Think Ocean Acidification is perhaps the most well publicised consequence of increased levels of carbon dioxide being absorbed by our oceans. But as the oceans also absorb vast quantities of heat from our human activities, and sea … Continue reading

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The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: 2019 report

The Lancet The 2019 report of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change shows that climate change is already damaging the health of the world’s children and is set to shape the wellbeing of an entire generation unless the … Continue reading

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Why do whales sing? – Stephanie Sardelis

Communicating underwater is challenging. Light and odors don’t travel well, but sound moves about four times faster in water than in air — which means marine mammals often use sounds to communicate. The most famous of these underwater vocalizations is … Continue reading

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Top 10 facts about whales | WWF

WWF UK Known for their huge size and mysterious nature, whale species are incredibly diverse. Hear Ria share our top 10 facts about these fascinating marine mammals! Visit our website for more information and follow us for regular updates: Website: … Continue reading

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Panasonic Made a Viewfinder That Lets Colorblind Photographers See Color – Peta Pixel

Panasonic recently partnered up with India’s Dentsu Aegis Network to create something really cool. Following in the footsteps of those glasses that “reverse” certain types of colorblindness, the company created a special Panasonic G90 with an EVF that lets colorblind … Continue reading

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These Farmers Grow Everything From White Strawberries to Furniture

We planted seeds, and these stories about farming and gardening sprouted right before our very eyes. We’re cultivating unusual strawberries in Japan, rescuing plants in South Carolina and so much more. Come grow with us.

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Brown; color is weird

This video discusses the color brown. Seriously. That Aging Wheels playlist: And, of course, the Weird World in RGB for those of you who I couldn’t manage to summon a card for: How about some other, more different links? Technology … Continue reading

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Why Do Bats Carry So Many Diseases? (like Coronavirus)

Video Concept and Writing: Kate Yandell Created by Henry Reich Production and Writing Team: Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, and Henry Reich Music by Nathaniel Schroeder: http://www.soundcloud.com/drschroeder Narrated by Emily Elert

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