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How Did Giant Pterosaurs Fly?

The largest pterosaurs like Quetzalcoatlus were closer in size to airplanes than birds. No flying animal alive today comes close to their huge size. So did giant pterosaurs actually fly? I went to see the fossil bones of the largest … Continue reading

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Wild bison to return to UK for first time in 6,000 years

Release of a small herd of endangered animals in Kent is planned for spring 2022. Wild bison are to return to the UK for the first time in 6,000 years, with the release of a small herd in Kent planned … Continue reading

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Anil Seth on why our senses are fine-tuned for utility, not for ‘reality’

It’s easy to mistake our conscious experience for an ongoing, accurate account of reality. After all, the information we recover from our senses is, of course, the only window we’ll ever have into the outside world. And for most people … Continue reading

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With the help of a polarized light microscope, THE VIBRANCY records the fascinating crystallization processes of various substances. The film is the sequel of THE ARCTIC (vimeo.com/333319621), and the 26th film of the Envisioning Chemistry series (envisioningchemistry.com/). Credits Video: Wenting … Continue reading

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Red Bull – That One Time: Surviving a Tsunami in Indonesia (2015)

Commissioned by Red Bull Media, this is the second of a series of four films which illustrate sport stories. Featuring 90s surfer Rob Bain Follow here: facebook.com/luizstockleranimation CREDITS: Commissioned by Red Bull Media Director: Luiz Stockler Animation: Luiz Stockler, Dana … Continue reading

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The Microbe You Eat All The Time

Yeast: the most coveted microbe during this pandemic. This week we’re taking a close look at the little guys that make up our bread and beer and the vital role they’ve had for thousands of years. Follow Journey to the … Continue reading

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To Let Neurons Talk, Immune Cells Clear Paths through Brain’s ‘Scaffolding’ – ScienceBlog.com

To make new memories, our brain cells first must find one another. Small protrusions that bud out from the ends of neurons’ long, branching tentacles dock neurons together so they can talk. These ports of cellular chatter – called synapses, … Continue reading

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Searching for Beauty (and Hidden Treasure) in 4 Forests

Mushrooms, monarch butterflies, hidden treasure and ancient plants. From Vermont to Hawaii, you never know what you’ll find when you venture into some of the world’s most spectacular forests and jungles. Up for adventure? Let’s go.

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Lifelike Sculptures Are in Underwater Museum at the Great Barrier Reef

For over 10 years, sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has dedicated his artistic practice to the enhancement and conservation of the underwater world. He has created underwater museums in Europe and spread his art throughout the Caribbean, and his latest project … Continue reading

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Eavesdropping on Orangutans

The Kalimantan Rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia is one of the most biodiverse spots on Earth. Bustling with life, the dense greenery is home to orangutans, all kinds of birds, frogs, you name it. But the rainforest won’t stay that way … Continue reading

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