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🎤 PORTELA 2019 l Clipe Oficial dos Carnavarizados – “Na Madureira Moderníssima…!

Clipe Oficial 2019 dos Carnavarizados com o Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Portela – Direção Geral: Yuri Ornellas e Wirley Contaifer – Assistente de Direção l Logger: Rafael Cardoso – Direção de Fotografia: Pedro Marins – Câmera: Pedro Marins – … Continue reading

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How Pink Floyd Used Odd Metering, Organic Loops and Travelling Bass Line to Create the Iconic Song ‘Money’

In a follow-up to his analysis of the Pink Floyd song “Comfortably Numb”, the fast talking doodler 12Tonetakes on “Money”, an equally interesting song by the same band. He starts off with the the cash register as an organic loop before launching into the unusual … Continue reading

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Twenty Instruments Reconstructed to Play Through the Keys of a Vintage Piano

We’ve all tinkered around on a keyboard that, when a button is pushed or settings tweaked, gives us a chance to play the sound of a flute or drum. When the Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes purchased a vintage, albeit … Continue reading

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Filhos de Gandhy – Padê – Carnaval 2018

Saída dos Filhos de Gandhy – Carnaval 2018 – Domingo, 11.02.2017 – Lindo de se ver! “Padê de reverência a Exu, para abrir os caminhos; saudação a Ogum e a liberação das pombas para Oxalá, simbolizando a paz! Ajayô!!!”

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Daniela Mercury Feat Caetano Veloso Composição: Daniela Mercury Produção Musical: Daniela Mercury e Yacoce Simões Imagens: Mídia Ninja e MVM Edição: MVM LETRA: PROIBIDO O CARNAVAL (Daniela Mercury) TÁ PROIBIDO O CARNAVAL NESSE PAÍS TROPICAL ESTÁ PROIBIDO O CARNAVAL NESSE … Continue reading

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Rodrigo Lorio – Ijexá [ Clipe Oficial ]

Ijexá. Além de uma nação que vem do continente africano, Ijexá é também um RITMO. Um pouco de história… ” Assim como ocorreu com muitas outras expressões musicais praticadas nos grupos negros, o ijexá, presente nos cultos afro-religiosos, principalmente no … Continue reading

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Carnaval de Recife e Olinda, Carnival Celebrations Brasil

Carnival in Olinda Carnaval de Recife e Olinda   The magic of the Carnival continues in the colonial town of Olinda with the young and old partying together. As expected, the 2014 Carnival in Olinda will play host to a … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Ancient Greek Music (2017)

First choral performance with reconstructed aulos of reconstructed ancient scores of Athenaeus Paean (127 BC) and Euripides Orestes chorus (408 BC), with the evidence presented and explained by Professor Armand D’Angour, Jesus College Oxford. Some of the research background explained … Continue reading

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The Surprisingly Interesting Story Behind Strawberry Fields Forever

In this video: The Beatles’ 1967 hit “Strawberry Fields Forever” has long been considered one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded. Released in February of that year as a double A side single along with Penny Lane, the song … Continue reading

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Creating a carnival: Building jaw-dropping floats for the Cape Town spectacle

Tour the workshop where the Cape Town Carnival team is busy building ornate floats and larger-than-life creations for the 12 March 2016 event.

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