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Giangrande – Free to Roam [Official Video]

music: Giangrande album: Beauty at Closing Time director and animator: Gianluca Maruotti post/edit: Gabriele Maruotti producer: Mondocane made with Dragonframe © 2018 […] Advertisements

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This Band of Hope Makes Music for Day Laborers

The band Los Jornaleros del Norte has opened for the likes of Rage Against the Machine and John Legend, but the gigs that mean the most to these musicians are the concerts they play on the street outside a federal … Continue reading

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Classic Compositions Performed on a Miniature Paper Piano by Aliaksei Zholner

Aliaksei Zholner (previously) is known for making fully functioning models from cardboard and paper. His latest piece is a miniature 18-key piano that is tuned to play popular and classical pieces such as Fryderyk Chopin’s Polonez b-moll, Ludwig van Beethoven’s … Continue reading

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This Musician Plays the Leaf

Great Big Story Published on 16 May 2019 Lou Wenjun is a musician whose instrument grows on trees. The self-proclaimed best leaf musician in China has been making beautiful music by blowing on leaves since he was a child. Keeping … Continue reading

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The Rhysonic Wheel Bridges Programmed Percussion with Acoustic Guitar for a Captivating One-Man Ensemble

Wellington, New Zealand-based musician Pete O’Connell has previously used his Rhysonic Wheel, a self-made instrument that combines power tools with a self-spinning wheel, to create steady, melodic strumming on his acoustic guitar. Recently he has built another iteration of the device that … Continue reading

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Building 15-Foot-Tall Pianos

David Klavins is a pianist who, for years, could not find pianos that made the sounds he imagined in his head. So he began building pianos to his own specifications in a workshop in Vác, Hungary, and they are truly … Continue reading

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How Music Affects The Brain And Your Emotions

CONIQUE Psychology Published on 17 Jan 2018 How does music affect your brain? Can you really use it in regulating your emotions and even changing your mood? Time to become happier with music! Research suggests that we spend around 40% … Continue reading

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Wiley, Sean Paul, Stefflon Don – Boasty ft. Idris Elba

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Wintergaten Declares the Conveyor Belt Complete on its Epic Marble Machine X

A new video released by the ambitious Wintergatan band of folktronica musicians/inventors (previously) shows the latest developments in their ongoing Marble Machine project. The video above documents the successful completion of the Marble Conveyor Belt, which uses ratchets and pistons to move … Continue reading

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This Is Your Brain on Music

Have you ever heard a piece of music that triggered a powerful emotional response? Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin explains the connection between music and the brain in a talk that finally explains the songs on your break up playlist.

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