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The lead scientist on a secret experiment to teleport humans encounters a co-worker on a smoke break. As she grapples with the implications of recent discoveries, it’s clear that a dire mistake has been made. Premiered online at Short of … Continue reading

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Badass Geologist Gets Revenge On Drunk Neighbour Who Blocks Her Car With Boulder

Some people are taking the piss without worrying too much about the consequences of their actions. Well, sometimes, if your aim isn’t on point, the piss bounces back. Just saying. Melissa Scruggs is a California woman who recently woke up … Continue reading

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6 of the Most Magical Christmas Markets Around the World – My Modern Met

Since 1441, Tallinn, Estonia, has adorned its Town Hall Square with a decorated tree. This makes it the first place in Europe to set up a Christmas tree—and the perfect place to have a Christmas market! While the Christmas tree … Continue reading

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Sandy Instagram – // Website lo – lorenzomitil | ello

Sandy Instagram – @lorenzomitil // Website – lorenzomitil.com #fujifilm #pro400h #120 #nyc #streetphotography #photography #landscape Source: Sandy Instagram – // Website lo – lorenzomitil | ello

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How urban spaces can preserve history and build community

Can public spaces both reclaim the past and embrace the future? Landscape architect Walter Hood has explored this question over the course of an iconic career, with projects ranging from Lafayette Square Park in San Francisco to the upcoming International … Continue reading

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Out-of-Focus Paintings by Philip Barlow Capture the Twinkling Lights of Cityscapes at Night – Colossal

Cape Town-based artist Philip Barlow paints abstracted depictions of the cityscapes at night, blurring the focus of street lamps and headlights the way our eyes or a photographer’s lens might when adjusting to a city’s bright, multi-colored lights. In this way, Barlow … Continue reading

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Dig into an Incredible Compendium of Objects Excavated from the Bottom of Amsterdam’s Amstel River

During a nine year period in the early 2000’s a new metro line was excavated along the banks of Amsterdam’s Amstel river. The urban waterway had to be completely pumped, which gave archeologists a rare opportunity to examine the full … Continue reading

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Swing House: A Three-Story Swing Suspended from the Ceiling of a Gutted Cincinnati Home by Mark deJong – Colossal

From the outside, artist Mark deJong’s contemporary installation, Swing House, doesn’t particularly stand out from the other residences lining the street of Cincinnati’s Camp Washington neighborhood.  The blue 19th-century building is narrowly built, and features charming architectural details that cap its windows … Continue reading

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First visuals revealed of Populous’ spherical London arena

The first images of Populous’ MSG Sphere venue, which is planned for near the Olympic Park in east London, have been released. Source: First visuals revealed of Populous’ spherical London arena

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Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP

Located in downtown Hiroshima, this house by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP has an optical facade consisting of 6,000 pure-glass blocks. As the house is located on a street with many passing cars and trams, the blocks effectively shuts out the noise enabling … Continue reading

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