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How do pain relievers work?

Some people take aspirin or ibuprofen to treat everyday aches and pains but how exactly do the different classes of pain relievers work? Learn about the basic physiology of how humans experience pain and the mechanics of the medicines we’ve … Continue reading

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Pig to human heart transplants ‘possible within three years’ – Guardian

Pioneer UK surgeon Sir Terence English says adapted organs could transform treatment   Adapted pig hearts could be transplanted into patients within three years, accordingto a report citing the surgeon who pioneered heart transplantation in the UK. On the 40th … Continue reading

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Member Voices: Debbie Hawker

“The local members of our team were amazing! They had been working for months during the epidemic and had international staff come and go but they welcomed us with open arms.” This month, with World Humanitarian Day marked on 19th … Continue reading

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What causes antibiotic resistance? – Kevin Wu

TED-Ed Published on 7 Aug 2014 View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/how-antibio… Right now, you are inhabited by trillions of microorganisms. Many of these bacteria are harmless (or even helpful!), but there are a few strains of ‘super bacteria’ that are pretty … Continue reading

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How a long-forgotten virus could help us solve the antibiotics crisis

Viruses have a bad reputation — but some of them could one day save your life, says biotech entrepreneur Alexander Belcredi. In this fascinating talk, he introduces us to phages, naturally-occurring viruses that hunt and kill harmful bacteria with deadly … Continue reading

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Frankincense: How to Use Ancient Wonder Cure for Healing

Frankincense is famous for being one of the three gifts presented by the Magi to baby Jesus (the other two being gold and myrrh).Several thousand years ago, people knew how to use frankincense to cure several ailments. The ancient Babylonians … Continue reading

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A new class of antibiotics to combat drug resistance – ScienceBlog.com

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Nosopharm, a biotechnology company based in Lyon, France, are part of an international team reporting on the discovery of a new class of antibiotics. The antibiotic, first identified by Nosopharm, is … Continue reading

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Building the musical muscle

Charles Limb performs cochlear implantation, a surgery that treats hearing loss and can restore the ability to hear speech. But as a musician too, Limb thinks about what the implants lack: They don’t let you fully experience music yet. (There’s … Continue reading

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Why Was Tuberculosis Called Consumption?

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NPR Invisibilia // Alien Hand

Invisibilia, NPR’s radio program and podcast that fuses storytelling with science, came to us with their very first animation assignment. The story of a woman who’s hand has a mind of its own.

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