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How the compass unlocked the world | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series

“Everything that we think of as world history would not have taken place without the compass.” Science curator David Biello explains how the device changed our relationship to the world.

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Submission – Official Map: Unified Map of Transit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2018 — Transit Maps

Submitted by Henrique, who says: Hello! Rio de Janeiro has, now and finally, a new official map of all the metropolitan transport system. Here, we have BRT corridors, tramways, metro lines and a suburban rail, but each system used to … Continue reading

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If you thought Apple’s maps were weird, look at these

The two dominant colours on the moon’s surface are dullish grey and pitch black – but only to the naked eye. The geological materials and phenomena that shaped the moon display such a wealth of differences that space geologists (in … Continue reading

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