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How urban spaces can preserve history and build community

Can public spaces both reclaim the past and embrace the future? Landscape architect Walter Hood has explored this question over the course of an iconic career, with projects ranging from Lafayette Square Park in San Francisco to the upcoming International … Continue reading

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Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050 has in store for humankind

“As the pace of change increases, the very meaning of being human is likely to mutate and physical and cognitive structures will melt” Source: Yuval Noah Harari on what the year 2050 has in store for humankind

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The smelly mystery of the human pheromone

Do our smells make us sexy? Popular science suggests yes — pheromones send chemical signals about sex and attraction from our armpits to potential mates. But, despite what you might have heard, there is no conclusive research confirming that humans … Continue reading

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Memoirs of a Travelling Architect

As globalisation increases and urban sprawl spreads, cities are gradually becoming more and more homogenised, losing any sense of character and cultural difference. This highly experimental film explores the relationship between place and memory as experienced by architect James Davidson, … Continue reading

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The world’s most ambitious parenting program

Criança Feliz (Happy Child) is an ambitious new parent coaching program in Brazil. It teaches parents the importance of early childhood learning and development with the goal of fighting inequality. If it works, it might lift millions in Latin America’s … Continue reading

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Marla Spivak: Why bees are disappearing

Honeybees have thrived for 50 million years, each colony 40 to 50,000 individuals coordinated in amazing harmony. So why, seven years ago, did colonies start dying en masse? Marla Spivak reveals four reasons which are interacting with tragic consequences. This … Continue reading

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New Installations by Seth Globepainter Explore the Innocence and Wonder of Childhood – Colossal

French artist Julien Malland aka Seth Globepainter (previously) continues to create childhood-inspired interventions around Paris and the world. Earlier this year he had a major museum solo show at MoCA Shanghai which included elaborate sculptures and site-specific installations. He also painted one of his … Continue reading

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Lesser Known Things About England – Adventures & Naps

Adventures and Naps Published on 13 Feb 2018 After living in England for the last 2+ years, I’ve noticed a few unique things about this wonderful country! Here’s some lesser-known quirks about England 🙂 I also wanted to mention that … Continue reading

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This Dolphin Hunts Fish With ‘Net’ Made of Mud – National Geographic

//assets.nationalgeographic.com/modules-video/latest/assets/ngsEmbeddedVideo.html?guid=00000164-d217-da64-afed-de5fbffa0000 Rare video shows bottlenose dolphin using ‘mud-ring feeding’ technique alone. More often a group behavior, it has only been observed in Florida dolphins.[…] Source: This Dolphin Hunts Fish With ‘Net’ Made of Mud

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New Splendid Species Discovered

New species discovery means iconic animal could be much closer to extinction than we thought! One of the world’s most spectacular frogs has remained under the radar of zoologists for almost 100 years. Sylvia’s Tree Frog, Cruziohyla sylviae sp n.was originally collected in … Continue reading

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