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Samba do Tuiuti 2018 Versão Acústica

Samba do Tuiuti 2018 Versão Acústica. Vídeo feito pelo site CARNAVALESCO (www.carnavalesco.com.br) Advertisements

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Methylation Aging Clock: An Update – Science Blog

Methylation of DNA is the best-known mode of epigenetic regulation (turning genes on and off).  Methylation patterns are stable unless they are actively changed, and can persist over decades, even across generations.   Four years ago, biostatistician Steve Horvath of UCLA … Continue reading

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The UK woman leading the dance at the Rio Carnival

Samantha Flores from London is leading out the first float at the world-famous carnival. Source: The UK woman leading the dance at the Rio Carnival

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What if we were free to work? | Olivier Schneller | TEDxBSEL

To Olivier, today’s common perception of work as a burden we must bear to finance our living is one of the biggest misconceptions of our time. Looking at the past and present of work life, he illustrates why he strongly … Continue reading

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How the brain instantly separates trash from treasure – ScienceBlog.com

Johns Hopkins neuroscientists have discovered how the brain can determine an object’s value almost as soon as we see it. The team found the brain can begin processing value just 80 milliseconds after seeing something. That’s less than a tenth … Continue reading

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Early Briton had dark skin and blue eyes – BBC

Scientists put a face to Cheddar Man, Britain’s oldest complete skeleton from 10,000 years ago. A cutting-edge scientific analysis shows that a Briton from 10,000 years ago had dark brown skin and blue eyes. Researchers from London’s Natural History Museum … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Beekeeping Donkey – Great Big Story

Manuel Juraci Vieira needed a way to transport the honey he would collect from his beehives on his farm back to his home. His solution? His donkey, Boneco. Outfitted in his very own homemade beekeeping suit, Boneco tags alongside Vieira, … Continue reading

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From Oscar Boyson, who says, “This is a conversation starter first, a video second. I’d love to hear your thoughts on cities, the future, and this project. I shared some words, a reading list and featured interviewees here: medium.com/@oscarboyson/the-future-of-cities-ba4e26c807fe#.lrpyoofi4 * … Continue reading

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Journey Birds

Personal stories fuse together as man and bird in a cinematic commentary on immigration.

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Minimally invasive blood test for Alzheimer’s disease announced – ScienceBlog.com

Scientists from Japan and Australia have teamed up to develop and validate a blood test for Alzheimer’s disease, with the potential to massively ramp up the pace of Alzheimer’s disease drug trials. The blood test measures a specific peptide in … Continue reading

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