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What’s The Difference Between “Yule” And “Christmas”? – Everything After Z by Dictionary.com

The lyric from “Deck the Halls” goes “Troll the ancient yuletide carol.” Amidst all the fa-la-la-ing, did you ever ask yourself exactly what yule is? While some people use the word as a synonym for Christmas, there’s more to yule than … Continue reading

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How Geography KILLED a Letter

Fun facts: I had a speech impediment as a child where I couldn’t pronounce TH properly, instead using an F sound. Good thing I got all that cleared up before making this video. If you’re curious what thorn looks like … Continue reading

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How did the letter P come to be in English

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A Literal Translation Lends a Daring Edge to the First Meal of the Day

Although breakfast is commonly consumed in a rush out the door, or slurped hurriedly before one dashes to catch the bus, the early morning meal’s straightforward composition of actions is often not considered.Madrid-based photographer Tessa Dóniga created the series Break/Fast … Continue reading

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How language shapes the way we think | Lera Boroditsky

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Is there a best method to learn foreign languages?

I have no secret to share with you, but I beat I can help you by telling you my experiences so far https://lifeetleslangues.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/is-there-a-best-method-to-learn-foreign-languages/

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“Sorry I’m…constipated.”

I love to learn languages. But as a language learner you’re bound to make tons of embarrassing mistakes a long the way. For example: Sophomore year of college I wanted to drop my Spanish linguistics class because I suck at linguistics. … Continue reading

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