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Unusual Selfies by Izumi Miyazaki

These ongoing self-portraits by Japanese photographer Izumi Miyazaki are somewhat surreal and not the usual selfies you see on the internet. Source: Unusual Selfies by Izumi Miyazaki

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BBC – Earth – Watch ‘sacred’ deer bow for a treat

Hundreds of sika deer roam freely in the Japanese city of Nara where they are considered a national treasure Source: BBC – Earth – Watch ‘sacred’ deer bow for a treat

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How To Live To 100, According To Science

By 2050, the UN estimates that as many as 3.2 million people will live to 100 compared to 316,000 in 2011. Also, a 2013 study from the University of Massachusetts found that 25 year olds today can … Source: How … Continue reading

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A Starbucks Inside a 100-Year-Old Converted Teahouse in Kyoto

Situated along the historic Ninenzaka street in Kyoto, this new Starbucks, which opened on June 30, is located inside a 100-year-old converted Japanese teahouse where visitors can remove their shoes and sit on tatami mats on the 2nd floor of … Continue reading

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Kayashima: The Japanese Train Station Built Around a 700-Year-Old Tree | Colossal

In the Northeast suburbs of central Osaka stands a curious train station unlike any other. Kayashima Station features a rectangular hole cut into the roof of the elevated platform and, from inside, a giant tree pokes its head out like … Continue reading

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More Than a Mile of Abstract Neon Lighting Suspended Within Tate Britain | Colossal

Suspended from the ceiling of Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries is Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans’ latest installation, over a mile of bright neon lighting broken into abstract lines and monumental curves. The piece, Forms in Space… by Light (in Time), changes … Continue reading

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Next-Level Food Carving on Fruits and Vegetables by ‘Gaku’ | Colossal

Japan has a rich tradition of food carving called mukimono. If you’ve ever eaten at a fancy restaurant in Japan you might have found a carrot carved into a bunny, garnishing your plate. But in the hands of Japanese artist … Continue reading

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NHK Blends Toto

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New Glitched Sculptures of Women Chiseled from Wood by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki | Colossal

Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki (previously) produces figurative sculptures with varying abnormalities and glitches, doubling the eyes on some works, while multiplying the heads on others to convey an impressive array of human emotion. Each piece, with sizes ranging from life-size to … Continue reading

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Fashion In Tokyo’s Underground Night Scene — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Photographer Yoichi Nagata is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this portrait photography. From book/project ‘Star Of The Stars‘. To see Yoichi’s portfolio click on any image. ‘Star of the Stars’ presents these fantastic portraits of club goers in … Continue reading

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