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How Yayoi Kusama’s Outdoor Pumpkin is Protected During Hurricanes – Spoon & Tamago

photo by spoon & tamago (2017) If you’ve ever visited Japan’s magical art island of Naoshima you’ll most certainly have visited one of its most iconic pieces of art: Yayoi Kusama’s yellow pumpkin that sits at the tip of an … Continue reading

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How to make Sushi

During the autumn of 2018, I designed a couple of frames based on the premise of a Sushi-chef. I grew really fond of them and a simple story kind of evolved from that. From just being a couple animation-tests, to … Continue reading

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Japan’s Post Box Under the Sea

Great Big Story Published on 18 Jan 2018 When the small Japanese seaside town of Susami needed a tourism boost, an unlikely resident came to the rescue: the town’s postmaster. Together with the local diving community, former postmaster Toshihiko Matsumoto … Continue reading

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In Japan, Repairing Buildings Without a Single Nail

Great Big Story Published on 15 Feb 2019 In the past, making and developing metal was too costly for carpenters in Japan. So instead of using nails, carpenters called “miyadaiku” developed unique methods for interlocking pieces of wood together, similar … Continue reading

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Exhibition Review: Manga at the British Museum

Visiting London Guide Published on 21 May 2019 This is a short video review of the Manga exhibition at the British Museum -– 23 May to 26 August 2019 bought to you by Visiting London Guide .com We give you … Continue reading

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Marine Day celebration in town of Suzu, Ishikawa pref., Japan


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Japanese School in Tokyo – Marine Day (海の日): How and Why Japan Pay Homage to the Oceans – Coto Japanese Academy

Japan is the only nation to have a public holiday dedicated to the oceans. So, why is Marine Day important and how can we all celebrate it together? Source: Japanese School in Tokyo – Marine Day (海の日): How and Why … Continue reading

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Japan’s City of Gold Protects a Valuable Tradition

Great Big Story Published on 9 Aug 2017 In the Japanese town of Kanazawa, everything glimmers in *gold*. The town is responsible for producing 99 percent of all the gold leaf in the country. The gold foil, known as kinpaku, … Continue reading

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Illuminating Lamps Made From Real Bread by Yukiko Morita

Japanese artist Yukiko Morita always loved bread. Not only was it delicious but there was something about that special combination of flour and yeast that produced wonderful flavors, beautiful tones, and adorable shapes that make people feel warm inside. This … Continue reading

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The Definitive Guide To Japanese Manchester — Yamato Magazine

Travelling is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge of the world. But it’s not the only way to embrace a new culture. Exploring local communities and experiences are eye-opening in their own right. I’m fascinated by Japan … Continue reading

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