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How do we learn to work with intelligent machines?

The path to skill around the globe has been the same for thousands of years: train under an expert and take on small, easy tasks before progressing to riskier, harder ones. But right now, we’re handling AI in a way … Continue reading

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Man Creates A Way To Reduce Plastic Packaging And 25 Famous Companies Join Him

As record high and low temperatures are being recorded all over the globe and unrecycled plastic waste continues to pile up in the middle in the ocean, almost forming and entire plastic continent in itself, it’s pretty obvious that time’s … Continue reading

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50 Photos That Show Just How Insanely Cold It Is In America Right Now

Extreme weather events are becoming more and more common, with records shattered down under during Australia’s recent heatwave, and now, at the opposite end of the spectrum, the ‘polar vortex’ bearing down on Midwestern U.S. […] Source: 50 Photos That … Continue reading

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Weary Hikers in Norway Can Take Break in Cabin Built Like a 3D Puzzle – My Modern Met

Thanks to a true community effort, weary hikers trekking along the arctic terrain of northern Norway will have a new place to rest their feet. A small cabin in Hammerfest—commissioned by the town’s local chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association … Continue reading

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The disarming case to act right now on climate

Stockholm native Greta Thunberg first heard about climate change when she was 8 years old. She absorbed the solutions adults threw at her — recycle paper, study the data, train to be a climate scientist. None of it felt like … Continue reading

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Aerial Images of the Earth Animated into Fast-Paced Sequences by Kevin McGloughlin

In EPOCH, the new short film by Irish director and animator Kevin McGloughlin, aerial images of the Earth are pieced together to compare the structural similarities of various suburbs, highways, and fields. When flashed one after the next, buildings and roads form … Continue reading

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German Commuter Knits Four-Foot-Long Scarf Detailing Transit Delays

German commuter and knitter Claudia Weber travels to Munich regularly from her town Moosburg in the Bavarian countryside. Due to track repairs which began last year, her train commute was replaced with a bus service that would often be delayed … Continue reading

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Amanda Burden: How public spaces make cities work

More than 8 million people are crowded together to live in New York City. What makes it possible? In part, it’s the city’s great public spaces — from tiny pocket parks to long waterfront promenades — where people can stroll … Continue reading

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Submission – Official Map: Unified Map of Transit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2018 — Transit Maps

Submitted by Henrique, who says: Hello! Rio de Janeiro has, now and finally, a new official map of all the metropolitan transport system. Here, we have BRT corridors, tramways, metro lines and a suburban rail, but each system used to … Continue reading

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How We Can Reimagine Coding as Public Spaces | Marie-Claire Shanahan & Pratim Sengupta | TEDxCalgary

What does it mean to design technologies as public worlds? Or, what does it mean to say that scientific knowledge and practice belongs to everyone? Dr. Marie-Claire Shanahan and Dr. Pratim Sengupta delve into the ways in which we can … Continue reading

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