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The Vibrant Blue Hues of Morocco’s Chefchaouen Village Captured in Photographs by Tiago & Tania

Photography duo Tania De Pascalis and Tiago Marques, known as Tiago & Tania, spent six days capturing the blue-tinted stone architecture of Chefchaouen, a 550-year-old village located in the mountains of Morocco. The photo series presents an interesting juxtaposition of … Continue reading

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A Partially Submerged Train Car Provides a Dramatic Entrance to Frankfurt’s Bockenheimer Warte Subway Station

Subway stations are typically just a means to an end, simple structures that allow a large overflow of commuters to enter and exit at will. It is less common for the design to be a destination in itself, like the … Continue reading

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These People Do Dangerous Things

Great Big Story Published on 4 Jul 2019 This reel is about people who do risky things like lifeguarding at the world’s most dangerous beach, slacklining between mountains without a safety net and baking bread. Baking bread can be risky? … Continue reading

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Street Artist in Venice by Banksy

Street artist Banksy has set up an unlicensed street stall in Venice with a selection of paintings showing the lagoon with an enormous cruise ship docked near St. Mark’s Square. In his secretive style, a camera captures unsuspecting pedestrians voicing … Continue reading

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Jarring Juxtapositions of Prosperity and Conflict by Uğur Gallenkuş

Turkish artist Uğur Gallenkuş uses split images to emphasize the grave differences between war-torn countries and privileged, peaceful societies. Gallenkuş often specifically references Western visual culture in his juxtaposed images, such as Christian iconography of the Madonna and child, and the … Continue reading

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ITU Standardization – The technical foundations of the Information Society

  ITU Published on 24 May 2016 The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) was established in 1865 to meet the need for technical standards for international telegraph systems. From the day of the telegraph, through its formative role in telecommunications, and … Continue reading

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Javier Riera Published on 20 Jun 2014 Centro Niemeyer. Junio-septiembre de2014 El elemento central de esta exposición es una serie de siluetas lumínicas de ciervos que caminan por distintos lugares de la cúpula del Centro Niemeyer, integrándose de un modo … Continue reading

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Whimsical Street Art by Cal

French artist Cal, based in Lyon, incorporates the city’s urban features into his humorous street art by adding cartoon illustrations into statues, vents, iron plates, peeling walls, weeds, and abandoned objects. He transforms what people usually ignore into whimsical art in … Continue reading

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Mr. Trash Wheel: An Anthropomorphic Debris-Eating Mechanism Located in Baltimore Harbor

Mr. Trash Wheel, a floating mechanism with large round eyes affixed to its hood, was installed on a tributary leading to the Baltimore Harbor in 2014. Since then, the trash-scooping object has intercepted 638,594 plastic bags, 1,000,000 styrofoam containers, 150 … Continue reading

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Turning Plastic Trash Into Cash in Haiti

Soda and soap bottles don’t belong in the sea, but it’s too often where they end up. In fact, experts estimate that an entire garbage truck worth of plastic hits our oceans every minute—the vast majority of it coming from … Continue reading

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