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How We Can Reimagine Coding as Public Spaces | Marie-Claire Shanahan & Pratim Sengupta | TEDxCalgary

What does it mean to design technologies as public worlds? Or, what does it mean to say that scientific knowledge and practice belongs to everyone? Dr. Marie-Claire Shanahan and Dr. Pratim Sengupta delve into the ways in which we can … Continue reading

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Drone jamming system to protect European airports, public spaces

Airports could be equipped with technology capable of detecting and bringing down drones that stray into their air space, according to Dan Hermansen, chief technology officer of Danish anti-drone firm MyDefence. The company has developed a drone alarm and protection … Continue reading

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How humans disrupted a cycle essential to all life

Carbon cycles through earth at a steady pace. Plants and microorganisms absorb carbon, which helps them grow. Animals and bacteria eat the plants, breathe out carbon into the atmosphere, and take some carbon underground when they die. And a similar … Continue reading

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Quirky Interventions by Octavi Serra Question the Rules of Public Spaces

Octavi Serra uses the structures and symbolism of public spaces to question the systems we live with and find humour in their details. The Barcelona-based artist often engages with signage to subvert its original meaning, like forming a massive arrow … Continue reading

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An Incredible Aerial Tour of Earth’s Surface from the International Space Station

Philadelphia-based photographer and videographer Bruce W. Berry Jr. brings together images from the International Space Station (ISS) in his new time-lapse video, The World Below. Berry used public content from NASA to form the meditative short film that reads like a supersized … Continue reading

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Manchester Baby: world’s first stored program computer

This video was produced by Google as a tribute to the “Manchester Baby”—the first computer to run a program electronically stored in its memory. This was a flagship moment, described by some as the “birth of software”. To find out … Continue reading

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The Hidden History of Manchester’s River Medlock IV

In this video we are following Manchester’s River Medlock through Holt Town the Location of Manchester’s first Mill Colony similar to Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire. We look at other oddities such as some steps that featured in Shelagh Delaney’s … Continue reading

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2 – Manchester / Salford History Timelapse – Various building’s 2 – Old Streets – Time Travel

Various animations of streets and buildings in Manchester and Salford showing how they once looked.

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Why protected bike lanes are more valuable than parking spaces

When Janette Sadik-Khan was hired as chief transportation official for New York City in 2007, she took a page out of Denmark’s playbook and created America’s first parking-protected bike lane, right in the middle of downtown Manhattan. A parking protected … Continue reading

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My journey to thank all the people responsible for my morning coffee

Author AJ Jacobs embarked on a quest with a deceptively simple idea at its heart: to personally thank every person who helped make his morning cup of coffee. More than one thousand “thank yous” later, Jacobs reflects on the globe-trotting … Continue reading

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