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Black Owned – Jackson

Introducing Black Owned, a film series exploring the Black entrepreneurial spirit and its essential contribution to the American economy through the perspectives of business owners.

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A Tiled Wave Ripples Across Olafur Eliasson’s New Installation in Downtown Chicago

Last week, artist Olafur Eliasson (previously) unveiled a massive, wave-like artwork that mimics the rippled surfaces of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Comprised of 1,963 curved tiles, “Atmospheric wave wall” sits between the two bodies of water at Willis Tower … Continue reading

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For exclusive Making of >>> follow us on instagram 🙂 instagram.com/roofstudionyc/ “Unbreakable” is the story of Barbara the Bunny. When she begins to persistently cough, “Quality Control” at the toy factory labels her “defective,” and so her search for treatment … Continue reading

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Original title: FREIGANG Mid-length feature film (35 min.) Director: Martin Winter Screenplay: Sebastian Schmidl Producer: Victoria Herbig & Sebastian Schmidl D.O.P.: Aram Baroian Cast Anna Suk Christopher Legedza Birgit Linauer Patrick Schmidl Daniela Zacherl Plot summary: Single mother Kathi receives … Continue reading

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Why Belgium Has The World’s Best Fries | Food Secrets Ep. 2

For Belgians, fries are holy, something you shouldn’t mess with. You might think: what can go wrong when deep frying potato sticks? Quite a few things. First of all: don’t call it French Fries, at least not when in Belgium. … Continue reading

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Running into WILD POLAR BEARS in Canada!

Filmed in October before the travel ban, and I had the most incredible experience with the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. If you ever get the chance to go up North, you have to go! You won’t regret it. … Continue reading

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48hrs on VIA Rail’s MOST NORTHERN TRAIN in Canada

VIA Rail in Canada has a number of Adventure Routes, and this train heads straight north from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba, also known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Watch Part 2 and our Polar Bear tours here: … Continue reading

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What is: Brutalism?

ne might consider Brutalism as the ‘marmite’ of architectural history: it is a style that is systematically loathed and revered. HRH Prince Charles once compared one of the icons of Brutalism, Britain’s National Theatre, to a nuclear power station. A … Continue reading

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FedEx Shipping Damage Creates Fractured Artworks

Since 2007, artist Walead Beshty has been cleverly using FedEx’s shipping infrastructure to create a series of artworks. He constructs glass objects that fit exactly into FedEx’s shipping boxes and then ships them to galleries and museums without any protection against … Continue reading

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Photorealistic Figures Embody Childhood Wonder in Dreamy Murals by Lula Goce

From New York City to Azerbaijan to Kristianstad, Sweden, artist Lula Goce transforms blank walls into ethereal artworks that illustrate childlike wonder and growth. Her murals merge photorealistic renderings of adolescent subjects with otherworldly surroundings: plumes of flowers and vines … Continue reading

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