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Brett Scott – Who Is Driving Cashless Society?


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Ordsall Chord Progress – 17th November 2017 — The Anonymous Widower

The Ordsall Chord is now more or less complete. I started my walk by the Museum of Science and Industry and walked in a circle finishing up in the car park of the Manchester Marriott Victoria and Albert Hotel. Ticketing … Continue reading

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Becoming Your Own ISP, Just for Fun — Hackaday

When moving into a new house, it’s important to arrange for the connection of basic utilities. Electricity, water, and gas are simple enough, and then it’s generally fairly easy to set up a connection to an ISP for your internet … Continue reading

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| Simoneteffect – Pure Black & White on WordPress.com

Comfortable journey. Source: | Simoneteffect – Pure Black & White on WordPress.com

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Nighttime City Scenes Bathed in Neon by Photographer Elsa Bleda

Photographer Elsa Bleda captures hazy moments that linger on the outskirts of the cities she visits in Eastern Europe and South Africa. Bleda is drawn to nighttime scenes bathed in colored light, such as a flock of pigeons illuminated by pink … Continue reading

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How the British Library Digitized One of the World’s Largest Books

The Klencke Atlas published in 1660 is one of the most famous objects in the British Library’s cartographic collection, a towering book that stands nearly 6 feet tall and reaches over seven feet wide when open. For over three centuries … Continue reading

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The Coincidence Project: Carefully Timed Photos by Denis Cherim Make You Look Twice | Colossal

As part of his ongoing series titled the Coincidence Project, photographer Denis Cherim (previously) seems to find the miraculous amongst the mundane in his exquisitely timed and positioned photos that align the world in strangely satisfying ways. Playing with perspective, … Continue reading

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New RoboBee flies, dives, swims and explodes out the of water – ScienceBlog.com

We’ve seen RoboBees that can fly, stick to walls, and dive into water. Now, get ready for a hybrid RoboBee that can fly, dive into water, swim, propel … Read more Source: New RoboBee flies, dives, swims and explodes out the of water … Continue reading

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An 80-Foot Steel Kraken Will Create an Artificial Coral Reef Near the British Virgin Islands | Colossal

This past April a massive 80-foot steel kraken was purposefully sunk into the Caribbean Sea on top of a decorated WW2 ship. The former Navy fuel barge and its monstrous passenger were placed underwater in order to jumpstart a new … Continue reading

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Look At This: Rain Forest Was Here – NPR

NPR spent 2 weeks in the Amazon to find out. Take 10 mins to look at our photos and learn about why it’s so hard for us to stop deforestation — and what could happen if we don’t. Source: Look … Continue reading

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