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Freedom House Ambulance Service – 99% Invisible

Back in the 1960s and 70s, in the city of Pittsburgh, there was a nickname for guys like John Moon –The Unemployables. This nickname meant that you simply could not get hired, no matter where you went for a job. … Continue reading

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History of Manchester – 2. A Tale of Two Ditches

In the second part in the Manchester series we’re going to be looking at Medieval Manchester (Mameceaster) and the wilderness years between the Romans and the Industrial Revolution. I trace the route of one of the city’s most intriguing mysteries … Continue reading

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Manchester to Chorlton Cycleway – CYCLOPS junction

The first section of the Manchester to Chorlton Cycleway is now open, and features segregated cycleways and the CYCLOPS junction at Royce Road, a first-of-its-kind cycle junction in the UK.

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Second Brazilian museum fire in two years reignites calls for reform

Researchers in Brazil are sifting through the ashes of a fire that destroyed part of a museum in the southeastern state of Minas Gerais on 15 June. The blaze follows repeated warnings about fire risks at museums, and comes less … Continue reading

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What “defund the police” really means

JOIN SUBSCRIBED It’s not as radical as it sounds. Become a Video Lab member! http://bit.ly/video-lab Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO Among those protesting police brutality in the US, there is a slogan that’s taken hold: “defund the police.” The key … Continue reading

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History of Manchester – 1. Mamucium

The first in a series about the history of one of the world’s most historically important cities. I’ll be looking into the very origins of Manchester – from an insignificant nowhere in an obscure corner of Europe to a valuable … Continue reading

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Tiny Street Murals by ‘Jaune’ Unveil a World of Miniature City Workers

Belgian stencil artist Jonathan Pauwels, or “Jaune,” creates urban interventions in his hometown of Brussels, Belgium, stenciling tiny sanitation workers on pipes, door frames, and brick walls. His small-scale installations give a peek into the world of the miniature workers, one … Continue reading

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As a Tribute, Vhils Carves Ten Masked Healthcare Workers into a Hospital Wall in Porto

To honor essential workers, Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, who goes by Vhils (previously), recently completed an expansive public artwork at the São João University Hospital Centre in Porto. Vhils chiseled 10 masked figures into an outdoor wall at the facility, … Continue reading

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さくれつ @sakuretune Jun 24, 2020 – “どこかの国で車両を改造して橋にしている。この発想はなかったな。レゴで作ったら面白いかも。” Translated from Japanese by Google “I am remodeling a vehicle in some country to make it a bridge. I didn’t have this idea. It might be interesting to make it with Lego.” Source: … Continue reading

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Miracle on 34th Avenue: NYC’s Best Open Street is in Queens

The Jackson Heights, Corona and Elmhurst areas of Queens were among the hardest hit in the United States by the Covid-19 epidemic. This film looks at the months-long struggle in Jackson Heights to get an open street on its beautiful … Continue reading

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