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Gordon Parks: Part One | 1 July – 8 August 2020 – Overview

Gordon Parks, Untitled, Alabama, 1956. © The Gordon Parks Foundation   Due to overwhelming visitor interest in Gordon Parks: Part One, we are extending the exhibition through Saturday 8 August.   Originally scheduled to open in March this year, Alison … Continue reading

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Summary of Mary Warner Marien’s Essay on Charles Nègre’s Chimney Sweep Walking.

Chimney Sweep Walking, Nègre, Charles, 1851 The essay initially starts with a discussion on what were seen in 1839 as the strengths and weaknesses of photography and its limitations as an art form at the time. she mentions that Negre … Continue reading

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10 Street Photographers EVERY Photographer MUST Know

Street photography combines the improvisational act of capturing life as hit happens combined with the nostalgia and visual aesthetic that’s like no other style of photography. I haven’t done one of these kinds of videos in a while so I … Continue reading

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Clocks around the world: how other languages tell time

How many hours are in a day? Which direction is clockwise? Can hours shrink? Depends on your language!

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Island-building in Southeast Asia created Earth’s northern ice sheets – ScienceBlog.com

The Greenland ice sheet owes its existence to the growth of an arc of islands in Southeast Asia — stretching from Sumatra to New Guinea — over the last 15 million years, a new study claims. According to an analysis by … Continue reading

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How People Make Ice Cream Around the World

Great Big Story senior producer Beryl Shereshewsky is hosting an ice cream social in the latest episode of “Around the World.” Grab a spoon, and join her as she speaks with seven people from seven countries to learn how they … Continue reading

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How Greece Is Stopping China’s Plan For World Domination

Over the last 2 decades, China has been rapidly monopolizing every aspect of world trade. From buying out the worlds ports in almost every country on the planet, to being the worlds supplier of nearly 30% of the worlds goods, … Continue reading

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ONE HIT WONDERLAND: “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles

The radio star has been KILLED! MTV = MURDER TELEVISION

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Great Transitions: The Origin of Humans — HHMI BioInteractive Video

Which traits distinguish humans from other primates? When and where did these traits evolve? Discover the latest findings on hominid evolution in this classroom-ready biology video. Paleontologists have studied the fossil record of human evolution just like they have done … Continue reading

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The Comanche and the Horse | Native America | Sacred Stories | PBS

Today the image of Indians on horseback is iconic. But Native Americans never set eyes on a horse before the 15th century when Europeans bring them to America as a weapon of conquest. The Comanche and other native peoples adapt … Continue reading

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