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Does time work differently in different languages? – Hopi Time

Whorf ignited a controversy when he claimed the Hopi don’t speak or think about time the way Europeans do. Malotki wrote 600 pages to prove him wrong. Come explore Sapir-Whorf and Hopi Time! Do speakers of different languages have different … Continue reading

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How Bilingual Brains Perceive Time Differently

A new study has found that what language you speak might alter your perception of time.

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Suffragette City: The fight for equality through the eyes of Suffragettes-Museum Crush

In today’s society, both men and women are part of the democratic process. The act of voting is so ingrained into our culture that many simply do not bother to vote at all. Hundreds of years ago, equality was a … Continue reading

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Watch Face Paint Tell the Story of Human Evolution in One Minute

Artist Emma Allen imagines the future of human evolution using face paint, a mirror, and a camera. Watch the progression from single-celled organism to cyborg unfold in this stunning animated self-portrait. The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created … Continue reading

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Hawaii’s Rain Dancers Summon Storms

On the island of Hawaii, the rain dancers of Waimea perform their art for the only audience that matters: their ancestors. When they call for rain and snow, they dance not to entertain, but to feed and nourish their land. … Continue reading

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In 1848 A French Commune Built an Interconnected Treehouse Cabaret Based on Swiss Family Robinson- Colossal

For over a century, Parisians were drawn out of the city and into the neighboring village of Le Plessis-Piquet to experience charming summer evenings among the township’s tall trees. What started as open air dancehalls called “guinguettes,” turned into treehouse cabarets … Continue reading

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A drop of bleach in the gene pool – The Mex Files

Although this 1895 painting is by a Brazilian artist, it illustrates quite effectively the Latin American elites ideas about race and  national identity. At the time, both in the Anglo north, and Latin south, Social Darwinism was accepted science and the … Continue reading

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Galo da Madrugada completa 40 anos e arrasta milhares de foliões em Recife (PE)

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What’s on: Carnival — RhineBuzz

It’s February and in Düsseldorf that means only one thing – it’s Carnival time. There’s confetti in the street. Trams are packed with men wearing animal onesies. Elaborate wigs bob along suburban streets and leaving home without decorative face paint … Continue reading

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Early Briton had dark skin and blue eyes – BBC

Scientists put a face to Cheddar Man, Britain’s oldest complete skeleton from 10,000 years ago. A cutting-edge scientific analysis shows that a Briton from 10,000 years ago had dark brown skin and blue eyes. Researchers from London’s Natural History Museum … Continue reading

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