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How to play an ancient rock gong

The British Museum invited Dr Cornelia Kleinitz, an archaeologist specialising in rock art, and Liam Williamson, a modern rock drummer, to try and discover how a rock gong might have been played. This was the result. Rock gongs are a … Continue reading

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Winter Holiday Celebrations Around the World


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The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci

What is the best life we can live? How can we cope with whatever the universe throws at us and keep thriving nonetheless? The ancient Greco-Roman philosophy of Stoicism explains that while we may not always have control over the … Continue reading

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A day in the life of an ancient Egyptian doctor – Elizabeth Cox

It’s another sweltering morning in Memphis, Egypt. As the sunlight brightens the Nile, Peseshet checks her supplies. Honey, garlic, cumin, acacia leaves, cedar oil — she’s well stocked with the essentials she needs to treat her patients. Elizabeth Cox outlines … Continue reading

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Museum of Black Civilisations aims to ‘decolonise knowledge’

A large museum will open in Dakar, 52 years after Senegal’s first president presented a post-colonial cultural vision. Dakar, Senegal – In April 1966, Senegal’s first president and a poet, Leopold Sedar Senghor ascended the steps of the National Assembly … Continue reading

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The history of tea – Shunan Teng

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-history… Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water –– and from sugary Turkish Rize tea to salty Tibetan butter tea, there are almost as many ways of preparing the beverage as there … Continue reading

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Who’s She: A Laser-Cut Guessing Game That Celebrates Accomplished Women Throughout History

Who’s She  is a new guessing game by Polish designer Zuzia Kozerska (previously)  which celebrates the achievements of famous women across the world. The laser-cut wooden board flips up to reveal the faces of 28 painters, athletes, scientists, and astronauts, in a … Continue reading

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History through the eyes of a chicken – Chris A. Kniesly

The Ancient Egyptian king Thutmose III described the chicken as a marvelous foreign bird that “gives birth daily.” Romans brought them on their military campaigns to foretell the success of future battles. Today, this bird occupies a much less honorable … Continue reading

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5 Scientists with Ideas That Nobody Believed … Who Were Right

People have struggled to understand some hypotheses scientists had, which are correct but were disclaimed back then. So here’s the 5 scientists and their ideas that nobody believed.

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Part 16: Food: What Did Rich Nobles Eat in Medieval Times?

A knight would often be expected to attend at a feast given by those of even higher standing than himself, perhaps a high ranking bishop or even the King. Food historian Chris Carr demonstrates the type of food the very … Continue reading

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