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Why is Eucalyptus in So Many Different Things? | Food Unwrapped

Kate Quilton is confused how eucalyptus as an ingredient is present in both cleaning products AND food. Something has to be going on with this mysterious ingredient. Food Unwrapped Series 6

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An old coffee machine on its last day before retirement. Puppeteer: Tim Hammer Director: Andre Maat Cinematographer: Kevin Kimman Editor: Benjamin Putland Music: Yessian Music Composer: Chris Plansker Sound Design: Babi Bork Colorist: Kevin Kimman Set Design: Goof Vermeulen, Aleck … Continue reading

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World’s oldest industrial-scale brewery: 3000 BC – ScienceBlog.com

A team of American and Egyptian archaeologists excavating at the site of Abydos in southern Egypt has uncovered evidence of the world’s oldest known industrial-scale beer production facility. The ancient complex, more than 5,000 years old, had the capacity to produce enough … Continue reading

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Why is Risotto Rice More Expensive Than Regular Rice? | Food Unwrapped

Jimmy investigates the confusing difference in price between regular rice and risotto rice. Why is this Italian speciality so much more expensive?

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GMWatch mythbuster exposes UK government misinformation on gene editing | The New Dark Age

Just over three weeks into the consultation the “Explainer” suddenly seemed to disappear from DEFRA’s website, possibly as a result of complaints. UK farm and environment ministry DEFRA published an “Explainer” document on gene editing as a guide for members … Continue reading

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Harvesting Salt From a Very Salty Lake | Kottke

In this video, Eater visits Lake Retba in Senegal to watch how they harvest salt from the lake. As you’ll see, the process differs from harvesting sea salt. Lake Retba is so salty — Wikipedia has it listed as the … Continue reading

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History of Tea in India

History of Tea in India: Indian streets are paved with gold. Liquid gold. No matter where you go, from the high peaks of Ladakh to remotest parts of Andamans, you will find this one golden beverage, this elixir of pure … Continue reading

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Why the World Only Has Two Words for Tea

A short history of the words which different world languages have for tea. My third serious video. I tried to experiment a bit more with this video. Also, please forgive my horrific pronunciations of everything… And yes, I know about … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Farm These Foods Yet?

There are some foods that are so popular that they are at risk of going extinct. What are they and why is it so difficult to harvest them?

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What is Paprika Actually Made Of? | Food Unwrapped

Kate Quilton knows what’s inside most of the spices on the spice rack… but what exactly is ‘paprika’ before it becomes a powder? Food Unwrapped / Food CIA Season 6 Subscribe for more #FoodUnwrapped​ ➡️ http://bit.ly/FoodUnwrapped​ FOOD UNWRAPPED explores how … Continue reading

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