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Coffee Around the World

If there is one thing people everywhere love, it just might be coffee—more than 2 billion cups are consumed on this planet every single day. In this installment of “Around the World,” we travel to five different countries to sample … Continue reading

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Indigenous communities win share of South Africa’s rooibos tea profits in landmark bioprospecting agreement – Nature

The San and Khoi communities welcome the decision, which could have implications for other Indigenous groups — and biodiversity researchers. More than a century after commercial farming began on their traditional lands, the San and Khoi peoples of southern Africa … Continue reading

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The Ever-Present Glow of LED Greenhouses Documented by Aerial Photographer Tom Hegen

German photographer Tom Hegen, who specializes in aerial photography, recently traveled to the Netherlands to document the country’s LED greenhouses. The greenhouses were developed as a response to the small country’s growing need for food both within its own borders … Continue reading

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30 Foods You’ve Been Storing All Wrong

BRIGHT SIDE 40% – that’s how much of the food you buy ends up getting tossed right in the garbage. 40%! Surprised? The culprit: improper storage. We are used to storing everything in our fridges: fruits, vegetables, sweets, breads. Some … Continue reading

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How one tree grows 40 different kinds of fruit | Sam Van Aken

Artist Sam Van Aken shares the breathtaking work behind the “Tree of 40 Fruit,” an ongoing series of hybridized fruit trees that grow 40 different varieties of peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines and cherries — all on the same tree. What … Continue reading

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This Peruvian Farmer Grows Over 400 Varieties of Potatoes

Consider the humble potato. Many of us take the starchy tuber for granted. But not Julio Hancco Mamani. That’s because deep in the Andes mountains, in the Cusco region of Peru, this “Potato King” is continuing a family legacy by … Continue reading

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Large, long-term study find link between eating mushrooms and a lower risk of prostate cancer – ScienceBlog.com

Results from the first long-term cohort study of more than 36,000 Japanese men over decades suggest an association between eating mushrooms and a lower risk of prostate cancer. Their findings were published on September 5, 2019 in the International Journal of … Continue reading

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wilshirepix “Drinks”

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The Chocolate Croissant Controversy

A chocolate croissant—is it correct to call it a pain au chocolat or a chocolatine in France? Depends on who you ask. It’s a subject of great debate that’s been addressed by the French Parliament and President Emmanuel Macron. We … Continue reading

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Is France’s groundbreaking food-waste law working?

A third of the world’s food goes to waste, but France is attempting to do something about it. Since 2016, large grocery stores in the country have been banned from throwing away unsold food that could be given away. NewsHour … Continue reading

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