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In 1848 A French Commune Built an Interconnected Treehouse Cabaret Based on Swiss Family Robinson- Colossal

For over a century, Parisians were drawn out of the city and into the neighboring village of Le Plessis-Piquet to experience charming summer evenings among the township’s tall trees. What started as open air dancehalls called “guinguettes,” turned into treehouse cabarets … Continue reading

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Dizzying Geometric Pies and Tarts by Lauren Ko

Lauren Ko brings mathematical precision to her baking, using elaborate intertwined patterns to form transfixing patterns to the top of her homemade pies and tarts. The Seattle-based amateur baker has been piecrafting for just a couple of years, she tells Mic, and if … Continue reading

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Foods Distorted Through Liquid and Glass in Photographs by Suzanne Saroff

In her ongoing series titled Perspective, photographer Suzanne Saroff creates fractured and skewed images of common foods as seen through vessels filled with water and glass objects. The images play with concepts of light and shadow resulting in distorted still … Continue reading

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Brazilian Festival in Japan 2017 | Japan Vlog

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Dolphins that help humans fish

Dolphins in southern Brazil have a special relationship with the local fishermen. Source: Dolphins that help humans fish

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Japanese Tip: An Exhibition of 8,000 Chopstick Sleeve Sculptures Left Behind at Restaurants

Yuki Tatsumi was working as a waiter in a restaurant when one day, as he was cleaning up a table, he noticed that a customer had intricately folded up the paper chopstick sleeve and left it behind. Japan doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Colorful Paper Foods and Patterns by Maud Vantours

Paper artist Maud Vantours brings paper to life through a wide variety of commercial and self-initiated projects that span 3D paper sculpture displays for top brands to editorial work for magazines and ad agencies. The French designer has also explored … Continue reading

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How we’re creating ‘super plants’ to help humanity – BBC FutureNow

From fire-proof forests to famine-stopping ‘bananas on steroids’, scientists are juicing up nature’s bounty to solve the 21st Century’s problems. Source: How we’re creating ‘super plants’ to help humanity

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A Native American Chef Grapples With Thanksgiving

For Indigenous Americans, Thanksgiving isn’t as simple as gathering to eat turkey and watch football. Source: A Native American Chef Grapples With Thanksgiving

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Mirror: A Short Story of Similar Objects by Tanello

Mirror is a series of clever visual juxtapositions by Napoli-based creative duo Tanello Production. The short clip runs through a series of spot-on visual comparisons between objects that look alike, from a cruise ship and a steaming iron to a … Continue reading

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