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Intricate Patterns Hand-Carved into Fruit and Vegetables by Takehiro Kishimoto

When he’s not cooking them, Japanese chef and food artist Takehiro Kishimoto (previously) is turning fruits and vegetables into intricately carved sculptures too beautiful to eat. Using sharp handheld blades, Kishimoto combines the centuries-old art of Thai fruit carving with … Continue reading

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In space no one can hear you chew: The history of Space Food

Astronaut Karen Nyber,Expedition 36 flight engineer,with a snack of peanut butter and chocolate sandwiched between two waffles. Photo taken in the Node 1 module of the International Space Station. Nyber sent this image back to earth as a Twitter message. … Continue reading

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Finding the Root to Treat Aging through Dieting – ScienceBlog.com

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Medical School believe they discovered a new way in which diet influences aging-related diseases. “Our healthcare as we age is analogous to a tree, and the way we go about it now, when a … Continue reading

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These Farmers Grow Everything From White Strawberries to Furniture

We planted seeds, and these stories about farming and gardening sprouted right before our very eyes. We’re cultivating unusual strawberries in Japan, rescuing plants in South Carolina and so much more. Come grow with us.

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‘Bill Gates is continuing the work of Monsanto’, Vandana Shiva tells FRANCE 24

Our guest is Vandana Shiva, a world-famous environmental activist from India. Her latest book is entitled “One Earth, One Humanity vs. the 1%”. She tell us about more her opposition to big multinationals such as Monsanto for their nefarious influence … Continue reading

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How a 14-Year-Old Is Fighting Food Insecurity With Cupcakes

Michael Platt had to give up a lot of his favorite activities after he was diagnosed with epilepsy, but he found another hobby that he loved—baking cupcakes. Three years ago, when he was just 11, Michael turned his passion into … Continue reading

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Tasting Sunlight – Emergence Magazine

See, Lat, and their three children forage for fish and mushrooms as they try to hold on to their traditional values and way of life in the Areng Valley of Cambodia. The people of Cambodia’s Areng Valley have lived on … Continue reading

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Old-fashioned rice cookers are extremely clever

You can support this channel on Patreon! Link below Bet you didn’t think a rice cooker was so interesting, did ya? Links! Get your links! Hot, fresh, links! Technology Connextras (the second channel that stuff goes on sometimes): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClRw… Technology … Continue reading

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Bolivia’s Potatoes Are Vanishing | OZY

Bolivia’s Aymara people have for centuries depended on a potato-based product called the chuño as a staple. Now, the chuño’s days might be numbered.   For centuries, Humberto Limachi’s ancestors have cultivated potatoes and turned them into a freeze-dried product … Continue reading

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A brief history of alcohol – Rod Phillips

Trace the 7,000 year old history of alcohol, from its first known origins in China to cultures all over the world fermenting their own drinks. — Nobody knows exactly when humans began to create fermented beverages. The earliest known evidence … Continue reading

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