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Paramour: A One-Shot Music Video Filmed From the Perspective of a Toy Train

In Ewan Jones Morris’s music video for Scottish composer and producer Anna Meredith’s music video Paramour, a toy train speeds around a series of prop-filled rooms.[…] Source: Paramour: A One-Shot Music Video Filmed From the Perspective of a Toy Train … Continue reading

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L’HOMME AUX OISEAUX // The Man With Birds

Un village de montagne bloqué par la neige attend la venue de l’Homme aux oiseaux, qui annonce la fin de l’hiver. //The Man with Birds // Seasons turn and spring is sprung when a boy flies the coop but lands … Continue reading

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Squirming Multi-Colored Bodies Dance Across the Screen in an Unsettling Animation by Mike Pelletier

  “Flurry” is a bizarre new animated short from the experimental artist Mike Pelletier. The two minute-long video features no obvious narrative. Rather, the animation is an exploration of movement and volume: an indeterminate number of humanoid figures seem to … Continue reading

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THOTH’s PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock

After Skool Published on 6 Aug 2019 Graham Hancock is a British author who specializes in theories involving ancient civilizations, Earth changes, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths, and astronomical or astrological data from the past. … Continue reading

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It’s a beautiful, brutal life in this award-winning animation from 1977

In the short film Bead Game (1977) by the acclaimed Indian-Canadian filmmaker Ishu Patel, stopmotion animation of coloured glass beads offers a beautiful yet dark vision of life, characterised by brutal cycles of competition and consumption.[…]

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An Amusement Park-Themed Animated Short by Fernando Livschitz Goes Off the Rails

The fate of riders on roller coasters and ferris wheels takes an unexpected turn in “Beautiful Chaos”, a new short from Fernando Livschitz of Black Sheep Films (previously). We won’t give too much away, but the minute-long animation uses digital … Continue reading

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A film by Bas Berkhout. Kathryn Engberg (25), the third generation artist in her family, was exposed to art from a very young age. Watching her mother and grandmother paint and spending time in their respective studios was a regular … Continue reading

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Vorticity 2 (4K)

Two years in the making. I made the tough decision last year to save everything I shot that spring and combine it with whatever storms I captured in 2019 and make the best possible time-lapse film I could. It was … Continue reading

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Negative Space | Oscar Nominated Stop-Motion Animation | Short of the Week

Negative Space is an Oscar-nominated short film animation that depicts a father-and-son relationship through the art of packing a suitcase. SUBMIT A FILM: https://www.shortoftheweek.com/submit/ FULL REVIEW: https://www.shortoftheweek.com/2019/0… Negative Space A Film by Tiny Inventions (Ru Kuwahata & Max Porter) http://www.tinyinventions.com

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From 20,000 miles up, our home planet is a hypnotic swirl of the familiar and the sublime

The Japanese weather satellite Himawari-8 was launched in 2014 for a planned eight-year mission to collect forecasting, weather-monitoring and research data. For his experimental short A Year Along the Geostationary Orbit, the German filmmaker Felix Dierich used Himawari-8 data made … Continue reading

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