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New Miniature Houses on Cork Cliffs Float Inside Handmade Wooden Frames

Designer Rosa de Jong produces micro homes that are built into the side of tiny cliffs constructed out of cork. Her miniature environments are covered in fake moss and dotted with modeling trees, which add an enchanting element to the small homes. Previously she … Continue reading

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15 Best Small Dogs for Families with Kids

So you want a small dog that will be great with the kids right? We’ve listed a few that we think will fit right in with your family Source: 15 Best Small Dogs for Families with Kids

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A Decade After Katrina: What We Lost/What Remains

I’m not a big Hurricane Katrina remembrance person. Like a lot of people from the places affected by the storm, I usually unplug from social media on the days leading up to August 29th. It’s not that I want to … Continue reading

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