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Sci-Fi Short Film “The Lie Game” presented by DUST

“The Lie Game” by Jyothi Kalyan Sura A desperate computer scientist struggling to fund her anti-depression AI application faces her toughest challenge yet. After losing her boyfriend to depression, a computer scientist creates and anti-depression AI application and looks for … Continue reading

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The lead scientist on a secret experiment to teleport humans encounters a co-worker on a smoke break. As she grapples with the implications of recent discoveries, it’s clear that a dire mistake has been made. Premiered online at Short of … Continue reading

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Gene editing can now change an entire species — forever

CRISPR gene drives allow scientists to change sequences of DNA and guarantee that the resulting edited genetic trait is inherited by future generations, opening up the possibility of altering entire species forever. More than anything, the technology has led to … Continue reading

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The immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks – Robin Bulleri

Imagine something small enough to float on a particle of dust that holds the keys to understanding cancer, virology, and genetics. Luckily for us, such a thing exists in the form of trillions upon trillions of human, lab-grown cells called … Continue reading

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Should a self-driving car kill the baby or the grandma? Depends on where you’re from.

The infamous “trolley problem” was put to millions of people in a global study, revealing how much ethics diverge across cultures. by Karen Hao October 24, 2018 In 2014 researchers at the MIT Media Lab designed an experiment called Moral … Continue reading

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HPE: Moral Code, The Ethics of AI

The implications and promises of artificial intelligence (AI) are unimaginable. But what’s possible today will be dwarfed by the great potential of AI in the near future. The responsibility to raise these questions does not rest solely on the shoulders … Continue reading

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