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Coronavirus: Good for the environment? | Covid-19 Special

Animals have begun reclaiming the empty streets and without us humans in the way nature is thriving. The lockdowns have caused nitrogen dioxyde pollution levels to dive in Italy and China. From a climate perspective, the coronavirus pandemic is not … Continue reading

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Deserted Venetian lagoon

Italy’s efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus disease has led to a decrease of boat traffic in Venice’s famous waterways – as captured by the Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission. The Italian government imposed a nationwide lockdown on 9 March … Continue reading

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Effect of Lock down on Marine Life

This video tries to analyze the effect of the lock down due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on the marine life. Media Sources: http://pexels.com/, PTI,

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Indigenous knowledge meets science to solve climate change | Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim

To tackle a problem as large as climate change, we need both science and Indigenous wisdom, says environmental activist Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim. In this engaging talk, she shares how her nomadic community in Chad is working closely with scientists to … Continue reading

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Sir David Attenborough Documentary Addresses Environmental Issues

“We’ve not just ruined the planet, we’ve destroyed it.” Sir David Attenborough has seen a lot over the course of his 93 years on the planet. The beloved English broadcaster and natural historian has traveled to every continent and witnessed … Continue reading

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Gorilla And Human Cohabitation

Transcript: Troy: Niklas Maak is a longtime collaborator of Rem and AMO. Niklas: It was in 2010 when I went to the Virunga Mountain area, which is where the last mountain gorillas live. Mountain gorillas are still seen as a … Continue reading

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Bats get blamed for the coronavirus. But bats face their own virus risk — from humans | Los Angeles Times

Evidence suggests the coronavirus originated from bats in Asia. But some researchers say that, here in North America, bats face the opposite risk — of being infected by human carriers. By SUSANNE RUST APRIL 21, 2020 5 AM LAVA BEDS NATIONAL … Continue reading

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#EarthDay2020Halt: The Global Stealth Street Art Campaign

Earth Day Network and more than 500 street artists around the world have planned and executed a worldwide protest, #EarthDay2020Halt. Beginning on Earth Day (Wednesday, April 22) in New Zealand at 9am NZT until 11:59pm Eastern Time in NYC, breakout … Continue reading

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Le Confinement 2020 / Haut-Rhin – jordane | ello

Le Confinement ♉ 2020 / Haut-Rhin, France #ellophotography #coronavirus #quarantine #confinement #covid19 #duplication #lockdown Source: Le Confinement 2020 / Haut-Rhin – jordane | ello

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A Tiny Lizard Attends Miniature Gallery Opening to See ‘American Gecko’ and ‘The Birth of Gecko’

The Gecko Museum’s opening only had one visitor to consider its most prized pieces: a mango-loving crested gecko that goes by The Mayor. Arriving around 7 p.m., the nocturnal lizard visited his personal gallery earlier this week, stopping to contemplate … Continue reading

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