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Cycle Among the Treetop On This Raised Bike Path in a Belgian Forest | My Modern Met

By Samantha Pires on February 24, 2021 Say hello the squirrels while you’re up there. A new public infrastructure project called Cycling Through the Trees is an incredible elevated path that gives riders a new perspective while pedaling through the … Continue reading

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Skating on Ice (Reevediep)

The second week of Februry started very cold with storm and snow and temepatures below zero. The following days the wind calmed down and we had some bright sunshiny days with low temperatures far below zero. Skating on nature ice … Continue reading

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Daniel Libeskind On the Poetics of Memory and Time in Architecture | ArchDaily

In PLANE-SITE’s latest video from their Time-Space-Existence series, Daniel Libeskind describes his work in relation to Shakespeare’s quote that “time is out of joint.” Weaving in his philosophy regarding time, memory and architecture, Libeskind discusses his seminal works such as … Continue reading

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Clothesline Farm Animals Graze the Countryside in Playful Illusions by Helga Stentzel

“Pegasus.” All images © Helga Stentzel, Instead of tossing an old pair of pants or T-shirt, Helga Stentzel puts her tired garments out to pasture. So far, the London-based artist has added Pegasus and Smoothie, a pair of clothesline equine … Continue reading

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Is this the END of Astronomy?

When citylight erased the night sky, astronomy shifted to rural corners of the world. Now, Starlink and other internet constellations are threatening the darkest astronomical skies – even as communities in those rural places hold out the promise for equitable … Continue reading

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Hear the Martian wind! Perseverance rover’s first sounds captured

NASA’s Perseverance rover’s microphone captured the sound of Martian wind. — Watch the Perseverance rover land on Mars in this epic first-of-its-kind video: https://www.space.com/perseverance-ro…​

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Plants uses and medicines near Woorabinda with Steve Kemp

Steve Kemp is an indigenous man living in Woorabinda with a passion for plants. See Steve describe the practical and medicinal uses that his people have for plants in the area. This video is part of a series developed through … Continue reading

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Pathways in the Urban Wild – Lucy Jones

Photo by Luis Diaz Devesa via Getty Images Lucy Jones reflects on the healing benefits of an attentive relationship with the living world and the complex barriers to that relationship within urban areas. Five petals in the absolute definition of … Continue reading

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From Rotterdam to Amsterdam by boat, a time-lapse video | The Kid Should See This

Travel the Netherlands‘ famous waterways by boat with the help of this 11-minute time-lapse video set to the second movement of Antonín Dvořák‘s Symphony no. 9 (From the New World): Sailing Holland. The Timewriters short, filmed from Rotterdam to Amsterdamin … Continue reading

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The Crazy Science Behind Insect Plagues | Answers With Joe

Plagues of locusts have been a pestilence since biblical times. But swarm behavior is a fascinating survival tool that many species engage in, and as scientists are learning, they have a lot to teach us about intelligence.

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