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The Vibrant Blue Hues of Morocco’s Chefchaouen Village Captured in Photographs by Tiago & Tania

Photography duo Tania De Pascalis and Tiago Marques, known as Tiago & Tania, spent six days capturing the blue-tinted stone architecture of Chefchaouen, a 550-year-old village located in the mountains of Morocco. The photo series presents an interesting juxtaposition of … Continue reading

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Beekeeping Made Easy With a New Compact Hive Built for Urban Settings

Gone are the days of full coverage beekeeping suits and padded gloves with the invention of a radical new hive by Italian company Beeing, which was founded by a third-generation bee keeper. B-box is the very first system designed for … Continue reading

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These People Do Dangerous Things

Great Big Story Published on 4 Jul 2019 This reel is about people who do risky things like lifeguarding at the world’s most dangerous beach, slacklining between mountains without a safety net and baking bread. Baking bread can be risky? … Continue reading

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Hummingbird Sleeping While Hanging Upside Down

RuthLesProductions2 Published on 26 Mar 2018 Watch this brief video of a Hummingbird sleeping while hanging upside down on a feeder, and then see what happens next. We had never heard of this until we saw it happen.

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NASA’s Photo Shows Mars’ Grand Canyon in Spectacular Detail

Measuring the length of the entire United States, Mars’ Valles Marineris—Mariner Valley—is an enormous canyon that makes our Grand Canyon appear minuscule. Stretching across a good expanse of the Red Planet, Valles Marineris is captured in spectacular detail thanks to … Continue reading

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An Immersive Inflatable Labyrinth of Light and Color by Architects of Air

Designer and Architects of Air founder Alan Parkinson’s latest architecture maze, Daedalum, is a 153-foot long inflatable structure, recently installed in London as a part of the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival. Light fills the labyrinth’s tunnels through colored panels … Continue reading

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Bottles and Jars Made of Soap Replace Disposable Plastic Packaging

Mi Zhou, a student in the Central Saint Martins Material Futures master’s degree program, re-imagined the disposable nature of toiletry containers by turning the vessels themselves into usable products. Instead of the ubiquitous flexible plastic tubs and tubes that are … Continue reading

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Farm-like indoor microbiota may protect children from asthma also in urban homes – ScienceBlog.com

A child’s risk of developing asthma is the smaller the more the microbiota of the child’s home resembles that of a farm house. This was shown by a study conducted by the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) that … Continue reading

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Reforestation anti-desertification in Los Monegros Desert Zaragoza Spain with Groasis

Groasis Ecological Water Saving Technology Published on 9 Dec 2017 Find more info at http://www.groasis.com . The Monegros Desert is a desert in the North of Zaragoza – Spain. The soil consists of 50% stones and 50% dry sand, the … Continue reading

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Our brains appear uniquely tuned for musical pitch – ScienceBlog.com

In the eternal search for understanding what makes us human, scientists found that our brains are more sensitive to pitch, the harmonic sounds we hear when listening to music, than our evolutionary relative the macaque monkey. The study, funded in … Continue reading

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