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The danger of AI is weirder than you think | Janelle Shane

The danger of artificial intelligence isn’t that it’s going to rebel against us, but that it’s going to do exactly what we ask it to do, says AI researcher Janelle Shane. Sharing the weird, sometimes alarming antics of AI algorithms … Continue reading

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Human Activities Are Drying Out the Amazon: NASA Study – ScienceBlog.com

A new NASA study shows that over the last 20 years, the atmosphere above the Amazon rainforest has been drying out, increasing the demand for water and leaving ecosystems vulnerable to fires and drought. It also shows that this increase in … Continue reading

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Hand-Built Paper Birds by Niharika Rajput Draw Attention to Endangered Avians

A detailed structural plan, hundreds of hand-fringed feathers, a custom-built wire armature: these are just some of the components artist Niharika Rajput uses to create her life-like paper birds. Rajput directly ties her art practice to conservation efforts by running campaigns to … Continue reading

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Why Japan Isn’t Cutting Down Enough of its Trees

Life Where I’m From Go to https://teamtrees.org and lets get some trees planted! #teamtrees I started off making this nice video about how Japan got its forests back through afforestation. Then I did too much researching on the Internet and … Continue reading

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Indigenous communities win share of South Africa’s rooibos tea profits in landmark bioprospecting agreement – Nature

The San and Khoi communities welcome the decision, which could have implications for other Indigenous groups — and biodiversity researchers. More than a century after commercial farming began on their traditional lands, the San and Khoi peoples of southern Africa … Continue reading

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The Children of Gaia Emerge from Ecological Crises in Photographs by Fabrice Monteiro

For his multiyear project titled “The Prophecy,” Belgian-Beninese photographer Fabrice Monteiro confronts global issues of ecological devastation. The striking images in the project combine haute couture, spiritual figures, and staged scenes of pollution and decimation. Made in collaboration with Senegalese … Continue reading

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Natural Fragmentation – the Poetry of Science

Anthropogenic biomes cascade Across natural networks, Swarming across this backdrop With assumed transcendence. Broken footprints disrupt Fractured ecologies; Disremembered territories Whose buried cycles Are trampled beneath the topsoil. Our treads scar the landscape, While conceited measurements of Their length, breadth, … Continue reading

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Out of Range – Animation Short Film 2019 – GOBELINS

Sue, une avocate qui vit à cent à l’heure, se rend au meeting le plus important de sa carrière. En chemin, une panne de voiture la contraint à s’enfoncer dans la forêt, et c’est en s’y perdant qu’elle saura se … Continue reading

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Take to the Streets with a Free Font Inspired by Climate Activist Greta Thunburg’s Hand-Painted Protest Signs

A new font, free to all for download and use, is inspired by climate collapse activist Greta Thunburg. “Greta Grotesk” was created by Uno, a new company designing a solution to the disposable beverage cup pandemic. Drawing from the hand-painted … Continue reading

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the Mermaid & the Gardener

Check out coralgardeners.org/ to adopt a coral. ——- featuring Chelsea Yamase & Titouan Bernicot song “The Planets Op 32 II Venus the Bringer of Peace” a film by Ben Ono ——– onocreative.co instagram.com/chelseakauai instagram.com/toutiess instagram.com/silkymerman

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