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The Native American wampum belt telling another story of the Mayflower

Danielle Hill with the new wampum belt.   As we reflect on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower – the ship that transported the first ‘Pilgrims’ from England to the New World in 1620 – a new … Continue reading

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Genetic impact of African slave trade revealed | BBC News

A major DNA study has shed new light on the fate of millions of Africans who were traded as slaves to the Americas between the 16th and 19th centuries. More than 50,000 people took part in the study, which was … Continue reading

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Who was Olive Morris? Google Doodle celebrates 68th birthday of co-founder of the British Black Panthers

Adam Maidment 26/06/2020 Google likes to change its logo to acknowledge holidays, events and notable figures on the search engine’s homepage. Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Ella Fitzgerald, and Scottish scientist Mary Somerville have all been immortalised in this way. … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be black and British?

Check out the corresponding blog featuring views by the Loft’s very own Georgina – http://theloftblog.tumblr.com/post/10… Music courtesy of Sh?m – Deal with it – https://soundcloud.com/shemquestionma… Sef Kombo – Pressing Matters – http://www.sefkombo.com Follow us online: @theloft_tv | theloftblog.tumblr.com Like the … Continue reading

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Hubert Baron Baker 1925 – 1996

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James Acaster On The Absurdity Of The British Empire

The hilarious James Acaster takes centre stage with his stand up special about ‘Old Blighty’ and how we still showcase the property we stole from other countries in glass boxes in museums.

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Johnson makes U-turn on free school meals after Rashford campaign | Guardian

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford called for the government to extend its free school meal scheme through the summer holidays. Photograph: Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images   Boris Johnson has been forced into a humbling U-turn over providing food vouchers for some of … Continue reading

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Untold Stories: a history of Black People in Kent, England

A history of important and affluent Black People in Kent, England from the 16th century. (2018)

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Leftovers from Older English


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Life in coronavirus lockdown: families on the brink | Anywhere but Westminster

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, confinement and worry are taking a huge toll on children, young people and their parents. From across the country, families reveal the experience of everyday life in coronavirus confinement, and the issues it highlights – … Continue reading

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