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Rhythm in a box: The story of the cajon drum – Paul Jennings

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/rhythm-in-a… Many modern musical instruments are complicated pieces of machinery with many moving parts. But the cajon is simply a drum and a stand and a seat all in one box. Paul Jennings explains the history behind … Continue reading

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Tribo Éthnos e Maracatu Nação Pé de Elefante Parte 1

Apresentação da Tribo Éthnos juntamente com o Maracatu Nação Pé de Elefante, 27 de outubro de 2011, Feirinha de Tambaú no encerramento da semana “Saúde da População Negra”. Momentos de celebração, diálogos, encontros culturais e muita alegria. Nada se compara … Continue reading

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Heritage Open Weekend!

Try your hand at drumming, See us outside, Learn the steps of Samba, Climb the tower where the bell hides, Hear the Flat Iron Choir, When the peal of bells are done, Heritage Open Day, This Sat and Sun! Source: … Continue reading

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Amazing Techno Bucket Drumming Street Musician

YouOriginal Japan internet sensation bucket drummer MASA with some amazing techno.

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Amazing Street Musician Bucket Pipe Drummer

YouOriginal Meet the amazing street musician bucket pipe drummer extraordinaire El-Loren.

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Aprenda Tamborim – CARRETEIRO #4

Último vídeo da série que ensina os detalhes de como tocar o Carreteiro, principal levada do tamborim. Dúvidas? Responderemos com prazer. Sugestões também são sempre bem vindas. Encerrando esta série, agradecemos a todos pela audiência! Inscreva-se, curta, participe. Até as … Continue reading

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Aprenda Tamborim – CARRETEIRO #1

Aprendendo a tocar o Carreteiro. Primeiro de 4 vídeos da série que estreia o nosso canal. Inscreva-se, deixe seus comentários e curta os nossos vídeos!

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Maracatu Mar Aberto | Great Heart Fest 2013

Humble Empire Published on 19 Jul 2013 from day 3 of the 2013 Live in Bellwoods Great Heart Festival presented with Young Lions Music Club

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The Unsettling Timbre Produced by a 7-Foot-Wide Gong

Paiste Gong Master  Sven Meier demonstrates how to strike and a seven-foot-wide gong for maximum impact in a Youtube video by Wind Chimes Australia. After a few light taps to the middle of the instrument it bellows out with a … Continue reading

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Manchester Day Parade 2019 – Another Take

Manchester School of Samba on parade at Manchester Day 2019 [briefly from 18:32]!

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