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An Intricate Circuit Board Formed with Thousands of Miniature Modeling Clay Pieces by Tim Easley

For a recent commission from indie record label Albert’s Favourites, London-based designer Tim Easley created an intricate circuitboard completely out of plasticine clay. The finished work measures approximately 20 inches square (50 x 50 cm) and took the artist about 80 … Continue reading

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A Modern Solar-Powered Home Built Within the Ruins of an 18th-Century Farmhouse- Colossal

Architects Nathanael Dorent and Lily Jencks recently collaborated to build a sleek, modern home within the existing ruins of an 18th-century farmhouse. The home is built on a hill that overlooks more than 50 miles of Scotland’s pastoral fields and combines elements of … Continue reading

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Street Art, the new magnet for tourists ? — Just Viseating

“People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish… but that’s only if it’s done properly.” Bansky, Wall and Piece. It is funny how, not so long ago, graffiti used to get a bad reputation and how it has now become … Continue reading

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Design Manchester launches DM17 Festival programme | Creative Boom

Hold on to your creative hats. DM17, Manchester’s city-wide festival of creativity and design is returning for its fifth annual series, and this year you can expect over 50 events. Running from 11-22 October, there’ll be talks, exhibitions, workshops, films, … Continue reading

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New Edible ‘Amezaiku’ Animal Lollipop Designs by Shinri Tezuka | Colossal

Based out of a Tokyo candy shop called Ameshin, candy artisan Shinri Tezuka (previously) crafts some of the most unusual lollipops you’re ever likely to eat from wiggling goldfish to statuesque lions or prickly hedgehogs. The translucent candy seems to … Continue reading

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MIT Developed a Fabric That Can Fold Into Origami-Like Shapes When Inflated | Colossal

MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group has created a system to fold materials into various origami shapes when inflated, turning specifically designed paper, plastic, and fabric into representations of swans, helixes, or other 3D figures with minimal human interaction. The project, … Continue reading

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This Street Artist is Painting Fake Shadows and Making People Do Double Takes — TwistedSifter

Artist Damon Belanger was commissioned to inject a little life into the downtown core of Redwood City, California via This Street Artist is Painting Fake Shadows and Making People Do Double Takes — TwistedSifter

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A bit of Afoxé at Manchester Day

We spent a couple of months constructing the costumes and rebuilding the float for our part in this year’s annual celebration of the culture of Manchester  and you can get a flavour of the wonderful sunny day it was from the … Continue reading

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Worsley — northumbrian : light

Like Runcorn, Worsley is another place I would never think to go but for the canals. Also, like Runcorn, it is on a branch of the Bridgewater Canal although in this instance it ultimately leads somewhere – to Leigh and … Continue reading

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