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Adorable, Self-Sustaining Micro-Home Finds A Resting Spot In NYC’s Time Square – DesignTAXI.com

The egg-shaped capsule lets you live on the go without leaving a carbon footprint. The egg-shaped ‘Ecocapsule’ has trotted countrysides, clifftops, and more since 2015, but there’s one place it hasn’t touched: the US. Thankfully, the self-sustainable environmentally-friendly home is … Continue reading

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How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

Nate Murphy Published on 16 Sep 2016 Get the Van Conversion Guide; https://goo.gl/b4AqsX I tried to make the video that I would have loved to be able to watch when I was starting to create my van.. I hope it … Continue reading

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Fasten Seat Belt Sign Not Included: New Furniture Designed Using Retired Aircraft Parts by Plane Industries

In 2016, Plane Industries (formerly Fallen Furniture) debuted a massive chair made using a reclaimed cowling from a Boeing 737 airplane engine. Over the last three years, the small UK-based company has continued to expand their array of furnishings and … Continue reading

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Wintergaten Declares the Conveyor Belt Complete on its Epic Marble Machine X

A new video released by the ambitious Wintergatan band of folktronica musicians/inventors (previously) shows the latest developments in their ongoing Marble Machine project. The video above documents the successful completion of the Marble Conveyor Belt, which uses ratchets and pistons to move … Continue reading

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Wildlife overpasses that protect animals from cars are spreading globally

Highway over- and underpasses connect wildlife to the resources they need to survive, and reduce roadkill. It’s no surprise they are becoming more common worldwide. Source: Wildlife overpasses that protect animals from cars are spreading globally

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Adidas Creates High-Performance Running Shoe That’s 100% Recycle

Adidas is continuing its commitment to sustainability with the announcement of the FUTURECRAFT.LOOP—a fully recyclable running shoe. This exciting news is just the latest in a series of initiatives that Adidas has promoted since it launched its Parleyline of shoes and apparel, which is partially … Continue reading

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Mr. Trash Wheel: An Anthropomorphic Debris-Eating Mechanism Located in Baltimore Harbor

Mr. Trash Wheel, a floating mechanism with large round eyes affixed to its hood, was installed on a tributary leading to the Baltimore Harbor in 2014. Since then, the trash-scooping object has intercepted 638,594 plastic bags, 1,000,000 styrofoam containers, 150 … Continue reading

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Spiraling Wood Sculptures by Cameron Porter / Cammie’s Garage

Cammie’s Garage breathes new life into old, discarded wood by turning it into beautiful works of art.

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Bauhaus movement: why a Google Doodle celebrates the 100th anniversary of the German art school – iNews

David Hughes 11 minsFriday April 12th 2019 The animated Google Doodle marking the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus (Google) The birth of Bauhaus The Staatliches Bauhaus (which literally translates as “building house”) was opened in 1919 by the German architect Walter … Continue reading

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Weary Hikers in Norway Can Take Break in Cabin Built Like a 3D Puzzle – My Modern Met

Thanks to a true community effort, weary hikers trekking along the arctic terrain of northern Norway will have a new place to rest their feet. A small cabin in Hammerfest—commissioned by the town’s local chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association … Continue reading

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