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Minuscule drums push the limits of quantum weirdness | Nature

Davide Castelvecchi Vibrating aluminium membranes provide the first direct evidence of quantum entanglement in macroscopic objects. By playing two tiny drums, physicists have provided the most direct demonstration yet that quantum entanglement — a bizarre effect normally associated with subatomic … Continue reading

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The Galactic Stilt Walkers | Stilt costume, Stilts, Cosplay costumes

Jul 23, 2014 – Outside the PIT Building before the commencement of the Chingay Parade 2013. Source: The Galactic Stilt Walkers | Stilt costume, Stilts, Cosplay costumes

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Pigeon House, a photo from Esfahan, East | TrekEarth | Ancient architecture, Iranian architecture, Historical architecture

Sep 2, 2014 – This photo from Esfahan, East is titled ‘Pigeon House’. Source: Pigeon House, a photo from Esfahan, East | TrekEarth | Ancient architecture, Iranian architecture, Historical architecture

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Assembled Sculptures by Artist Willie Cole Cluster High Heels into Expressive Masks | Colossal

GRACE EBERT “Shine” (2007), shoes, wire, washers, screws, and shelf 16 x 15 x 16 inches. Photo by Jason Mandella   Artist Willie Cole juxtaposes readymade footwear and African tradition in his series of sculptural masks. The figurative assemblages stack … Continue reading

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Operation Mallard 2

This is what happened the second time that Mrs Mallard decided to nest on my dad’s balcony, 150ft above the water! Huge thanks to Ian Haslam from the BBC for his additional footage. And big thanks to Neil Hulme for … Continue reading

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The World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer Is Almost Here

The ENIAC was capable of about 400 FLOPS. FLOPS stands for floating-point operations per second, which basically tells us how many calculations the computer can do per second. This makes measuring FLOPS a way of calculating computing power. So, the … Continue reading

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A Painstakingly Crafted Village Perches Atop a Wooden Tower in Ognyan Stefanov’s Miniature Utopia

Bulgarian artist Ognyan Stefanov pairs his day job as an aviation photographer with an equally lofty practice of crafting lavish architectural miniatures that soar high in the air. One of his creations is this utopic village, aptly named “Skyville,” which was … Continue reading

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To accomplish great things, you need to “let the paint dry” | Daniel J. Watts

As theaters closed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the creatives who populated their stages were plunged into a state of seemingly endless uncertainty. Aided by a delightful and metaphorically resonant piece of performance art, multidisciplinary artist Daniel J. … Continue reading

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A Mirrored Ceiling and Gleaming Tile Floor Turn This Chinese Bookstore into an Immersive M.C. Escher-Style Illusion | Colossal

X+Living is known for its deceptively designed Zhongshuge bookstores that mimic M.C. Escher woodcuts and trippy infinite spaces. The latest iteration is this dreamy location in Chengdu featuring bold archways, a reflective tile floor that makes the display tables appear like … Continue reading

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Why a Nuclear Device Lost in the Himalayas Could Destroy India

Follow Thoughty2 Facebook: https://facebook.com/thoughty2​ Instagram: https://instagram.com/thoughty2​ Website: http://thoughty2.com​ About Thoughty2 Thoughty2 (Arran) is a British YouTuber and gatekeeper of useless facts. Thoughty2 creates mind-blowing factual videos about science, tech, history, opinion and just about everything else. #Thoughty2​ Writing: Steven Rix … Continue reading

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