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Watch the Birdie: A Restored Brass Gadget Dating Back 140 Years Reveals a Historic Photography Trick

GRACE EBERT Prior to asking subjects to grin and “say cheese,” photographers would entreat those awaiting a portrait to “watch the birdie.” Now generally out of use, the phrase dates back to 1879 and references a technique to capture both kids’ … Continue reading

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Metaphorical Editorial Illustrations by Eleni Debo Incite Reflections on Contemporary Life | Colossal

GRACE EBERT Belgian illustrator Eleni Debo works within subdued color palettes rendering curious scenes that illuminate the human condition and modern life. Often supporting magazine articles or other editorial endeavors, Debo’s drawings generally focus on a moving figure, […] More: … Continue reading

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How the Most Beautiful Font Ever Made Went Missing


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les jolies portes de CABRIS | Painted doors, Cool doors, Beautiful doors

Oct 15, 2011 – Explore Chris¨^-^’s photos on Flickr. Chris¨^-^ has uploaded 8917 photos to Flickr. Source: les jolies portes de CABRIS | Painted doors, Cool doors, Beautiful doors

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Falkirk Wheel

A real time view of the Falkirk Wheel turning 180 degrees. The wheel joins two canals and gives access to Glasgow and Edinburgh. It is an engineering masterpiece and a must visit attraction in Scotland.

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Economics for the people | Aeon

Mousehold Heath (1810) by John Sell Cotman. Drawing on paper. According to the UK Government, between 1604 and 1914 enclosure Bills enacted by Parliament restricted access to formerly open communal land comprising just over a fifth of the total area … Continue reading

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The Japanese have made contributions across a number of scientific and technological domains. In particular, the country has played a crucial role in the digital revolution since the 20th century, with many modern revolutionary and widespread technologies in fields such … Continue reading

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The River Tyburn in The Basement – Mayfair, London

A beautiful water feature, found in the Basement Of Grays Antiques, 58 Davies St, Mayfair, London. I visited while walking the supposed course of the Lost River Tyburn, now esconsed under the tarmac of central London, one of many rivers … Continue reading

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Disgusting ‘Fatberg’ Found In London Sewer | World Beneath Our Feet | Earth Lab

In the heart of London there’s a hidden river. The River Fleet was bricked over to form a covered sewer, allowing millions of London residents to live in just a few square miles without serious disease issues. This clip was … Continue reading

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TUNNEL VISION: Episode 1 – Cleaning up the Thames in Blackfriars, London

Tunnel Vision is a new web series from Tideway that will take a closer-then-ever look at the two dozen construction sites that make up the project, its amazing engineering and the people dedicated to cleaning up the River Thames. Episode … Continue reading

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