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Bisa Butler’s Colorful Quilted Portraits of Black Americans

Using colorful African textiles, Bisa Butler makes large quilted portraits of Black Americans. From a statement on her gallery’s website: In my work, I am telling the story — this African American side — of the American life. History is the … Continue reading

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Ellsworth Kelly Explains Abstraction

Artist Ellsworth Kelly recalls his first encounter with abstraction and reflects on how his decades-long fascination with line, form, and color has manifested in both his paintings and his creative process. This video was filmed shortly before his passing in … Continue reading

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Tote Around Exactly One Watermelon in This Elegant, Leather Bag

Say goodbye to the days of fumbling an unwieldy melon while trying to carry in groceries. Japanese ddesigner Tsuchiya Kaban’s latest leather bag provides an elegant, luxury vessel tote around your fruit. Holding exactly one, round watermelon, the carrier was … Continue reading

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Engines of Ingenuity No. 422: SHOT TOWER

by John H. Lienhard Click here for audio of Episode 422. Today, we let nature do our work for us. The University of Houston’s College of Engineering presents this series about the machines that make our civilization run, and the … Continue reading

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Shot Tower: How Lead Shot is Made (1950) | British Pathé

(FILM ID:1273.07) Lead shot making in Edmonton, Greater London. L/Ss of large tower. The commentator says that the tower is “one of three in the whole of England designed for making lead shot.” M/Ss of bars of lead. C/U of … Continue reading

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THE MAKING(English Version) (314)The Making of Steel Balls

This edition of the series of programs explaining the technology used to produce items that are familiar in our daily life features ‘Steel Balls’. A bicycle wheel spins smoothly because the wheel axle contains ball bearings. The steel balls inside … Continue reading

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“104-Year-Old” Grandpa Expresses Himself with Timeless Style

By Anna Gragert Günther Krabbenhöft has revealed that self-expression is key when it comes to creating a timeless style. He expertly shows this in his artistic choice of clothing, which features vibrant colors, clean lines, and many classic bowties. “I find … Continue reading

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In a museum, a woman looking at a Fork exhibited as a piece of Art lets her imagination run wild. The film is a surreal journey interrogating our perception of objects. More Images and Behind the Scenes here: opticalarts.studio/fork/ Credits … Continue reading

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Running Backwards, Doing Laundry and Other Unusual Hobbies

Gardening, cooking, knitting, reading. We all have hobbies. But some people pursue more unique pastimes. Like what? Well, some win more claw machine prizes than they know what to do with, set world records for running backwards and travel great … Continue reading

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Science fiction could save us from bad technology

Technology firms should use more design fiction to explore and avoid potential negative consequences, such as AI bias. The short film Slaughterbots depicts a near future in which swarms of micro drones assassinate thousands of people for their political beliefs. … Continue reading

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