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The Ultimate DIY-ers: If You Build It…


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Letters and Numbers by 36 Illustrators Come to Life in Alphabetical Animations by Albert Oriol

The popular 36 Days of Type challenge (previously) is an annual open call for designers, illustrators, and artists to bring the alphabet and numbers one through nine to life. For its sixth year, Barcelona-based motion designer Albert Oriol collaborated with … Continue reading

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Mirrored Ceilings and Criss-Crossed Stairwells Give a Chinese Bookstore the Feeling of an M.C. Escher Woodcut

Zhongshuge bookstores, designed by Shangai-based architecture firm X+Living, feature incredible rooms coveted by book and illusion lovers alike. Each location in this chain of Chinese bookstores has uniquely designed spaces with reflective elements that immerse guests in parallel environments. In the … Continue reading

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The Square Wave Kinetic Sculpture Forms Complex Geometric Patterns as it Spins

A recently launched Kickstarter campaign introduces a five-dimensional sculpture said to be inspired by mathematics and the Fibonacci sequence. Square Wave, the first in a collection from artist Ivan Black (previously) and Atellani, is an object constructed out of 21 precisely bent and connected metal … Continue reading

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The Google city that has angered Toronto

Canada is not Google’s lab rat, say those protesting plans to build a smart city in Toronto. It was meant to be a vision of how we will all live in future – a smart city built from the internet … Continue reading

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Bolsonaro’s Brazil: Murder, God and Carnaval | Foreign Correspondent

ABC News (Australia) Published on 9 Apr 2019 “People want to break the system – and the great symbol to break the system was Bolsonaro” – Rodrigo Amorim, MP and friend of new President Bolsonaro Jair Bolsonaro vaulted to power … Continue reading

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How Italian Gorgonzola Cheese Is Made | The Making Of

FOOD INSIDER Published on 4 Apr 2019 The Gorgonzola industry is worth over $800 million. Almost 5 million wheels are produced each year and production is confined to the Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. There are only 29 dairies … Continue reading

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Why Is Duct Tape So Strong?

INSIDER Published on 10 Jan 2019 Duct tapes were first invented by a female factory worker during World War II. They were originally called ‘duck’ tape because it was made out of a cotton duck fabric and it repelled water … Continue reading

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Ultraviolet Light Transforms Large-Scale String Art Into Intergalactic Installations

Krakow-based duo Przemek Podolski and Marta Basandowska create immersive environments from hundreds of yards of string illuminated by black lights. The deftly woven temporary structures range from simplified cubes to intricate systems that commingle geometry, ultraviolet light, and multi-colored string. … Continue reading

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Adorable, Self-Sustaining Micro-Home Finds A Resting Spot In NYC’s Time Square – DesignTAXI.com

The egg-shaped capsule lets you live on the go without leaving a carbon footprint. The egg-shaped ‘Ecocapsule’ has trotted countrysides, clifftops, and more since 2015, but there’s one place it hasn’t touched: the US. Thankfully, the self-sustainable environmentally-friendly home is … Continue reading

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