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How to play an ancient rock gong

The British Museum invited Dr Cornelia Kleinitz, an archaeologist specialising in rock art, and Liam Williamson, a modern rock drummer, to try and discover how a rock gong might have been played. This was the result. Rock gongs are a … Continue reading

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sqweezing 26ft tree in 18ft House


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Winter Holiday Celebrations Around the World


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Supermassive black holes: most powerful objects in the universe | Martin Gaskell | TEDxMeritAcademy

Have you ever wondered whether black holes exist? And if so, how do astronomers study them? What would it be like to be close to a black hole? UCSC astrophysicist Dr. Martin Gaskell has spent his career studying what happens … Continue reading

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The Future of Water

The world’s supply of cheap and clean fresh water will likely plummet as the climate warms and populations boom. Can we find ways to conserve, cut waste, and find new sources before it’s too late? The latest installment of our … Continue reading

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The philosophy of Stoicism – Massimo Pigliucci

What is the best life we can live? How can we cope with whatever the universe throws at us and keep thriving nonetheless? The ancient Greco-Roman philosophy of Stoicism explains that while we may not always have control over the … Continue reading

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Secondhand Armchairs and Loveseats Reconstructed Into Dripping Multi-Media Sculptures by Nina Saunders

Danish artistNina Saunders creates sculptures that drip, tip, and spill what appears to be amorphous contents onto the ground, turning domestic objects of comfort and kitsch into sculptural pieces unintended for practical use. Her works typically involve secondhand furniture like … Continue reading

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Miniature Interior Decor Elements Crafted With Impeccable Detail by Kiyomi

Japanese miniaturist Kiyomi  imitates antiques with a stunning attention to detail, creating worn and clouded glass jars, slightly tarnished silverware, and cases packed with dozens of drawers. The talented craftswoman produces pieces for dollhouses out of paper, wire, wood, and other … Continue reading

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How a fleet of wind-powered drones is changing our understanding of the ocean | Sebastien de Halleux

Our oceans are unexplored and undersampled — today, we still know more about other planets than our own. How can we get to a better understanding of this vast, important ecosystem? Explorer Sebastien de Halleux shares how a new fleet … Continue reading

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Manchester At Night

“Steven McInerney Published on 26 Nov 2018 We were walking through Manchester on our way home from work and came across this beautiful busker in St. Peter’s square, so I thought i’d film it and make a little video of … Continue reading

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