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Último ensaio de rua da Grande Rio – Carnaval 2020

Escola de Samba Grande Rio realiza o último ensaio de rua para o Carnaval 2020. Melhores momentos

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raul salas 3.47K subscribers SUBSCRIBED CARNAVAL DE RIO DE JANEIRO BRAZIL 2020 Carnaval de rio de janeiro en vivo 2020 Carnaval de brazil 2020 Rio de janeiro Bailarina del desfile EL CARNAVAL MÁS GRANDE DEL MUNDO COMPARSAS Emperatriz Bella samba … Continue reading

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Nothing at Stake

In this video essay, Kogonada, the director of COLUMBUS (2017), examines how Alfonso Cuarón’s ROMA imbues memories of everyday life in early-1970s Mexico City with the grand sweep of history.

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The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change: 2019 report

The Lancet The 2019 report of the Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change shows that climate change is already damaging the health of the world’s children and is set to shape the wellbeing of an entire generation unless the … Continue reading

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How Jacob Lawrence’s Paintings Captured the African American Experience – My Modern Met

How much do you know about Jacob Lawrence’s “The Migration Series” paintings? New York City has always attracted avant-garde artists. From the energetic Abstract Expressionists to the pioneers of American Pop Art, forward-thinking creatives have flocked to the city that … Continue reading

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The Real Implications Of Ex Machina’s Turing Test

Video essay exploring the real implications of Ex Machina’s Turing Test.

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Saving the World’s Oldest Languages

While there are more than 7,000 languages spoken around the world, many are in danger of dying out. In this reel, we’re learning new tongues and meeting people trying to save languages ranging from Osing to Quechua.

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Why do whales sing? – Stephanie Sardelis

Communicating underwater is challenging. Light and odors don’t travel well, but sound moves about four times faster in water than in air — which means marine mammals often use sounds to communicate. The most famous of these underwater vocalizations is … Continue reading

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These Farmers Grow Everything From White Strawberries to Furniture

We planted seeds, and these stories about farming and gardening sprouted right before our very eyes. We’re cultivating unusual strawberries in Japan, rescuing plants in South Carolina and so much more. Come grow with us.

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This Couple Rode Over 2,000 Roller Coasters

Cheryl and Martin Lewison’s marriage has seen a lot of ups and downs. Which isn’t surprising. The couple travels the world riding roller coasters together, after all. On a recent 3-day trip through the midwest, the Lewisons visited nine parks … Continue reading

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