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Azulejos: Learn About the Beautiful Art of Portuguese Tiles

How much do you know about Portuguese tiles? If you’ve ever visited or seen pictures of the gorgeous cities of Portugal, you’ve likely noticed the exquisitely painted tiles that adorn the buildings’ façades. These luminous and captivating embellishments are called … Continue reading

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Oldest Cave Art Found in Sulawesi

A team of Griffith University archaeologists has shared in the discovery of what may be the world’s oldest known cave painting, dating back to at least 45,500 years ago. Uncovered in South Sulawesi during field research conducted with Indonesia’s leading … Continue reading

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Bad omen? Tower of London raven missing, feared dead | Guardian

Merlina, known as the queen of the Tower of London’s ravens, has not been seen for weeks. Photograph: Tower of London/Twitter Legend says at least six ravens must be kept at the castle or the kingdom will fall One of … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi Short Film: “High Score” | DUST

In a post-apocalyptic world, a man takes refuge in an arcade. High Score by Adrien Vallade, Lou Maurice De Reparaz, Brian Lim, Elodie Ferrer, Pablo Cortes

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China’s Toughest Exam

America’s Toughest Exam: https://youtu.be/u03ST3ho9OU India’s most competitive exam: https://youtu.be/upOlpeJKVKA The Beijing physics paper (not translated): http://www.gaokao.com/e/20201124/5fbc… The Qinghai math paper (not translated): http://www.gaokao.com/e/20200709/5f06… 2020 gaokao exams (not an official site but a collection of exams from different regions): http://www.gaokao.com/e/20200712/5f0a… Gaokao … Continue reading

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Toasts Around the World | 100,000 Subscribers | Thank You!

Thank you all so much for your curiosity and willingness to share your stories with me!

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Dr Rahul Rao | Churchill Debate| Proposition (5/8)

Thursday 17th May 2018. The Motion: This House Believes Britain Should be Ashamed of Churchill. Dr Rahulo Rao continues the case fore the proposition, as the fifth speaker of eight in the debate. Motion Defeated.

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Melodious stone instruments called lithophones | The Kid Should See This

An idiophone, the lithophone is a set of rocks — granite, fossilized coral, petrified wood, and other melodious stones — that are played by striking them. They’ve been made in a variety of forms all around the globe, some from … Continue reading

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Jenny Agutter on Walkabout

Actress Jenny Agutter, one of the stars of Nicholas Roeg’s ‘Walkabout’ talks about making the film.

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Yule – Anglo-Saxon Winter Celebrations

Horse burial: https://d1wqtxts1xzle7.cloudfront.net… More about Yeavering: https://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/…

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