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A 3D atlas of the universe

For the last 12 years, Carter Emmart has been coordinating the efforts of scientists, artists and programmers to build a complete 3D visualization of our known universe. He demos this stunning tour and explains how it’s being shared with facilities … Continue reading

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Plants Respond to Faraway Wind Currents in a Mesmerizing Dance Engineered by David Bowen – Colossal

Guided by the movement of a flower stalk on a breezy day, a field of indoor plants seem to move in a choreographed dance. To create this mesmerizing movement, artist David Bowen installed indoors 126 plant stalks attached to x/y tilting mechanical … Continue reading

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MSS at Manchester Day 2018

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Human Limbs Mysteriously Emerge from Marble Slabs in Milena Naef’s Performative Sculptures

Milena Naef juxtaposes the manufactured shapes of marble slabs with the organic forms of the human figure in her performative sculptural works. In her series ‘Fleeting Parts,’ the artist removes portions of Cristallina marble to create openings that are perfectly … Continue reading

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A Ghostly Piano Releases Nearly Three Centuries of Music and Memory – Colossal

A ghostly piano frame releases swarms of white thread and sheet music in a new installation at Yorkshire Sculpture Park by Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota (previously). The work, titled Beyond Time, is installed in an 18th century chapel. Yorkshire Sculpture Park describes … Continue reading

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Recycled Bamboo Installations Intertwine in Site-Specific Configurations by Tanabe Chikuunsai IV – Colossal

Japanese artist Tanabe Chikuunsai IV produces twisting installations of woven bamboo that meld into their environment’s floor and ceiling. To bend the durable material he first moistens each piece to achieve the perfect curve, and often recycles the same pieces of … Continue reading

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Why don’t most people become radicalised?

To understand what leads people into violent extremism, scientists are turning the question on its head and asking why it is that most young people don’t become radicalised. It’s part of a wave of research attempting to find ways of … Continue reading

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Annecy Festival – 100 Years in 100 Seconds

In the year of its 100th anniversary, Brazilian animation industry receives a special tribute at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, one of the world’s most important events in animation. To celebrate the fact the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion … Continue reading

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Ex-Shaman – film review – Dirty Movies

Documentary reveals that the indigenous people of Brazil still face an old evil: the deconstruction of of their culture and beliefs through evangelisation Perpera lives his life completely surrounded by elements of modern civilisation. Film director and scriptwriter Luiz Bolognesi … Continue reading

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The Equation of Time: Clocks Vs Sundials

A few centuries ago, the arbiter of “local noon” wasn’t the mechanical clock, it was the sundial. The pseudoscientific-sounding “equation of time” is how you convert between the two — and perhaps not the way you’d expect.

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