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Recipes Organized into Component Parts in Food Styling Photos by Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj | Colossal

In a shoot for Nordic cookware brand Eva, Copenhagen-based photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj lets the ingredients speak for themselves. With his flatlay photos on rich matte backgrounds, Hvilshøj creates compositions of raw recipe materials like carrots, star anise, and lemon … Continue reading

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An Exquisite Collection of Paper Pop-Ups Designed by Peter Dahmen | Colossal

From commercial packaging to artistic creations fused with geometry, paper designer Peter Dahmen is a true master of the pop-up. This new video titled Most Satisfying Video of Pop-Up Cards is a portfolio of sorts spanning the last several years … Continue reading

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Look At This: Rain Forest Was Here – NPR

NPR spent 2 weeks in the Amazon to find out. Take 10 mins to look at our photos and learn about why it’s so hard for us to stop deforestation — and what could happen if we don’t. Source: Look … Continue reading

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THE LOCAL: The Master Carver on Vimeo

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Yellow Street Lines Form a Park Bench Around a Tree in this Temporary Green Space by The Edible Bus Stop | Colossal

As part of the 2012 RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London, landscape and design consultancy The Edible Bus Stop conceived of a green space that incorporated gardens, artwork, and the conversion of a street into public space. The … Continue reading

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Buffalo String Works on Vimeo

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sitar with kestrel on Vimeo

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Nightland: Photos by Michael Streckbein

Photos of a train yard at night by Cologned-based photographer Michael Streckbein. Source: Nightland: Photos by Michael Streckbein

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Sensory Overload (Interacting with Autism Project) on Vimeo

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Can the world’s megacities survive the digital age?

Research shows that technology disrupts economies of scale, turning megacities’ huge populations from strength to liability. To survive, megacities, like companies, must adapt. Source: Can the world’s megacities survive the digital age?

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