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Spaghetti-like Benches by Pablo Reinoso Twist into Interlocking Circles and Climb up Nearby Walls

French-Argentine artist and designer Pablo Reinoso has been designing and fabricating sculptural benches since he was just 15. Throughout his nearly five decades as an artist he has explored several iterations of both seating and sculptural forms, including his two most recent … Continue reading

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What keeps Arctic scientists awake at night?

By Annette Ekin In a year when Arctic warming rose to global prominence after temperatures hit a sweltering 32˚C inside the Arctic Circle, what are some of the specific issues that keep Arctic scientists awake at night?… Source: What keeps … Continue reading

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The beneficial bacteria that make delicious food – Erez Garty

Where does bread get its fluffiness? Swiss cheese its holes? And what makes vinegar so sour? These foods may taste completely different, but all of these phenomena come from microorganisms chowing down on sugar and belching up some culinary byproducts. … Continue reading

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Why We Dunk Cookies in Milk

Like Romeo & Juliet or Batman & Robin, milk & cookies is a pairing that’s just meant to be. But what makes dunking cookies in milk so satisfying? To find the answer, we turned to science. Scientist, chemistry professor and … Continue reading

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Frankincense: How to Use Ancient Wonder Cure for Healing

Frankincense is famous for being one of the three gifts presented by the Magi to baby Jesus (the other two being gold and myrrh).Several thousand years ago, people knew how to use frankincense to cure several ailments. The ancient Babylonians … Continue reading

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[from the description] My graduation film, made at the visual communication department at the Bezalel Academy For Arts and Design, Jerusalem. — The soundtrack is taken from interviews made with: Allen Ginsberg Charles Bukowski Nina Simone Leonard Cohen & David … Continue reading

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The Human Restaurant in Tokyo Serves Last Meals of Death Row Inmates

Just in time for Halloween, a spooky pop-up restaurant has opened in Kabukicho, known historically as the red-light district of Shinjuku. The Ningen (“human”) Restaurant (人間レストラン) is a fully-functioning eatery that serves the last meals requested by death row inmates … Continue reading

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Surreal Installations And Unexpected Viewpoint Of Myeongbeom Kim – Design You Trust

Myeongbeom Kim builds unique works by combining everyday objects whose purposes are often in stark contrast. The sculptures are created from recognisable pieces such as birthday cake candles, canes, and pencils. These objects are reworked to drastically limit their inherent … Continue reading

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Artist Leaves His Paintings For People To Find After Getting Rejected By Art Galleries – Design You Trust

My Dog Sighs, a talented street artist from England, made his first drawing when he was 7 years old. Since then everyone knew him as a child who can draw, and this was enough to set him on a journey … Continue reading

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Mocidade 1990 – Vira Virou, a Mocidade Chegou

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