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The Storytellers Reading to Cuba’s Cigar Factory Workers

Great Big Story Published on 18 Apr 2018 SUBSCRIBED 2.2M Cuba is world-renowned for its cigars. But there’s a deeper story behind their creation. As per a tradition that started in 1865, storytellers, or “lectores,” stand at a platform reading … Continue reading

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Esu is Not the Devil: How a Yoruba Deity Got Rebranded

African traditional religions are widely misundertood—none more so than the Yoruba pantheon. Source: Esu is Not the Devil: How a Yoruba Deity Got Rebranded

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Carnaval: Into the Heart of Cuba – Compass & Camera

Of my recent trip to Cuba, I can think of a hundred ways to tell you about my experience that make more sense than where I’m choosing to begin my story. I could write a logical day-to-day account from start … Continue reading

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