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Everyday Objects Manually Transformed Into Functional Film Cameras

It’s not uncommon to see, in any situation from a museum to a public park to see both amateur and professional photographers capturing moments using technology ranging from sleek smartphones to cumbersome lenses. Less common is the sight of a … Continue reading

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Miniature Scenes by Slinkachu Comment on Consumer Culture

For the last 13 years, guerrilla miniaturist t Slinkachu (previously) has been creating barely noticeable scenes to be discovered by unsuspecting passersby. The London-based artist uses tiny model people whose minuscule size creates humorous and thought-provoking scenarios. Slinkachu often comments … Continue reading

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Insects Sculpted Out of Repurposed Automotive Parts by Edouard Martinet

French artist Edouard Martinet (previously) sources junk metal and automotive parts from garage sales and flea markets to create detailed sculptures of various creatures including models of ants, wasps, and other common insects. The found objects are held together with … Continue reading

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Origami rose inspires a new way to collect and purify water – ScienceBlog.com

The rose is one of the most iconic plants in popular culture, but now the flower could hold more than symbolic value.A new device for collecting and purifying water, developed at The University of Texas at Austin, was inspired by … Continue reading

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The Beginning & End of Humanity

A short fiction story about a man who finds himself at the beginning and end of everything. This story is entirely fictional. The concept of artificial intelligence, mind uploading, and a future “singularity” is immensely complex, uncertain, and could go … Continue reading

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Objects and Figures Trapped Within Carved Wood Sculptures by Tung Ming-Chin

Sculptor Tung Ming-Chin carves wood into figurative shapes that seem to press against the surface of the finished work. In “Inner Turmoil” a face and hands are trapped inside a hunk of wood that has the smooth, stretched appearance of … Continue reading

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Feathered Latte Art Features Stylized Portraits of Sparrows, Parakeets, and Cockatiels

Feathers, ferns, hearts: all normal fodder for a typical third wave barista’s latte art portfolio. But one hobbyist barista and avian aficionado is leveling up with their bird-themed drawings. Using careful daubs of colored foam, Kunit92 creates stylized portraits of … Continue reading

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Meteorological Data Visualized as Mixed Media Sculptures by Nathalie Miebach

Boston-based conceptual artist Nathalie Miebach (previously) weaves colorful, complex sculptures using rope, wood, paper, fibers, and data from weather events. Two of the artist’s recent series explore the impact of storm waters on our lives and on marine ecosystems, with … Continue reading

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Street Artist in Venice by Banksy

Street artist Banksy has set up an unlicensed street stall in Venice with a selection of paintings showing the lagoon with an enormous cruise ship docked near St. Mark’s Square. In his secretive style, a camera captures unsuspecting pedestrians voicing … Continue reading

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This Girl Spent 1000 Hours Working On This Incredibly Detailed Anubis Costume That Looks Like It Was Made With CGI

Some people do cross-stitch as a hobby, others like gardening, while this game designer from Switzerland is making costumes. While she’s just on her third, the video of her in the costume which she shared on Reddit, instantly received over … Continue reading

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