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Fun Typographic Metaphors Animated on a Vintage Typewriter by Greg Condon | Colossal

One of the first assignments in a beginning typography course is the creation of visual metaphors, where letterforms are somehow modified or manipulated to represent a word. In this ingenious short film by Greg Condon titled “Disillusionment of 10 Point … Continue reading

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“Samba, Samba” – Tales From the Lens

Encarnacion has nothing to envy Rio. The paraguayan carnival is much noisier and offers more skin than Rio… according to us it is also much more affordable and less touristy. Source: “Samba, Samba” – Tales From the Lens

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The Chicken Tikka Masala Effect – We Are Carnival

What is the impact of homegrown British culture on the carnival traditions of other lands? Do Caribbean and South American carnival appear in new, anglicised forms in the UK, rather like its supposed national dish? Or do they remain 100 … Continue reading

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ARCHITECTURE Is digital art – paintdigi

Art and beauty Images for you (3b): (On this page: I am looking, for my readers the art and beauty, …. where are, in our life .)   ARCHITECTURE Is digital art I have chosen some fantastic imag… Source: ARCHITECTURE Is … Continue reading

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AlienLove – The History and Traditions of Beltane/May Day

Beltane is considered one of the most important of the ancient holidays. It’s history goes back further than records exist. It is a time for renewal, regrowth and fertility – for the land, livestock, wild animals, and humankind. It welcomes … Continue reading

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workshop de Repinique – YouTube

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Kniterate: A New Digital Knitting Machine Lets You ‘Print’ Fashion Designs | Colossal

Kniterate is a compact industrial knitting machine created for designers and entrepreneurs that facilitates the one-off creation of garments. Built by London-based designer Gerard Rubio, Kniterate is meant to act as a sort of 3D printer for knitwear, allowing you … Continue reading

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More Than a Mile of Abstract Neon Lighting Suspended Within Tate Britain | Colossal

Suspended from the ceiling of Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries is Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans’ latest installation, over a mile of bright neon lighting broken into abstract lines and monumental curves. The piece, Forms in Space… by Light (in Time), changes … Continue reading

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Surreal Wood Sculptures by John Morris

Surreal wood sculptures by artist John Morris that spring from exhaustive sketching and illustration while drawing on intensive research. Source: Surreal Wood Sculptures by John Morris

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Not Now: A Table to Avoid Conversation by Michael Beitz

This sculpture by artist Michael Beitz maybe just the perfect table to avoid having a conversation with your significant other after an argument or a bad date. Source: Not Now: A Table to Avoid Conversation by Michael Beitz

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