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A Full-Scale Demolished Car Constructed From Silk, Aluminum Mesh, and Tulle by Jannick Deslauriers

Montreal-based textile artist  Jannick Deslauriers builds elaborate and often life-size pieces of machinery by sewing together yards of silk, aluminum mesh, and tulle. Each fabric she uses is transparent, which speaks to the hidden politics lurking behind commonly used objects … Continue reading

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Finally, a Theremin for Rats – Atlas Obscura

With the help of human musician Dan Deacon, some rats have made a film soundtrack with it. Source: Finally, a Theremin for Rats

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Bumba Boi da Maioba 2014_Sotaque de Matraca_Praia Grande S. Luis MA,25/06/2014. 1/2

Bumba Boi da maioba, tradicional Bumba Boi com sotaque da ilha, ou de Matracas, em sua apresentação no Largo da casa do Maranhão na Praia Grande em São Luis do Maranhão em 25/06/2014

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Macro photos of South African seeds by photographer Dillon Marsh based in Cape Town. The seeds look completely alien with bare hooks and barbs designed to latch onto the fur or fleece of passing animals, while others grow sharp spikes intended to … Continue reading

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Sculptural Mandalas Built From Found Organic Specimens by Shona Wilson

For the last twenty years Australia-based artist Shona Wilson has intimately collaborated with nature by building sculptural assemblages that incorporate a myriad of found organic specimens. In her 2016 body of work, Offering, she formed mandala-like pieces from objects such as seedpods, … Continue reading

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Shimmering Metallic Embroideries of Dragonflies and Other Insects by Humayrah Bint Altaf – Colossal

Bedford, England-based embroidery artist Humayrah Bint Altaf (previously) continues to construct ornate insects using shimmering threads and metallic beads. Her dragonflies, bees, beetles, and butterflies take shape using carefully paired patterns and colors that form wings, bodies, and even delicate feet. While … Continue reading

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365 Days of Miniature Art by Nayan and Vaishali – Faith is Torment

Illustrator Vaishali Chudasama and furniture/interior designer Nayan Shrimali have undertaken this project to create a papercut bird sculpture for a whole year. Each bird is hand-assembled by cutting it in different layers of paper and then painting with watercolors. The artwork takes about 4–6 hours to … Continue reading

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Figurative Diaspora | Gagosian Quarterly

Curated by Mark Tansey and Peter Drake of the New York Academy of Art, Figurative Diaspora presents works of “unofficial art”—subversive, non-state sanctioned art—created by five Soviet artists and five contemporary Chinese artists. PETER DRAKE “Figurative Diaspora at the New York … Continue reading

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A Project Aims to Create the World’s Largest Hanging Garden Since Babylon Within the Branches of a 114-Foot Tree

The French masterminds of mechanical delight,, Les Machines de L’ile,  have an ambitious new project underway. L’Arbre aux Hérons (The Heron’s Tree) is set to be the largest hanging garden built since ancient Babylon, spanning over 160 feet in diameter and reaching … Continue reading

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Zadie Smith on What Writers Can Learn from Some of History’s Greatest Dancers-Brainpickings

“Oh, how wonderful! How like thought! How like the mind it is!” Helen Keller exclaimed when she experienced dance for the first time in legendary choreographer Martha Graham’s studio. Graham herself saw a parallel between her particular art and all creative endeavors of … Continue reading

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