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A Centuries-Old Art Form Hides Within the Gilded Pages of Antique Books – Colossal

Martin Frost creates paintings in places that people can’t see, or can only find if they know exactly where to look. The UK-based artist is a fore-edge painter, which means he produces elaborate designs and scenes along the edges of … Continue reading

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Biology and Philosophy Inform Kim KototamaLune’s Delicate Sculptures Made from Grids of Glass – Colossal

Glass artist Kim KototamaLune creates ethereal sculptures that resemble abstracted organic shapes and faces. She builds delicate glass grids without molds, which she then works into sculptural form and displays in darkened rooms. This presentation allows light to permeate, which … Continue reading

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Lambada com Farinha – Felipe Cordeiro

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Multi-Dimensional Illustrations Weave Together Mysterious Narratives by Victo Ngai

Los Angeles-based illustrator and storyboard artist Victo Ngai produces layered illustrations that reveal elaborate worlds filled with unexpected details. A beautiful expanse of unencumbered nature stands guarded inside a wide-mouthed bullfrog, while a seaside city burns with brilliant flames in the fabric … Continue reading

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What Else

When you do the thing you love and was made for it, you can forget it is just another routine. And then you lose it, what else is there to do? Go and ask the barman, I only make coffee, … Continue reading

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The REAL Stories & Origins Behind 5 Famous Disney Movies

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Organic Shapes Emerge in New Installations of Intertwined Rope by Janaina Mello Landini

Using lengths of colored nylon rope, installation artist Janaina Mello Landini (previously) creates complicated networks of intertwining threads. The unwound rope ends tangle and reach in a giant game of Twister, resulting in sculptural installations that bring to mind the … Continue reading

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Winners and People’s Choice of the 2018 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year – Colossal

After sifting through nearing 13,000 submissions  National Geographic has announced the winners, honorable mentions, and people’s choice of their 2018 Travel Photographer of the Year Contest (previously). This year’s grand prize was awarded to photographer Reiko Takahashi for her close-up image of … Continue reading

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Sticks, Seeds, and Petals From the American Southwest Inspire New Insect-Shaped Arrangements by Raku Inoue

Raku Inoue (previously)recently look an extended road trip to several destinations in the American Southwest. During his journey he created a scorpion-shaped arrangement from seeds, sticks, and a pepper found at  Antelope Canyon in Arizona, and utilized a fallen cactus segment near Horseshoe … Continue reading

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Felted Wildlife Perch on Found Objects in Charming Sculptures by Simon Brown

Simon Brown  sources worn-out household tools like brushes and thimbles and turns them into miniature scenes for his felted wildlife. A short, stiff brush becomes a tree branch for a perching owl, and a dense hair brush with swirling bristles forms … Continue reading

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