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Islands Digitally Composed From Images of Abandoned Sites by Fabio Araujo | Colossal

Brazilian designer Fabio Araujo digitally composes images of abandoned sites to create undesirable islands, small patches of earth ripped up from long neglected corners of civilization. The series, Abandoned Places, exists both as image and video as Araujo animates discrete … Continue reading

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Giant Dabs of Thick Oil Paint Captured as Hyperrealist Colored Pencil Drawings | Colossal

Australian artist Cj Hendry (previously) tricks the eye with her hyper-realistic drawings, works that recreate the appearance of thick swabs of brightly colored paint. To achieve the dimensionality and sheen of fresh oil paint she layers dry pigment atop colored … Continue reading

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Unusual Selfies by Izumi Miyazaki

These ongoing self-portraits by Japanese photographer Izumi Miyazaki are somewhat surreal and not the usual selfies you see on the internet. Source: Unusual Selfies by Izumi Miyazaki

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Floating Cloud: An Electromagnetic Cloud That Hovers on Your Desktop by Richard Clarkson | Colossal

Floating Cloud is the latest “weightless” creation from NYC-based artist and designer Richard Clarkson who has long been fascinated by the shape and form of clouds that he translates into audiovisual devices. The Floating Cloud is held in place by … Continue reading

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(23) O Clube da Esquina II – YouTube

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23 Temple Street: Miniature Sculpture by Joshua Smith

An intricate miniature sculpture of a building on Hong Kong’s Temple Street by South Australian artist Joshua Smith. Source: 23 Temple Street: Miniature Sculpture by Joshua Smith

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Future of Fake News

Welcome to the future of fake news. Source: Future of Fake News

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A Caterpillar of Feathers | Colossal

Here’s a fantastic optical illusion courtesy of mother nature. What looks like a vibrantly colored caterpillar perched on a tree limb is actually photographer José Luis Rodríguez’s chance encounter with nine extra cozy European Bee-eaters. The photographer named the image … Continue reading

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Conceptual Illustrations That Unveil Hidden Worlds by Andrea Ucini | Colossal

Self-taught Italian illustrator Andrea Ucini draws scenes which reveal hidden plot lines, adding a conceptual twist to his minimalistic imagery. Within Ucini’s illustrations one can sneak a peek behind the veil of a shadow or streetlamp, uncovering another world or … Continue reading

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Order and Division: Paintings by Gina Heyer

Photorealistic paintings of bathrooms and empty corridors by South African artist Gina Heyer. Source: Order and Division: Paintings by Gina Heyer

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