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25 gorgeous photos of cherry blossoms

Embrace spring with these fleeting blooms around the world. Source: 25 gorgeous photos of cherry blossoms Advertisements

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Liam Hopkins. Love and soul in the making.

Liam Hopkins has the best (and simplest) job description in the world. ‘Maker.’ It all started when he was a kid in a home where televisions, radios or kettles were never chucked out, they were disassembled and examined. “I was … Continue reading

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A Geometric Light Projection by Joanie Lemercier Invites Viewers to Take a Trip Through the Stars

Constellations is a light-based audio-visual installation by Joanie Lemercier that explores the great expanse of our universe through the presentation of morphing geometric shapes and bright glowing orbs. The three-dimensional light work is projected onto water, which gives it a … Continue reading

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Who was Seiichi Miyake? Google Doodle 三宅精一

Google Doodle Videos Published on 17 Mar 2019 Google honors the Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake. He helped a blind friend, and today Millions of them. In 1965, Miyake spent his money to invent tactile blocks (org. Tenji blocks). The dotted … Continue reading

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A Multi-Level Pedestrian Vessel Designed by Heatherwick Studio Opens at Hudson Yards

Thomas Heatherwick’s new copper-colored structure at New York City’s Hudson Yards exists somewhere between a building and a pavilion, yet is classified by neither title. The open-air structure, which is temporarily nicknamed as “Vessel,” is a maze of 154 crossing … Continue reading

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The history of the Gumboot Dance from South Africa. » GPAN

The gumboot dance (or Isicathulo) is an African dance that is performed by dancers wearing wellington boots. In South Africa these are more commonly called gumboots. The boots may be embellished with bells, so that they ring as the dancers stamp on … Continue reading

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Distinct Sounds of the City Replicated on Electric Guitar – Laughing Squid

Musician Davidlap, who makes very creative use of his amazing string skills, recreated a number of city sounds with his electric guitar. These sounds Source: Distinct Sounds of the City Replicated on Electric Guitar

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Colorful Ceramics Accented by Gravity-Defying Drips

Rain falls through the air in smooth curvaceous orbs, instantaneously splitting as it splatters to the ground. Chinese artist Bian Xiaodong’s glossy ceramics resemble these falling droplets, however their inverted forms drip upwards rather than down. The artist crafts his gravity-defying … Continue reading

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Human-Powered Clocks by Maarten Baas Physically Mark the Passage of Time

Dutch artist  Maarten Baas produces artworks that lay at the intersection of visual art, performance, and design, creating manual clocks that are erased and redrawn on the stroke of each minute. In pieces like Grandfather Clock and Schiphol Clock Baas places himself within the structure … Continue reading

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Math artist John Sims is living a life of pi – Quartzy

Every day is Pi Day for this artist, who brings math to life in art, videos, music, crafts, and writing. Pi is  3.14159, plus some, ad infinitum, a number sequence that doesn’t repeat and whose end cannot be reached. On … Continue reading

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