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65th Anniversary of the Khufu Ship Discovery

65th Anniversary of the Khufu Ship Discovery #GoogleDoodle On this day in 1954, one of the oldest and largest boats on earth was found buried near Egypt’s biggest pyramid. Today’s Doodle celebrates the discovery of the Khufu Ship, which has … Continue reading

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The Ultimate DIY-ers: If You Build It…


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How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

Nate Murphy Published on 16 Sep 2016 Get the Van Conversion Guide; https://goo.gl/b4AqsX I tried to make the video that I would have loved to be able to watch when I was starting to create my van.. I hope it … Continue reading

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Out on the tiles — Welcome to the Beautiful North

Readers of some of my other posts may know that I am very fond of ceramics, in particular the high-glazed pottery tiles synonymous with the Victorian arts and crafts movement. I love the lustrous decadence of the rich intense colours … Continue reading

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This Art Is a Big Deal

In this reel, meet artists taking their craft to the extreme—like a village growing rice into murals and a crocheter covering the world in love and yarn.

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Precise Hand Embroidery by Jessica Dance Creates Visual Representations of Common Words and Phrases

Textile artist and model maker Jessica Dance (previously) recreates everyday objects and ideas using fabric, felt, and thread. Dance typically utilizes embroidery to produce details and text on her three-dimensional objects, but in these works the thread-based practice takes center … Continue reading

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Sisyphus: the Hypnotizing Kickstarter-Funded Kinetic Sand Drawing Machine is Now Available to The Public

Sisyphus, the wildly successful Kickstarter-funded kinetic table designed by Bruce Shapiro (previously), is now available to the public via pre-order. The 2016 project raised $1,924,018 and is, to date, the most-funded campaign in the history of Kickstarter’s art category.The coffee table design includes a … Continue reading

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Big Black House Design Company

Here’s Maxine from the Big Black House Design Co. She’s a blacksmith, and makes bespoke garden furniture and accessories.

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Is there a difference between art and craft? – Laura Morelli – TED Ed

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Final Touches on the Mannequin (and other Things) — Nicole Heymann Art

I’ve been working on this mannequin project over the course of the last month. I will use it to design costumes and display them once they are finished. A couple of days ago, The mannequin got its burlap “skin” coat, … Continue reading

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