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Building 15-Foot-Tall Pianos

David Klavins is a pianist who, for years, could not find pianos that made the sounds he imagined in his head. So he began building pianos to his own specifications in a workshop in Vác, Hungary, and they are truly … Continue reading

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How to convert a Van in to an Off-Grid Camper in 17 Days!

Nate Murphy Published on 16 Sep 2016 Get the Van Conversion Guide; https://goo.gl/b4AqsX I tried to make the video that I would have loved to be able to watch when I was starting to create my van.. I hope it … Continue reading

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Five Hidden Treasures to Explore

We all need a little adventure now and then. In this reel, hide away in London’s 900-year-old secret garden, grab a bite at Madrid’s secret Chinese restaurant and explore Turkey’s hidden underground city.

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Fasten Seat Belt Sign Not Included: New Furniture Designed Using Retired Aircraft Parts by Plane Industries

In 2016, Plane Industries (formerly Fallen Furniture) debuted a massive chair made using a reclaimed cowling from a Boeing 737 airplane engine. Over the last three years, the small UK-based company has continued to expand their array of furnishings and … Continue reading

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Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy Published on 31 May 2018 Simple Recipe brings 100’s, and Watch a Hummingbird build a nest, feed babies and fly off, right on my kitchen window, I have so swing the feeder in the house … Continue reading

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Wintergaten Declares the Conveyor Belt Complete on its Epic Marble Machine X

A new video released by the ambitious Wintergatan band of folktronica musicians/inventors (previously) shows the latest developments in their ongoing Marble Machine project. The video above documents the successful completion of the Marble Conveyor Belt, which uses ratchets and pistons to move … Continue reading

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Wildlife overpasses that protect animals from cars are spreading globally

Highway over- and underpasses connect wildlife to the resources they need to survive, and reduce roadkill. It’s no surprise they are becoming more common worldwide. Source: Wildlife overpasses that protect animals from cars are spreading globally

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A Retired Bike-Share Bicycle Upcycled to a Beetle-Shaped Mobile Library

Seeking to provide a new use for China’s enormous surplus of bike-share bicycles, LUO Studiorecently designed a mobile library in the shape of a winged beetle. The studio’s founder Luo Yujie was inspired to create “Shared Lady Beetle” by a friend who teaches … Continue reading

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Dramatic Decaying Flowers in Tiffanie Turner’s Solo Show “What Befell Us” Challenge Notions of Beauty and Perfection

In her latest solo exhibition, What Befell Us, California-based artist Tiffanie Turner explores notions of aging, imperfection, and perishability. Massive flower blossoms including dahlias, garden roses, ranunculus, and strawflowers are formed from Italian crepe paper and span more than five … Continue reading

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Spiraling Wood Sculptures by Cameron Porter / Cammie’s Garage

Cammie’s Garage breathes new life into old, discarded wood by turning it into beautiful works of art.

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