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Photographer Captures Stunning Shot of Plane Flying Across the Sun

This incredible shot of a plane flying across a big beautiful pink orb (the Sun) was caught completely by accident. Sometimes, awe-inspiring photos are planned down to the second. But there are other images that are the result of pure … Continue reading

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The Brown Note: The Crappiest Sound In The World | Answers With Joe

You’ve heard the myth… A note exists that makes you evacuate your bowels. Obviously it’s not true… or is it? Acoustical weapons exist, could one make you ruin your pants? Let’s check it out.

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How civilization could destroy itself — and 4 ways we could prevent it | Nick Bostrom

Humanity is on its way to creating a “black ball”: a technological breakthrough that could destroy us all, says philosopher Nick Bostrom. In this incisive, surprisingly light-hearted conversation with Head of TED Chris Anderson, Bostrom outlines the vulnerabilities we could … Continue reading

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Stonehenge Was Not Originally Built In England, New Research Suggests

By Tom Hale A tantalizing new theory suggests that Stonehenge was not originally erected in southern England. Instead, recent archaeological work has suggested that the giant blocks of rock were initially placed in the mountains of Wales, before they were … Continue reading

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A DIY dad built a backyard bobsled track for his kids

A DIY dad built a backyard bobsled track for his kids. The homemade track is 558 feet long, the sleds can go up to 19 mph and each ride lasts about a minute

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Tonika Johnson Discusses Using Photography as a Starting Point to Explore Chicago’s Ongoing History of Segregation

Colossal contributor Paulette Beete spoke with Tonika Johnson in November 2020 via phone. This conversation has been condensed and edited for clarity. Shown above is Wade, an Edgewater resident, sitting on Nanette’s porch in Englewood. Though not Chicago’s true geographic … Continue reading

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There was nothing quick about how we arrived at the standardised second | Aeon

Measuring the length of a second might seem simple, but this history of the time unit from TED-Ed shows how the road to the modern, standardised second was anything but.[…]

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Whale-Shaped Marine Observatory Will Offer Visitors a Fascinating Look Under the Sea

Venture under the sea through the head of a whale. London Architecture firm Baca Architects has designed a whale-shaped building as the Australian Underwater Discovery Centre. This playful marine observatory will be partially submerged in the sea in Western Australia … Continue reading

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Philip Glass on his 84th birthday

“This performance is for the listeners whom I have never met” – Philip Glass, 1/31/21 Manhattan, NY Happy 84th Birthday

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Bridgerton’s Black Presence isn’t Total Fantasy, it’s Hidden History | Messy Nessy

BY MARY KAY MCBRAYER FEBRUARY 3, 2021 There’s a reason why Google autofills questions about the authenticity of Black presence in 17th and 18th century Europe – lots of people are asking. The hit Netflix show Bridgerton is Shonda Rimes’ … Continue reading

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