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world’s first full-color, 3D X-ray shows more than just your bones – designboom

new zealand-based MARS bioimaging has developed the world’s first full-color, 3D X-ray.dubbed the ‘MARS scanner’, the tech uses a collection of specially developed chips which like a camera, capture each individual particle in the human body. the ‘medipix‘ chips work like pixel … Continue reading

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Organic Shapes Emerge in New Installations of Intertwined Rope by Janaina Mello Landini

Using lengths of colored nylon rope, installation artist Janaina Mello Landini (previously) creates complicated networks of intertwining threads. The unwound rope ends tangle and reach in a giant game of Twister, resulting in sculptural installations that bring to mind the … Continue reading

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Dig into an Incredible Compendium of Objects Excavated from the Bottom of Amsterdam’s Amstel River

During a nine year period in the early 2000’s a new metro line was excavated along the banks of Amsterdam’s Amstel river. The urban waterway had to be completely pumped, which gave archeologists a rare opportunity to examine the full … Continue reading

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How to Make a Mini Barbecue from an Aluminum Can – Faith is Torment

For those of us lacking a spacious garden to do some grilling outdoors, YouTuber Mr Useful demonstrates how to transform an ordinary aluminum can into a functional mini-barbecue.[…]

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Planar House by Studio MK27 – Faith is Torment

A minimalist residence with an imposing concrete roof covered in grass by Studio MK27. Located in Porto Feliz, Brazil the architects describe the house as “a radical exercise in horizontality”– an aspect often explored by the architectural studio in their projects. The … Continue reading

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The hidden ways stairs shape your life

Stairs don’t just get you from point A to point B. Architect David Rockwell explains how they shape your movement — and your feelings.

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DRAGON: A Snakelike Drone Robot That Shape-Shifts in Flight – Colossal

The JSK Lab at the University of Tokyo has designed a modular flying robot that propels itself through the air with several small fans. The entire device is built to autonomously alter its shape during flight, allowing the robot to … Continue reading

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zaha hadid architects opens morpheus hotel in macau – designboom

morpheus, a new flagship hotel for macau’s city of dreams resort, has opened its doors to guests. designed by zaha hadid architects (ZHA), the project’s distinctive appearance is informed by the fluid forms found within china’s rich jade carving traditions. … Continue reading

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MIT Engineers Design Responsive 3D-Printed Structures Remotely Controlled by Magnets – Colossal

A new concept for 3D printed structures designed by engineers at MIT can be remotely controlled with magnets. The innovative gadgets include a smooth ring that wrinkles up, a long tube that squeezes shut, and a sheet that folds itself. The … Continue reading

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São Paulo Carnival 2018 [HD] – Floats & Dancers | Brazilian Carnival | The Samba Schools Parade

Alguns momentos marcantes dos últimos desfiles do carnaval paulistano. São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, has the second largest carnival parade, losing only to Rio’s carnival.

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