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A heat shield just 10 atoms thick to protect electronic devices – ScienceBlog.com

Excess heat given off by smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices can be annoying, but beyond that it contributes to malfunctions and, in extreme cases, can even cause lithium batteries to explode. To guard against such ills, engineers often insert glass, … Continue reading

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7 Nests That Will Change How You Think of Birds

SciShow Published on 4 Aug 2019 There are estimated to be over 18,000 different bird species with a wide variety of nest shapes and sizes. From teeny, adorable cups to massive compost mounds, the diversity of birds’ nests is definitely … Continue reading

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Flower-Filled Portraits by Diaja Celebrate Natural Beauty in the African Diaspora

Photographer and designer Ceres Henry embellishes her portrait subjects with floral body paint and fresh blossoms in her Adam & Eve series. The New York-based artist hand-painted each person before the shoot, inspired in the moment by the flowers she … Continue reading

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Rainbow-Streaked Interventions by Elsa Tomkowiak Add Intrigue to Covered Bridges and Lakes

Elsa Tomkowiak creates color-focused installations that divide the rainbow into designs that span bridges, light-filled corridors, and large-scale sculptures on water.Tomkowiak’s work is currently exhibited as a part of the second edition of Annecy Paysages in southeastern France. For the … Continue reading

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The 3,000-year history of the hoodie | Small Thing Big Idea, a TED series

TED Published on 3 Nov 2018 The hoodie is a lot more than just a comfy sweatshirt. Design curator Paola Antonelli takes us through its history. Small Thing Big Idea, a TED original series, celebrates the lasting genius of everyday … Continue reading

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Neuroscientists decode brain speech signals into written text

Study funded by Facebook aims to improve communication with paralysed patients   When Stephen Hawking wanted to speak, he chose letters and words from a synthesiser screen controlled by twitches of a muscle in his cheek. But the painstaking process … Continue reading

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Yulia Brodskaya Reveals Her Process of ‘Painting With Paper’ in a New Book

We’ve featured the paper-centric work of Yulia Brodskaya several times on Colossal, and the U.K.-based artist continues to hone her craft with increasingly large-scale portraits. Three recent portraits, Seeing, Seeshall, and Pull to the Light, all feature larger-than-life busts of female … Continue reading

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First pictures of enzyme that drives new class of antibiotics – ScienceBlog.com

Understanding how antibiotic scaffolds are constructed in nature can help scientists prospect for new classes of antibiotics through DNA sequencing and genome mining. Researchers have used this knowledge to help solve the X-ray crystal structure of the enzyme that makes obafluorin … Continue reading

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Engineering Serendipity – How to create more happy ‘accidents’ | Daniel Doherty | TEDxWandsworth

TEDx Talks Published on 21 Dec 2015 Daniel doesn’t believe in fate, luck or destiny. But serendipity appeals to him greatly! He loves meeting people and learning about them, but really he wants to understand what makes them truly happy. … Continue reading

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See How Termites Inspired a Building That Can Cool Itself | Decoder

National Geographic Published on 29 May 2018 How do you cool a building without air conditioning? Using an approach called biomimicry, see how architect Mick Pearce harnessed the ingenuity of termites to design a natural cooling system for the largest … Continue reading

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