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Matereality: A Mesmerizing Short Film of Macro Magnetism Captured by Roman De Giuli

In this mesmerizing new short film, German filmmaker Roman De Giuli worked with magnets, iron filings, reflective pigment, and glitter to create this pulsing visual montage of magnetic special effects titled Matereality. It’s amazing to think this was all done … Continue reading

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Liquid Gold Appears to Flow, Drip, and Drain Through Galleries by Vanderlei Lopes

In this ongoing body of sculptural works, Brazillian artist Vanderlei Lopes creates temporary interventions where his polished brass objects appear to pour and drain like gold from the walls or floors of galleries. Source: Liquid Gold Appears to Flow, Drip, … Continue reading

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Temporal Floral Structures Formed From Unfired Clay by Phoebe Cummings

Artist Phoebe Cummings works primarily with unfired clay to create floral arrangements that are both performative and temporal. The malleable sculptures last only as long as the exhibition, and are made on-site to specifically respond to their temporary environment. The works’ … Continue reading

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How the British Library Digitized One of the World’s Largest Books

The Klencke Atlas published in 1660 is one of the most famous objects in the British Library’s cartographic collection, a towering book that stands nearly 6 feet tall and reaches over seven feet wide when open. For over three centuries … Continue reading

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Wiggly Noodle People Appear to Disintegrate in a Bizarre New Animation by Ari Weinkle

Boston-based digital artist and designer Ari Weinkle reflects on the physical effects of negative emotions in a new experimental video that shows human forms imploding, melting, morphing, and disappearing. Titled ‘Moodles,’ and set to a backdrop of electronic music, the … Continue reading

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Shoe Sculptures by Costa Magarakis – Faith is Torment

Surreal shoe sculptures by Tel Aviv-based artist Costa Magarakis. He uses the structure of shoes as the base for several of his work which is described as existing within a “gothic wonderland illuminating the gray area between truth and lies.” Footwear … Continue reading

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Watch as a 17th Century Portrait Emerges From 200 Years of Discolored Varnish

Art historian, dealer, and BBC television host Philip Mould recently posted a video to his Twitter that reveals a gleaming 17th century painting hiding underneath two centuries of yellowed varnish. The protective finish is applied to protect paintings from wear, but … Continue reading

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ReActor: Performance Architecture by Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley – Faith is Torment

http://www.faithistorment.com/2016/08/reactor-performance-architecture-by-Alex-Schweder-and-Ward-Shelley.html Artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley latest work entitled ReActor is a house that rotates 360 degrees on a concrete column and also tilts in response to the artists movements, exterior forces, and interior conditions. Commissioned by OMI International … Continue reading

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Luck Plays a Role in How Language Evolves, Penn Team Finds – ScienceBlog.com

Read a few lines of Chaucer or Shakespeare and you’ll get a sense of how the English language has changed during the past millennium. Linguists … Read more Source: Luck Plays a Role in How Language Evolves, Penn Team Finds … Continue reading

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Figurative Sculptures Formed From Recycled Cardboard by James Lake

Artist James Lake has used cardboard as his medium of choice for the last 20 years. The-UK based sculptor pieces together multiple layers of the recyclable material with hot glue to create free-standing  figural sculptures that are often a reflection … Continue reading

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