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Richard Williams- Animating Movement

[…] In a world where live-action and animation are growing closer and closer to one another, Richard Williams was and still is one of the last remaining members of the old guard who wanted to push animation in the exact … Continue reading

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Fotini Markopoulou – Why is the Universe So Beautiful?

Free access to Closer to Truth’s library of 5,000 videos: http://bit.ly/2UufzC7 Why do scientists use the word beauty to describe the universe? Gaze at the universe with a knowing eye. There’s beauty on every level—simplicity and regularity, even a kind … Continue reading

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Joe Dante’s Battle With Hollywood

Sources / Further Reading: The AV Club Interview with Dante (Nov 2000) – https://bit.ly/36MW5j5 SuicideGirls Interview with Dante (June 2007) – https://bit.ly/3kFoDCY DenOfGeek Interview with Dante (Feb 2008) – https://bit.ly/3zhYkXF Mubi Interview with Dante (May 2009) – https://bit.ly/3iuzTzu Fangoria Interview … Continue reading

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Why French sounds so unlike other Romance languages

[…] ~ Briefly ~ Follow my animated recipe for a taste of how sound shifts changed French pronunciation throughout the ages: Latin, Gaulish and Frankish influence, an early Romance era of Oïl vs Oc, Old French, Middle French, the Renaissance, … Continue reading

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17-year-old Black girl makes color changing sutures that detect infection

All over the world, infections at the site of surgical incisions are a major cause of new illnesses, extended hospital stays and even death. In the U.S. alone, these infections cost more than $3 billion annually, with even worse statistics … Continue reading

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Innovative Campus Will Have Buildings Blurring City and Nature

The suite of impressive buildings will are designed by some of the world’s biggest starchitects. The new Westbank San Jose Campus boasts not only incredible contemporary architecture but also a team of starchitects reimagining city life in innovative structures. This … Continue reading

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Orange Cube – Wikipedia

The Orange Cube is a design showroom and office building in the La Confluence quarter of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon, France.[1] Designed by the Paris-based architectural firm Jakob + MacFarlane,[2] the building is best known for its orange color … Continue reading

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DeepMind’s AI predicts structures for a vast trove of proteins

AlphaFold neural network produced a ‘totally transformative’ database of more than 350,000 structures from Homo sapiens and 20 model organisms. The human genome holds the instructions for more than 20,000 proteins. But only about one-third of those have had their … Continue reading

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NASA Engineers Want This Steampunk Rover to Uncover Venus’ Secrets

Venus is a spacecraft killer and always has been. Because of its hellish conditions, NASA JPL engineers are designing a new type of rover that could finally explore our mysterious neighbor. » Subscribe to Seeker! http://bit.ly/subscribeseeker (then hit the little … Continue reading

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Siberia: The Melting Permafrost | ARTE Documentary

Russian geophysicist Sergei Zimov together with his son Nikita want to prevent the permafrost from thawing due to climate change. The ice in Siberia contains microbes that once thawed could tilt the world climate beyond our control. ARTE Documentary is … Continue reading

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