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Why Are There 7 Days In a Week?

Why does everyone use a 7 day week, and where did it come from? Where do the names of the days come from? And who can we blame for Mondays? Here’s the true story of one of the oldest human … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about Trump’s accomplishments….

Check out the podcast: https://anchor.fm/beau-of-the-fifth-c… https://ratical.org/ratville/CAH/fasci14chars.html

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An Oral History of Wikipedia, the Web’s Encyclopedia

The definitive story of Wikipedia on its 20th anniversary   It’s hard to imagine the internet without Wikipedia. Just like the air we breathe, the definitive digital encyclopedia is the default resource for everything and everyone — from Google’s search … Continue reading

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What’s Happening (And Not Happening) With Hyperloop | Answers With Joe

People have been talking about Hyperloop for years now, but what’s actually happening with this proposed 5th form of transportation? Turns out there’s a lot. And… not much. I’ll explain.

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Black Owned – Jackson

Introducing Black Owned, a film series exploring the Black entrepreneurial spirit and its essential contribution to the American economy through the perspectives of business owners.

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A Tiled Wave Ripples Across Olafur Eliasson’s New Installation in Downtown Chicago

Last week, artist Olafur Eliasson (previously) unveiled a massive, wave-like artwork that mimics the rippled surfaces of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. Comprised of 1,963 curved tiles, “Atmospheric wave wall” sits between the two bodies of water at Willis Tower … Continue reading

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BBC Radio 4 – Poetry Please, Eve L. Ewing

Chicago poet, sociologist and comic writer Eve L. Ewing chooses from the listener requests Source: BBC Radio 4 – Poetry Please, Eve L. Ewing

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50 Genius Solutions To Everyday Problems That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed (New Pics)

These clever solutions basically show us that life doesn’t have to be lived the hard way. How The Ruins Are Displayed In Serbia   Sometimes the world feels like it’s against us. Like, when you accidentally rip off the precious … Continue reading

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Wilmington 1898: When white supremacists overthrew a US government | BBC News

In 1898 a white mob stormed Wilmington, North Carolina and forced locally elected leaders to resign. The mob burned down the offices of the Wilmington Daily Record   A violent mob, whipped into a frenzy by politicians, tearing apart a … Continue reading

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Sue Takes on the Sutton Hoo Helmet | Curator’s Corner S6 E5

The excavations at Sutton Hoo during 1939 were unique for a number reasons. We’re not sure the exact number of reasons (like Irving, maths really isn’t our thing), but there were definitely enough for Netflix to make an original, dramatized … Continue reading

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