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Paris’s Newest Major Museum Is Dedicated to Henri Cartier-Bresson | Architectural Digest

Henri Cartier-Bresson in Brie, France, 1968 By Nadja Sayej November 7, 2018   Henri Cartier-Bresson—who photographed Marilyn Monroe, Pablo Picasso, and Le Corbusier—has his namesake museum opening in the bustling Marais district The Marais is a lively district in Paris, … Continue reading

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The Uplift | SwissMiss

The world needs more poetic humans like Tom Lawton. He is the creator of Uplift, a solar-powered sculpture designed to soothe the soul that’s made from waste fishing nets. Source: The Uplift

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Hummingbirds See Spectacular Colors Humans Can Only Imagine – Comparatively, We’re Color-Blind

While humans have three color cones in the retina sensitive to red, green and blue light, birds have a fourth color cone that can detect ultraviolet light. A research team led by Princeton’s Mary Caswell Stoddard trained wild hummingbirds, like … Continue reading

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15 Incredible Musical Instruments You’ve Never Listened to

Hi everyone. Today we will talk about musical instruments that you rarely see in concert halls. Most likely, you’ve never even heard about some of them. What will you get by combining physics and music, water and music…? Music from … Continue reading

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The Infrastructure Projects Uniting Europe

These multi-billion Euro infrastructure projects are connecting hundreds of millions of people and driving further economic growth across the European Union. This video is powered by Bluebeam – https://bit.ly/3603xIr Full story here – https://www.theb1m.com/video/the-infr…

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How Kodak Detected the Atomic Bomb

Kodak detected the first atomic bomb before anyone else figured it out. Then they made a deal not to tell anyone. Thanks to HBO Max, and their new show raised by Wolves for sponsoring this video! https://rb.gy/alghwn References: Albuquerque Tribune … Continue reading

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The complete DSC Formula

Written by and starring: DSC Directed and edited by Joe Marcantonio dialm.tv Produced by Matt Wakeham Voices: Mary McCartney & Hakura Kuroda Camera by Joe Marcantonio & Andrew Lawrence Music by Daniel Lindegren Audio Post by Fonic fonic.co.uk

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La Ville Morte | Benjamín Labatut | Granta

‘When the day came, even the nuns lay down inside the walls of their cloister.’ A little over ten years ago, in October 2008, the English physicist Freeman Dyson confessed that he was incapable of hearing a particular song by … Continue reading

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‘So far, so good’: The view from inside a coronavirus vaccine trial | Horizon

by Annette Ekin Dr Lidia Oostvogels is feeling the pressure. After nearly two decades of working in vaccine development, seeing the subject of her work – coronavirus – in the news every single day is a first for her. ‘It’s very … Continue reading

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Bees Encase Raw-Material Embroideries with Honeycomb in New Encaustic Works by Ava Roth

“Falling Horsehair, Gold #2,” encaustic, Japanese tissue, horse hair and thread in embroidery hoop, embedded in honeycomb, custom double length Langstroth hive frame, 19”x 9.5 inches. All images © Ava Roth, shared with permission When Ava Roth adds the last stitch grasping … Continue reading

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