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Spiraling Wood Sculptures by Cameron Porter / Cammie’s Garage

Cammie’s Garage breathes new life into old, discarded wood by turning it into beautiful works of art. Advertisements

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Jewel Changi Airport by Safdie Architects is Completed

The new central connector between the existing airport terminals at Singapore Changi Airport is set to open on April 17, 2019. The 10-story Jewel Changi by Safdie Architects is a mixed-use development with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall as its … Continue reading

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Have you ever seen an atom?

Scientists at the University of California Los Angeles have found a way to create stunningly detailed 3D reconstructing of platinum nanoparticles at an atomic scale. These are being used to study tiny structural irregularities called dislocations.

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Scientists predict internet of thoughts ‘within decades’ – ScienceBlog.com

Imagine a future technology that would provide instant access to the world’s knowledge and artificial intelligence, simply by thinking about a specific topic or question. Communications, education, work, and the world as we know it would be transformed. Writing in Frontiers … Continue reading

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How to take a picture of a black hole | Katie Bouman

TED Published on 28 Apr 2017 At the heart of the Milky Way, there’s a supermassive black hole that feeds off a spinning disk of hot gas, sucking up anything that ventures too close — even light. We can’t see … Continue reading

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A 3D-Printed Press Brings Printmaking to the People

Last year, Martin Schneider rolled out the Open Press Project, which provided printing plans for the world’s first fully functional 3D-printed printmaking press, and was downloaded by more than 12,000 people. As a follow-up to that successful open-source endeavor, Schneider is … Continue reading

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Intricate Tessellations Expand and Contract in New Folded Paper Works by Ekaterina Lukasheva

San Francisco-based paper artist Ekaterina Lukasheva (previously) makes dazzling tessellations seem like child’s play, effortlessly folding complex designs from matte and iridescent paper. The beautiful works have a double presentation, as they each work as expanded and contracted forms. […] … Continue reading

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What Happened to the Aral Sea? | Travel to Uzbekistan’s Worst Disaster

What happened to the Aral Sea? Once the fourth largest inland body of water in the world, it’s now nearly gone, leaving shipwrecks in the desert, lives destroyed and poisonous dust clouds spreading across the globe. Join Alex the Vagabond … Continue reading

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Biomimicry is more than just good design.

In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at biomimicry. Specifically how biomimicry can not only lead to nature-inspired design for architecture and materials, but also for better relationships, activism, and communities. I draw upon adrienne maree brown’s … Continue reading

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Art that transforms cities into playgrounds of the imagination | Helen Marriage

Visual artist Helen Marriage stages astonishing, large-scale public art events that expand the boundaries of what’s possible. In this visual tour of her work, she tells the story of three cities she transformed into playgrounds of the imagination — picture … Continue reading

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