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A New Book Explores the Wide Range of Charming Homemade Cat Ladders in Switzerland

Switzerland-based graphic designer and writer  Brigitte Schuster chronicles the unique phenomenon of outdoor cat ladders in her forthcoming book, Swiss Cat Ladders. Focusing on examples in the city of Bern, Switzerland, Schuster shows how humans facilitate the comings and goings of their feline … Continue reading

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Dylan Magaster Published on 3 Apr 2017 Lisa Starr wanted to create a sustainable life for herself so she moved to Joshua Tree, California and built an Earthbag dome home that shoe now lives in called Bonita Domes. Get a … Continue reading

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Clever Bushman Building King Mansion Modern Architecture Out Of Mud and Straw, Grass

Building a shelter from local materials in Vietnam.

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How to build with different mud recipes – The Kid Should See This

Dirt, sand, straw, clay, and water. Mixed and packed together in different combinations, these materials can create incredibly sturdy shelters and structures. In this video from The Nito Project, artist builder Benito Steendemonstrates how to build with different mud recipes, including rammed earth, cob, adobe, clay, wattle and … Continue reading

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Mirage: Doug Aitken’s Mirrored House Creates a Kaleidoscopic View of the Surrounding Swiss Mountains

For this year’s Elevation 1049, a series of site-specific installations dotting the mountain town of Gstaad, Switzerland, the chosen theme is “Frequencies.” In response, Los Angeles-based artist Doug Aitken (previously) installed a house-shaped structure made almost entirely of mirrored surfaces that reflect the mountains, … Continue reading

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What’s New Is Old Again: A Classic Norwegian Chair Produced with 100% Recycled Materials

The newest chair by Nordic Comfort Products (NCP) is a unique and sustainable twist on an old classic. Their R-48 model has furnished schools and offices since the 1960s, but has previously required virgin plastic and a metal base. Their recent addition, the S-1500, … Continue reading

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A New Book Filled With Interactive Paper Pop-up Gadgets by Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson, a self-described artist/designer and tinkerer has just released her long-awaited book, This Book is a Planetarium. Anderson, who is based in Brooklyn, works in a variety of digital and analog media but is best known for her use of paper … Continue reading

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How Pink Floyd Used Odd Metering, Organic Loops and Travelling Bass Line to Create the Iconic Song ‘Money’

In a follow-up to his analysis of the Pink Floyd song “Comfortably Numb”, the fast talking doodler 12Tonetakes on “Money”, an equally interesting song by the same band. He starts off with the the cash register as an organic loop before launching into the unusual … Continue reading

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Artist Maude White Counts on Squarespace to Showcase Her Stunning Papercut Artworks

Artist and self-described craftsperson Maude White (previously) captures gentle moments of beauty and grace in her meticulously detailed paper cut artworks. White has worked in paper for the last several years, first exploring her signature medium with simple silhouettes and popup … Continue reading

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Building the Tree for Fences

Long Wharf Theatre Published on 11 Dec 2013 SUBSCRIBE 456 How did we create that tree on the set of Fences? Find out how the LWT Scene Shop completed this amazing feat with this quick video.

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