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Gregg Segal’s “Daily Bread” Examines Kids’ Eating Habits

Interview with photographer Gregg Segal about his “Daily Bread” project which examines the diet of kids around the world and the globalization of nutrition. Why the decision to focus on children and what do you think their eating habits say … Continue reading

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Farm-like indoor microbiota may protect children from asthma also in urban homes – ScienceBlog.com

A child’s risk of developing asthma is the smaller the more the microbiota of the child’s home resembles that of a farm house. This was shown by a study conducted by the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) that … Continue reading

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Powerful Portraits of Rescued Farm Animals Who Were Allowed to Grow Old

“It is nothing short of a miracle to be in the presence of a farm animal who has managed to reach old age.” Photographer Isa Leshko is terrified of growing old. After caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease, she … Continue reading

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Brazil’s Geography Problem


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Street Artist in Venice by Banksy

Street artist Banksy has set up an unlicensed street stall in Venice with a selection of paintings showing the lagoon with an enormous cruise ship docked near St. Mark’s Square. In his secretive style, a camera captures unsuspecting pedestrians voicing … Continue reading

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Future Boyfriend | Sci-Fi Short Film | Omeleto

Stuart is out on an awkward date with Kaylie, and he’s acting weird. He’s way too solicitous and very nervous. Kaylie reassures him she’s okay, and that’s when Stuart drops a bomb: he’s from the future, and he’s trying to … Continue reading

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What animals are thinking and feeling, and why it should matter | Carl Safina | TEDxMidAtlantic

TEDx Talks Published on 13 Jul 2016 Carl Safina takes us inside the lives and minds of animals around the world, witnessing their profound capacity for perception, thought and emotion, showing why the word “it” is often inappropriate as we … Continue reading

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Self Worth Theory: The Key to Understanding & Overcoming Procrastination | Nic Voge | TEDxPrincetonU

TEDx Talks Published on 20 Dec 2017 Nearly 80% of college students report that procrastination is a significant issue for them. Procrastination is not a matter of mere “laziness” and the solution is not simply “better time management”. Could it … Continue reading

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If anyone can see the morally unthinkable online, what then? Aeon

Imagine you work at a Latex glove factory. One night, you type ‘Latex’ into Google: you’re searching for competitors’ products, but you find other things too. Some of what you find turns you on. But some of it you wish … Continue reading

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Stoned Ape & Fungal Intelligence – Paul Stamets

After Skool Published on 13 Mar 2018 Paul Stamets is a mycologist, author and advocate of bioremediation and medicinal fungi. In this animation he describes the incredible properties of fungi as well as an overview of how mushrooms could have … Continue reading

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