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A different way to visualize rhythm – John Varney

View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/a-different… In standard notation, rhythm is indicated on a musical bar line. But there are other ways to visualize rhythm that can be more intuitive. John Varney describes the ‘wheel method’ of tracing rhythm and uses it … Continue reading

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The Neuroscience of Drumming: Researchers Discover the Secrets of Drumming & The Human Brain – Open Culture

An old musician’s joke goes “there are three kinds of drummers in the world—those who can count and those who can’t.” But perhaps there is an even more global divide. Perhaps there are three kinds of people in the world—those … Continue reading

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A drop of bleach in the gene pool – The Mex Files

Although this 1895 painting is by a Brazilian artist, it illustrates quite effectively the Latin American elites ideas about race and  national identity. At the time, both in the Anglo north, and Latin south, Social Darwinism was accepted science and the … Continue reading

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A escola de samba Beija-Flor é a grande campeã do Grupo Especial do carnaval 2018

A escola de samba Beija-Flor é a grande campeã do Grupo Especial do carnaval 2018 do Rio de Janeiro. A escola apresentou o enredo “Monstro é aquele que não sabe amar. Os filhos abandonados da pátria que os pariu”, baseado … Continue reading

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The 11 cities most likely to run out of drinking water

Cape Town’s taps are due to be turned off because of severe drought. It is not alone in having water woes. Source: The 11 cities most likely to run out of drinking water

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What if we were free to work? | Olivier Schneller | TEDxBSEL

To Olivier, today’s common perception of work as a burden we must bear to finance our living is one of the biggest misconceptions of our time. Looking at the past and present of work life, he illustrates why he strongly … Continue reading

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How the brain instantly separates trash from treasure – ScienceBlog.com

Johns Hopkins neuroscientists have discovered how the brain can determine an object’s value almost as soon as we see it. The team found the brain can begin processing value just 80 milliseconds after seeing something. That’s less than a tenth … Continue reading

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NPR Invisibilia // Alien Hand

Invisibilia, NPR’s radio program and podcast that fuses storytelling with science, came to us with their very first animation assignment. The story of a woman who’s hand has a mind of its own.

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Early Briton had dark skin and blue eyes – BBC

Scientists put a face to Cheddar Man, Britain’s oldest complete skeleton from 10,000 years ago. A cutting-edge scientific analysis shows that a Briton from 10,000 years ago had dark brown skin and blue eyes. Researchers from London’s Natural History Museum … Continue reading

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Gallery Wanted to Provoke Debate by Removing Naked Nymphs Painting. It Succeeded.

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