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How to play an ancient rock gong

The British Museum invited Dr Cornelia Kleinitz, an archaeologist specialising in rock art, and Liam Williamson, a modern rock drummer, to try and discover how a rock gong might have been played. This was the result. Rock gongs are a … Continue reading

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How a fleet of wind-powered drones is changing our understanding of the ocean | Sebastien de Halleux

Our oceans are unexplored and undersampled — today, we still know more about other planets than our own. How can we get to a better understanding of this vast, important ecosystem? Explorer Sebastien de Halleux shares how a new fleet … Continue reading

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CGI Animated Short Film HD “Quantum Jump ” by Hayk Sahakyants | CGMeetup

[from the description] Animated Quantum Jump Short Film by Hayk Sahakyants. Featured on http://www.cgmeetup.net/home/quantum-jump/ The unsuccessful attempt of meditation of Buddhist monk turns into unbelievable expectation … Director Hayk Sahakyants

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My trip to Japan / Viaje a Japón (2018)

Based on a real conversation we had with Juan Molinet before leaving Japan. Mixed up memories about our visit to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Miyoshi, Naoshima and Kyoto. By Dante Zaballa Design: Juan Molinet, Dante Zaballa Music: Skillbard

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Why is the universe flat?

Cosmic inflation is a theory that was proposed in the 1980s by cosmologist Alan Guth to answer some of the most fundamental questions of the origins of our universe. It also solved the Horizon Problem and the Flatness Problem.

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Sociogenomics is opening a new door to eugenics

New ways of using your genetic data could bolster scientific racism and encourage discrimination. Want to predict aggression? Neuroticism? Risk aversion? Authoritarianism? Academic achievement? This is the latest promise from the burgeoning field of sociogenomics. There have been many “DNA … Continue reading

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Should a self-driving car kill the baby or the grandma? Depends on where you’re from.

The infamous “trolley problem” was put to millions of people in a global study, revealing how much ethics diverge across cultures. by Karen Hao October 24, 2018 In 2014 researchers at the MIT Media Lab designed an experiment called Moral … Continue reading

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An Appliqued Solar System Quilt Used as a Teaching Aid in the Late 19th century

1876 Ellen Harding Baker’s “Solar System” Quilt, via The Smithsonian National Museum of American History   In the late 1800’s, teacher and astronomer Sarah Ellen Harding Baker spent seven years embroidering a star-covered quilt for her classroom in Cedar County, … Continue reading

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When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy?

Tech that can decode your brain activity and reveal what you’re thinking and feeling is on the horizon, says legal scholar and ethicist Nita Farahany. What will it mean for our already violated sense of privacy? In a cautionary talk, … Continue reading

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TEDxSydney 2018 Titles: Humankind

Director’s Statement: The TEDx Sydney 2018 titles explore this year’s topic of Humankind by taking us through museum galleries, where our present and potential future collide with the past. Modern subjects are mixed with classical forms, and the suspended animation of … Continue reading

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