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Manchester day 2016 – a little film made by Corey Beautyman

That’s us (Manchester School of Samba) in the red ponchos with black hats! Advertisements

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Creating a carnival: Building jaw-dropping floats for the Cape Town spectacle

Tour the workshop where the Cape Town Carnival team is busy building ornate floats and larger-than-life creations for the 12 March 2016 event.

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Rhythmic Uprising – Chapter 7, Dida

Rhythmic Uprising is a documentary that shows how vibrant Afro-Brazilian performing arts are used to fight racism, social exclusion, and poverty in Bahia, Brazil. The film outlines the transformative powers of a large movement of community cultural projects that make … Continue reading

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Things you should know about…Samba Dancing

It is widely thought that the Samba dance originated in Bahia, where enslaved Africans would gather after long days of labour to perform their religious rituals of Candomblé, Capoeira and Samba dancing in a circle (Samba de Roda). With the … Continue reading

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carnival, swee – jc-arts | ello

carnival, by swee c oh Source: carnival, swee – jc-arts | ello

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Mimi Von Snatch Published on 11 Feb 2018 [from the description] Hey dolls! Here is an easy DIY Carnival Feather Collar tutorial. This carnival feather collar/carnival costume is very popular in Trinidad carnival, Brazil carnival, Miami carnival, Toronto carnival etc … Continue reading

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Art Historical Masterworks Come Alive at Annual Halloween Parade in Kawasaki, Japan

Recently in Kawasaki, Japan, a sextet of famous paintings marched their way through the city’s annual Halloween parade— Picasso’s “The Weeping Woman,” Vincent van Gogh’s self portrait, Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” Edvard … Continue reading

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Mexico City’s Day of the Dead parade 2018 – in pictures

The Mexican capital holds a parade and vigil in memory of the migrants who lost their lives in transit across Mexico en route to the US Source: Mexico City’s Day of the Dead parade 2018 – in pictures

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Mocidade’s caixa pattern

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Mangueira’s caixa pattern for the tarol

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