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Disease Is Soaring in Brazil. So Why Isn’t Bolsonaro Taking It Seriously?

Hundreds have died of dengue this year, and scientists predict it’s only going to get worse.   Authorities in Brazil have reported an explosion in the number of cases of dengue fever as increasingly extreme weather patterns fuel the spread … Continue reading

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A Salute to João Gilberto | Sounds and Colours

As you may well have already read, Brazilian icon João Gilberto died on 6th July, aged 88, in Rio de Janeiro. The word ‘legend’ often gets thrown around far too much, but in Gilberto’s case this was undeniable. His way … Continue reading

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100 years of Brazilian animation in 100 seconds – Annecy Festival

Be Brasil Published on 6 Jun 2018 Brazilian animation is going through the best phase of its 100-year history. It has gained international visibility over the past decade. Animated films have been nominated to the Oscars and have won the … Continue reading

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congada São Benedito

carla domingues Published on 8 May 2014 Congada Festa de São Benedito-Aparecida

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‘Father of bossa nova’ João Gilberto dies aged 88 – BBC News

Influential Brazilian musician João Gilberto has died aged 88. The singer and composer was known best as a pioneer of the bossa nova genre, which found international popularity in the 1960s. Reports say Gilberto died at home in Rio de … Continue reading

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Manchester Day Parade 2019 – Another Take

Manchester School of Samba on parade at Manchester Day 2019 [briefly from 18:32]!

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Manchester Day Parade 2019: En Route

The folks seen briefly at 16:35 onwards, in red and gold colours, and yellow feathers, are us (Manchester School of Samba) taking part in the 10 iteration of Manchester Day‘s Parade yesterday!

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Brazil’s Geography Problem


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Watercolor Paintings of Imagined Trash Structures Packed With Advertising by Alvaro Naddeo

Brazilian artist Alvaro Naddeo‘s watercolors imagine a dystopian world left in ruin by overconsumption and littered with the branding and logos of the past. Store walls, rusted out vehicles, and arcade machines gain new value as building materials and are … Continue reading

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Endocannibals of Yanomami tribe

Yanomami is an endocannibalistic tribe living in the rainforests of Brazil and Venezuela – they eat the flesh of their dead relative to preserve the tribe’s unity. Not being eaten after your death means that your soul will be trapped … Continue reading

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